The Empire – The Company’s Official News Source – #210 Issue:30th of Rain’s Hand 2017







  • HEADLINES: Historic Meeting Between [?] Clan Members in Shangri-La Hotel

SHANGRI-LA HOTEL, MANDALUYONG CITY- Top members of the Unknown [?] Clan, only represented by its Eastern branch and the Sacred Kwustomaizer Corps held a conference in the Shangri-La Hotel in EDSA, Mandaluyong City. The details of the meeting are deliberately withheld and made vague but the participants agreed on a decisive course of action to put us "above" and "beyond" mere frivolity.

An interesting note of the meeting between the Shangri-La Group/"Mad Men"(more on that soon) was that they specifically mentioned that they wanted it to be an Unknown [?] Clan endeavor not UNKNOWN [?] Trading Company considering that the people such as Adware has no attachment at all to the MineZ branch and Killah pretty much forgot about it. 50% of the meeting was pretty much about coming up with a name for the group until they realized that it was wasting everybody's time.

Irishkaiser, who at this point, drank half the bottle of Chivas Regal and was laughing and joking about everything being said regardless if it was ACTUALLY FUNNY OR NOT decided to just call themselves the "Mad Men" and nobody else complained for fear of wasting more time over the shitty topic of WHAT DO WE CALL OURSELVES. Unfortunately, Killah(along with his brother Caffy) could not make it until the end so we made it up for him lol… Oh and I accidentally finished the Chivas before they arrived. ACCIDENTALLY.

By the time the entire group was finished, a general plan was drafted and established, dividing it into what it calls Phase 1 and Phase 2.

Phase 1, will be open by Monday, tomorrow American EST time and revealed to the UnknownTradeCo chat. However, the initial difference between Phase 1 is that participation will only be limited to Unknown [?] Clan Members and Directory Members and special members that have been given clearance to participate.

Phase 2 will allow Company Members and maybe select regimentals to be given select services.

If there's Phase 3 is basically "Let's see where we go from there."

"This is the future." Irishkaiser said

"Nothing is impossible." Adware replied

"BLOOD ON THE RAILS" Vergath finished.

A funny thing to note about the meeting was that the people involved will have to do what would amount to "real" trade runs. Holy shit lol this is so surreal. BLOOD ON THE RAILS.

  • EDITORIAL "The Difference Between Managers and Leaders"

The Jews – Can you see what's around the Corner?

  • TRADE * US MineZ Trade Run

The Directory proudly announces that it has delivered

2 Diamond Swords

3 Chain Sets

5 Iron Swords

3 Infinity Bows

3 Iron Axes

in value exchange for

39 Health Potions

This trade run composed of companies, mostly composed of the latest Cy-Clone batch was rather peaceful(relatively speaking), even as they encountered well-known Premium bandits. The enemy, fearful of disconnecting and the UTC's overwhelming superiority in numbers, discipline and equipment and their lack of disconnecting, the premiums became tame save for a few. OneZedArmy joined us this trade run all the way to Romero and actually got most of the last hits on the premiums that did become hostile.

Some guy kept following us and the Irishkaiser was too busy still being on high alert that they were like "Uh, yeah whatever. He white?"

"Norse as fuck."

"Whatever, let him in."

And so the first non-Clone recruit of 2017 was born.

  • TRADE * US MineZ Trade

The Directory proudly announces that it has delivered

9 Infinity Bows

in value exchange for


Finally he takes it.

  • PvP Drill * 89th Mass PvP Event – First Company-Wide Drills

The first ever Company-Wide Drills were brought back after deliberation in the Imperial Assembly on what time or day for Company Drills to make its return.

The Teams Being Divided INTO LE JEUNE GARDE led by certain members whose name will be withheld for security AND LE GARDE VIELLE led by Whoever was just the most dominant at the moment.

Round 1: The Young Devils – YOUNG VICTORY

Adopting the defensive, the Young Guard took up defensive positions in Devil's Castle. The Old Guard sluggishly attacked under some of the most pathetic arrow fire in the game. Vergath literally stood still and they still could not hit him while he and Irish talked about losing a penny on the ground. The Old Guard was pinned on the bailey and a firefight broke out. Irishkaiser complained at the toughness of their defenses shouting "WHO DESIGNED THIS MAP?" and Cyclone said something like "You did, you moron." and then Irishkaiser said like "Oh I did? Damn, I'm an evil genius.". The Young Guard began to use the Old Guard's reputed discipline and patience which impressed the Old Guard who decided to break their patience and form up an attack. The first attack led by Irishkaiser failed, suffering no losses on either side but the Old Guard were repulsed.

The Second Attack, led by Cyclone succeeded in penetrating their lines and killing two of the enemy, but suffered losses and also retreated.

