Account email added without consent – possibly fraudulent activity, need advice

Hi all,

I recently just had some disconcerting activity regarding my Comcast account. I was paying my bill this month and noticed in my account section that an email I've never seen or authorized was listed as my primary account email. (it was something along the lines of tommy_1234***, so for the rest of the post I'll refer to this fraudulent account/person as Tommy)

The Tommy account was listed as "unrestricted secondary" and was the primary account listed. To make the account, all my name, address, other information was provided. The email was receiving billing information, etc. that Comcast sends.

I called the Comcast fraud line, and of course the conversation was not as helpful as anticipated. Naturally, I was worried about potential identity fraud and the only thing the Comcast rep wanted to do was delete the Tommy account and move on. (he also tried to shill me ID Guard at $15/month [!!!!]) Basically, we deleted the account, I changed my password and security questions, and he advised me to unplug my router for 8 hours to reset my IP address.

To me, the bigger concern was the feeling of violation and potentially the start of an identity theft. So I called my bank which luckily has great customer service and asked them to put a flag on my account to look out for any suspicious activity.

I'm changing all my passwords (using my phone not my computer in case my WiFi is compromised [I'm not cyber security savvy if that isn't apparent enough]), and enabling 2-factor verification when able. I also tried to get a transcript of my dialog with Comcast: he didn't provide one, but said he was making 'notes', and 'just tell them you spoke with Mike if you want them to reference this conversation'.

Does anyone have advice on how to proceed further? Anything else I can do on my end? Obviously if I notice more signs of fraudulent activity I'll pursue it more vigorously.

Thanks for the help in advance!


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