Large group interview tomorrow.

Good afternoon guys, I'm being interviewed for a supervisor position at a local hospital tomorrow. it'll be 3 upper level management and 1 from the local hospital, they're asking me to present a power point presentation as to why they should hire me for this.

I'm 23, very responsible for my age and strive for more out of my job. I'm currently very nervous about this whole thing so if any of you have had group interviews could you give me any tips before hand?


I'm having a problem in listing in order of important each of these scenarios could you help me out?

A. The client believes that there is an attendance issue at the site. In addition, the client has concerns with the company’s ability to cover the open shifts with trained staff.

B. You find out through word of mouth that two officers on the same rotation are engaged in a relationship on site and it has been brought to your attention that they are missing calls, not performing duties and impacted the moral on the team. One is an officer and the other a Team Leader.

C. Your Client and Client Service Manager call a meeting to discuss that they feel the guards at the site are not meeting their expectations and they either want them to be coached up to speed or start to be transitioned out.

D. The client would like the Security Services Department to be more immersed across the organization and would like the services Paladin Security provides more broadly known.


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