Fuck Mainstreet Equity Corp Apartments

Hi all, below is an email I've been sending to the local news agencies around where I live. Let me start by saying, yes FUCK Mainstreet, but let me make it clear I am not witch hunting here, but I am warning anyone and everyone away if you have a Mainstreet Apartment complex in your area. Why? Because they are slumlords and they dont give two shits about their tenants. Take that as the tl;dr.



I wasn't sure who to turn to as it seems no one is willing to listen or help us here at Mainstreet Apartments.

I want to report the daily abuse and neglect of tenants on one of their properties. I am not sure if you can help with this?

I could start by giving you a brief snippet of the last 4 and a half years I've spent here and if my story piques your interest and you are willing to help out a struggling family by spreading the word about the misconducts that take place in Mainstreet Apartments, I can go into as much detail as needed.

In the last four years my family and I had to put up with a very bad living situation. Thing is Mainstreet Apartments is one of the cheapest places to live and at the time of moving here this was the best we could afford. Over the last year or so we've been doing better for ourselves, but if we want to save for a house, again, this is the best place we can get. Basements suites are more expensive, now that's just sad.

Moving on and to the point, I have had many run ins with the management  since I moved here and so has some of my closest friends and neighbors. (I can get them on board with giving you their stories too). One of the first incidents I had with them I'll never forget. I believe I still have footage of it too. One night, about 6 months into our move to Mainstreet Apartments, our toilet, bathtub and sink start flooding. Sewage water. Ok, fine. Mainstreet has a 24/h emergency line right? I call them. Get the maintenance guy. "Oh it's a Saturday night, you'll have to wait until Monday for assistance." Click. Really? I have fecal water covering my bathroom floor and all I can do to prevent it from leaking into the hallway and inevitably into my 3 yr old daughter's bedroom is create a barricade of towels and continuously use a bucket to collect sewage water and toss it out of my bedroom window.

Long story short, It wasn't until Sunday NIGHT that the manager actually came down to see whats going on and to get a plumber involved. The issue was not resolved until Tuesday. This is unacceptable. Not only was I left as a low priority with an emergency situation, a family was left to deal with this health hazard with now support from the management. To skip the details, we were moved our of our apartment into a different suite because the water damage was soo bad and not to mention the health hazard of breathing in sewage.

Moving forward by about a year or so. We had an issue with an upstairs neighbor. The worst drunk that you could imagine. Beat his girlfriend, would yell and fight people in his house, blasting music smashing furniture countless times and always into the wee hours of the morning. My girlfriend and I called the police four times on the guy and reported him to management more times than I can count. He even invited a police officer to come upstairs and "just try to kick his ass". Needless to say… We dealt with this… neanderthal of a human being for nearly 6 months! I could deal with it if I were on my own, but I have a scared girlfriend and a young girl of about 4 or 5 at the time who would be frightened and would have to listen to a drunk swearing and yelling all the time. Fast forward to about two weeks after they finally evict the guy. We're leaving in a rush in the morning for me to drop my girlfriend off at work and my daughter at school. We took out the dog and we forgot to clean up his mess. (I swear to you we are very good about this). We get a first and final warning that if it happens again we may be evicted. What? So an abusive, destructive and disruptive drunk gets to torment his neighbors (Not just us) for 6 months before anything can be done because they need to "collect evidence" but they give the nice quiet family that has never received any warnings for anything a final notice? Good luck sorting out the logic in that one.

Ok, last story for now. This one is more recent, happened today. I don't want to overload this email with too much too read, but trust me there is much more I could say and that's just for myself, nevermind the other people I know that live at Mainstreet too.

So yesterday April 24th, 2017, I do laundry like I always do and have always been doing for the last four and a half years once a week between 9pm – 11pm. Their closing time for the laundromat had always been 9pm. I admit fully that I was gambling, when I first started to do it years ago, but as days, weeks, months and years go by without ever having my clothes locked up or the laundromat for that matter, I thought it would never happen. It did last night. Of course I was angry, but hey technically they are in their right to enforce the closing time. Still, I felt and still feel that if you are a property owner and you let something go for soo long, if you want to turn around and enforce it again, the decent thing to do would be to send out a memo to all the tenants advising them that enforcement of the laundromat lock-up has been loosely enforced in the past and things would be more strict moving forward. That way everyone is on the same page and there are no angry tenants.

So I go speak to the manager at 9am this morning but she wasn't in. However, the maintenance guy was. He asks how he can help me so I explain the situation. He argues with me saying that the laundromat has always been locked up at 9pm as it always has. I of course know better and push the point, of course maintaining calm and surprising politeness. He says "Hey if you got a problem take it up with management." Ok… Thought you were trying to help me. Guess not. So I wait for management to arrive at 10am. A different manager is in, one that was filling in for our usual one I suppose. I again explain everything to him and he gives me the run around trying to brush me off. He says the security guard always locks at 9pm, again not true. I asked who deals with security.

Manager: "Oh the security company."

Me: "Who from mainstreet though?" 

Manager: "What does it matter, it is the way it is." 

Me: "Ok, do you have the number for the regional manager because obviously you're not able to give me the answers that I need."

Manager: Rolls his eyes gets up, gives me a card "Here you go, fuck".

Me: "Good, I'll be reporting your customer service skills too."

The last comment was a little snarky, I know, but I have had it with these guys and I really didnt want to lose my cool with them. Moving on, and bear with me just a bit more. I speak to the regional manager explain the whole situation again and add in the rudeness I was shown and the lack of empathy from the manager and maintenance guy for my property. She basically calls me a liar, telling me she has security reports for the last two years that show the laundromat being locked at 9pm. Well she doesn't live here and I do. Yesterday was the first time it ever happened where the laundromat was locked, not even on time by the way, I had changed my laundry from the washer to the dryer at 9:30pm. Anyway, I get tired of the arguing and ask what she is going to do about the manager and the maintenance guy. She says she'll talk to them. I doubt it, and if she does, I doubt it will be for disciplinary action because this is what I have been putting up with for four and a half years.

Keep in mind these are only a few broken down instances of their mistreatment. That is not including their neglect of the suites care. I have had flooding of sewage with delayed response, the upstairs dishwasher leaked to our floor and created serious water damage. No repairs made despite informing management. There is mold now. There is mold in our bedrooms that I am constantly trying to get rid of but it's coming from the rotted wood in the walls and the insulation. We've had a mouse problem for two years. Recently we've been getting cock roaches despite our suites being "treated" 4 times in the past three months and by treated I don't mean fumigated as it's suppose to be. I mean bare minimal spraying poison in my kitchen sink and behind the stove and fridge, that's it. There have been multiple cases of bed bugs at this location and others, thankfully we never experienced that first hand. They have a screening process but they let literally anyone in as a tenant (Another juicy story or two). Oh and did I mention the rot? In the foundations? If a health and safety inspector came here the place would be shut down. Please send one!

If you have made it this far, thank you for taking the time to read through this email. If there is anything you can do to help or even advice you could give, I would incredibly grateful. People need to know about mainstreet apartments. They need to know they should stay way.

Thank you,


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