The third attack, also led by Cyclone cause Irishkaiser died in the second attack was just a banzai charge and also failed.

Round 2: The Old Devils – OLD VICTORY

In a 5v5, the Old Guard, now knowing what their enemy is capable of, had a general plan: "SALLY AND KILL.". The simple plan worked effectively and the Young Guard were caught in the forests as the Old Devils burst forth from the castle and proceeded to kill Young people in the forests without a single loss to their own.

Round 3: The Plain Devils – YOUNG VICTORY

In a CHARGE ROUND, both sides were teleported to Al Hasa Gravelands and did a 5v5(supposed to be 6v6, but one of them went AFK and the other was like "I have to go"). An opening started with a firefight where the Young Guard quickly gained the upper hand as the Old Guard members tried to form up. Cyclone took over and told everyone to form a wedge as quickly as possible. The Young Guard switched to the defensive and formed up a line to counter the battering ram and column of the Old Guard, to which the Old Guard took in a lot of hits before making contact with the enemy. The Young Guard maintained their formations in the melee as the Old Guard, broken up by the hail of arrows proceeded to fight individually.

The Old Guard proceeded to regroup but took the worse of the fighting. As the Young Guard charged and fought Yakuza who was still engaged and eventually killed, the Old Guard reformed and then the Young Guard attacked uphill, savage fighting took place. Eventually, the Young Guard managed to get up the crest of the slope and began to overwhelm the Old Guard who lost their best shots in the previous fights.

The drills then proceeded to some other drills that I didn't understand and of course, regiments working with their own regiments again. It was noted that sometimes, certain UTC fired way too high on a closing enemy, thus missing them completely, even though they would have walked into their sights.

  • DOMESTIC Imperial Assembly makes Sunday a Drill Day

In order to solve the timezone problems, the Imperial Assembly has decided to make Sunday the Drill Day for all regiments. Without a set schedule, the entire day is reserved for DRILLIN' or some shit like that. Which means people can start anytime and then we'd all do individual regiment drills then move on to MASS COMPANY WIDE DRILLS when there are enough people.

  • DOMESTIC Peaceful Server with Company Military Superiority

Incoming reports about the MineZ server brought back saying it was more peaceful than usual with the exception of some lone encounters in the South and no fighting in the Midlands or the West. Even… Al Hasa.

The UNKNOWN [?] Trading Company, since the 1st week of the Update, was still on its high readiness alert level.

  • DOMESTIC Cyclone_43 announced as candidate for Directory Member

On the 30th of April, Irishkaiser out of nowhere told Cyclone he's considering him as a Directory Member. Cyclone said he considered it an honor that Irish would consider him and said it was his dream and that he worked so hard for it. Nobody cared.

  • DOMESTIC Reactionaries Fail to Intercept but managed to Punish Alicethekiller43

The UTC, according to sources from a person who wished to leave but wished to maintain amiable relations gave out the people who were going to do "malicious" things such as(but not specifically) griefing our server prepared for it. Irishkaiser in his vanity though, decided that if that it would only be poetic if they'd be kicked on the June Reforms instead(1 month from now), in which case he forgot that they were the impatient types and could not coordinate so they did it sooner than expected.

The same source however tipped off Alicethekiller43 and implicated her with evidence(and witnesses) which she denied. The Directors weighed in the evidence to which she played the pity pulpit. It would have just gave her punishment based on the understanding on her situation and the actual gravity of her own situation as implicated by the witness if her story went with the evidence, but she literally boxed herself in saying the contrary to the evidence and the witness in contact with Irishkaiser. Combined with Irishkaiser knowing how Alicethekiller talks and knew her very well when it came to certain mannerisms and actions and encounters.

The main argument was that Alicethekiller43 knew it was coming and knew who the people were but refused to tell anyone and was actually in on it. Upon being questioned about it, she vehemently denied. Upon simplifying the question to be more specific, she once again denied.

The Directory eventually stripped Alicethekiller of her membership and kicked her out.

  • DOMESTIC Gun Retakes his Regiment, 17th Regiment Disbanded.

In a short amount of time, GunOverdose retook his regiment and abolished most of Alicethekiller's ideas.

  • DOMESTIC Philippine Peso is the [?]'s official Currency

All transactions must be made in Philippine Pesos. United States Dollars by practicality, are acceptable sub-currencies, but the Philippine Peso will currently be the official currency.

  • DOMESTIC Large Activity Reported Near Exolesco.

Certain activity was reported off the coast of Exolesco that the Directory only responded with a "smile", the other "vomit" and the last, with eyes closed.

  • ORDERS: *

1) Trade Run completed. SOP.

2) Trade Run Next Week.



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