I think I figured out a way we can end police brutality

We've all seen the viral video of the police brutalizing a calm, unarmed passenger on United Airlines. Until this incident, United had a sort of sneering disregard for its customers. But when thousands of them threatened to never fly United again, United suddenly figured out it had better treat people well and make them happy or else.

That gave me an idea: what if we boycotted a well-known company's products or services for one week the next time the police kill an innocent person?

Here's how it would work: A list would be drawn up of very wealthy nationally sized companies with well-known products/services, who individually or as part of an industry have a lot of clout with Congress and/or state legislatures. All the companies on the list will be told that the next time there is an egregious case of police brutality/murder, one of the companies on the list will be randomly chosen for a one-week boycott. In the meantime, all of the companies are encouraged to lobby politicians at the Federal and State levels to stop police brutality, demilitarize the police, eliminate civil forfeiture and meet other demands that we determine. (Some examples below.) If a company is very successful at getting politicians to take meaningful action, it will be taken off the list. Then if when the police kill an innocent person, a text is sent to every person who has signed up to receive it asking them to boycott the company for one week. Naturally, the police incident that triggers a boycott would have to be strategically chosen. I'm sure it would take far more than one boycott. The first few might not be effective at all but as the word spread and more and more people joined in, companies would come to dread that they might be next, and heavily lobby politicians to end police brutality.

We, not the politicians, would set goals and make demands: police will be prosecuted for murder the same as any citizen would be and receive jail time if convicted; lose his/her pension; banned from any future employment in law enforcement or jobs as security guards, etc; all payouts of settlements to citizens are first paid with police pension fund and taxpayer money would only be used after the police pension has zero cash and no other assets. The complete elimination of civil forfeiture laws, careful vetting of police trainees to eliminate violent people; training police to respect citizens, how not to kill pets, how to make sure they actually arrive at the correct address, how to correctly identify themselves, what the 4th amendment is, how it works and the consequences to them personally if they violate anyone's 4th amendment rights; the elimination of SWAT teams except in cases of bombs, hostages, or heavily armed bad guys. And total demilitarization of police.

Boycotting a company's product can be done from the comfort of one's home and even in one's underwear. It's perfectly legal not to buy stuff. No need to take time off from work and march in the streets, or confront heavily armed police and risk being beaten, pepper sprayed, tased or arrested.

I think this would work! What do you guys think?


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