Broke my Python this week, got to experience Colt’s customer service

Long post ahead

Background: For the next few years it's not really feasible for me to have my entire gun collection with me, so it's currently in storage at my parents' house. While visiting this week, I took my Python and Anaconda out for some range time. Within the first few shots the rear sight had popped out of the frame on the Python. It was still held to the gun by a pin/spring, but the elevation screw would no long grab the threads drilled into the top strap.

Luckily, my parents live in CT, about 15 minutes from the Colt factory (its very rare that I consider being in CT to be lucky, but this was one of those times). I brought it to a local gunsmith, who said fixing it would cost about $100 and might need a new sight, and the earliest he could get to it would be July. He recommended taking it right to the Colt factory and seeing if they could fix it with factory/original parts. I wasn't optimistic, but figured what the hell, and decided to swing by and see if they'd help me out. While wandering around their campus, I ran into a woman who brought me to the service dept and a security checkpoint. Now, I had no idea who I was looking for, and they wanted a specific name to let me through. After explaining that I was just there trying to drop off a gun to be fixed, and I didn't know who specifically was going to be fixing it, one guard asked me what kind of gun it was. As soon as I said Python the gates opened wide, everyone wanted to see it, and security called whoever it was who could help me. He explained that they only really work on semi-autos, and their wait time was generally several months, but since I was right there, and it was their flagship gun, they'd see what they could do. Luckily this was a relatively straightforward issue and not something complex like a timing problem. They ended up fixing it on the spot, re-tapping the hole and supplying a new screw for the sight and a nickel plated pin to better match the stainless gun, but were able to keep and reuse the original rear sight. The guys who helped me acted like it was a privilege to work on a Python and were friendly to me while I was waiting in their security station as my gun was fixed. The whole experience took about an hour, was free of charge, left me feeing like a VIP. As a bonus a Colt employee came through on a tour with a Troy Industries rep, and included me in his talk, letting me check out an upgraded auto M5 SBR.

I left there pretty damn happy to have my favorite gun back in working order before my leave was up, and just wanted to pass along the positive experience. Colt saved me $100 and a couple month wait time. In the link are a few pictures, didn't take any good close ups of the sight, but you can see how in one it's tightened down, and in the others it's popped way up.

TL:DR- made an impromptu stop at the Colt factory with a Python in need of a repair, got it fixed in an hour for free.


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