The first worst incident of my job.

Hello there! I'm still a somewhat new driver, but I'm quite satisfied with the job that I have. It's only been four months since I started and this job beats any other job I had, minus maybe the halloween acting jobs I get involved with every year. I work between two stores of a small chain that has a few stores throughout the state, they stay open quite late and are fairly busy. One is located in the citys and the other is located in the suburbs and is considered the 'nice' part of the overall area. Managers and co-workers from both stores are pretty chill.

That was just the background though, this is where the story starts. This was a morning shift on Thursday (aka 4/20), and we were fairly busy at the store. It was one of those days where the other day driver was getting all the tips and I was getting all the stiffs. I think overall I made about 31$ that day which is usually what I expect out of a day shift. We were slammed though during our lunch rush, where me and the other driver were getting 2-3 runs.

It was noon and I had three runs, one was to an apartment complex down the road, another across the street, and the last one was a bit further away but it was in that general direction. I went to the first one and it was annoying as it was one of those apartments that has multiple doors to get into it, so I had to spend a bit of time there and ended up getting tipped .83 cents as well as a nice '4/20' fragrance.

Move onto the second delivery, it was a few subs and a cheese bread, ok cool. The place I go to though is in an area I've never been into. I had to talk to a security guard to get in, so I first thought this was like a retirement home or some kind of business. No, this place was a neighborhood of mansions, like these are the houses that you make when you want to get creative in the sims. I wanted to take pictures of some of these houses, but I had a job to do so I went to the address and pulled up.

I noticed though that the insider who bagged up all of the stuff though forgot the cheese bread, and instead put in a small pepperoni pizza. I figured though I would explain to the customer that I would call the store and get it replaced right away if they didn't want it, and we would discount it off due to messing it up (or allow them to keep it).

The following exchange took place (as far as memory tells).

Me – Me

Guy – Not my buddy, but a docuhebag

SMom – Soccormom wife

Me – knocks on the door Hello there! I really have to say the house you have looks great

Guy – "You are 1 hour late, where the fuck is my food" – (note we quote a 30-45 min time and it was only 13 mins late)

Me – "Oh its right here, however I noticed an error in the order"

Guy – What the fuck? You cant even get the fucking order right, god damnit

Me – Oh well, we can ….

Guy – I don't want to hear your excuses

-He then grabs the food from me that I have and slams the door on me. I knock again, as I need to see what to do-

Me – I need you to sign for that, so we can get your other order out here

Him – Urgh fine…….

SMom – -Takes the cheap tablet I use for people to sign their signatures on- "What is this I don't understand"

Guy – This fucker is trying to get money from us, fuck him

-He then slams the door on my face again, before I knock on it one more time

Me – I need my tablet…

Guy – I don't care, you fucking stole from me so I'll steal from you.

-He then gets in my face, and this dude is fucking huge. He is about 40 some years old and he is a buff looking dude standing at about 6'5 or something-

Me – "Ok, well get it for you"

Guy – I'm going to get your ass fired you fucking fat fuck, go to the gym and do something with your life.

-He then throws the tablet in the yard, but its sturdy as fuck so it didn't break or anything-

Guy – Get the fuck out of my yard before I call the cops on your ass

Now, I don't remember every line exchanged, but that was the summary of the situation. In all honesty, I'm not a strong person when it comes to stuff like this, hell I've taken a few therapy sessions in order to learn how to cope with negative conflicts, aggressive people, and general confidence issues I have. I was shaking pretty bad and had a rather violent panic attack. I had another order to do, so I called my manager, explained the situation, and went on the next drive.

I was still shaking pretty bad, and even threw up a little bit in the trashbag in the car. The lady I went to after that house thought I was faking everything and signed a tip as zero and wrote in the reason saying "come up with a better sob story". All I told her was that the last delivery I had was a bit rough, and that was it. I ended up calling my mom on the way back to the store in order to try and cope, but I was still kind of messed up.

When I went back to the store, I got to sit down for a little bit. It was the eye of the storm on our lunch rush so I got to breath it out and talk to my manager. We didn't call the cops or anything because there was no proof one way or the other, and the people did end up getting their cheese bread. Our store doesn't actually have a blacklist. (The one in the city does, but not this one), but I was personally blacklisted from going to that area every again par request on my part. He was still kind of new to being a manger, but I feel like he handled it well as he helped calm me down and talked to me like a normal human being rather than how previous managers at other jobs have talked to me.

The other driver was able to take the food to them and they were not outraged like before. The other driver though is a lot more apathetic than I am, and he has been in customer service a whole lot longer than me. I'm glad nothing had happened to him though as he was a lot smaller than me, and if this guy was as aggressive as he was with me, then I don't know what would of happened.

I sort of got to talk about this in real time on one of the delivery discord servers, so the account that was given on there is more accurate as I'm someone who forgets small details whenever something even slightly traumatic (aka draws out a panic attack) happens to me.

TLDR: Guy throws a tantrum for getting his food late and his order wrong, and it really scares the shit out of me and ruins the next couple of days for me, mentally.

If any of you guys know of any good coping methods in case any of this stuff happens again, I'd love to hear them. This kind of stuff doesn't happen much, in fact I was shown an online file of all 'aggressive reports' as well as 'police reports' made, and the total of both didn't even crack twenty reports in the past 8 years the store was there. I was just rather unlucky it seems.


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