[EVENT] The End of the Al-Shabaab Conflict

Puntland Accords Signed: Peace is at Hand!

AfriEast News

Khaled Rugaba

Mogadishu, Somalia

At last, negotiations with a long-standing enemy have finally borne fruit and created an avenue for peace. Through the Puntland Accords, Al-Shabaab has agreed to end the conflict and transition to a legitimate political and regulated militia force. Aside from a few hooligans, we have been promised that all further terrorist attacks shall end. We have now achieved stability, and all the focus can be placed on rebuilding and recovering from a quarter century of warfare.

The military has announced that checkpoints and search operations shall gradually cease throughout 2020, and guard forces will be rolled back to 10% of the current number in the same interval. The police have announced that it will from here on take on full reins of local security. The mayor of Mogadishu has called for a feast to be held in honor of this momentous day. Marchers parade through the streets and thank President Mohamed and Chief of Army Xakim for their service to the people.

More on this as the story develops.


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