Friend Lost His Mind (Story)

This post is not a warning at all. This past Saturday we decided to take 8 hits of blotter and feed our head with movies. We were watching the movie Quinten Tarintino movie "Four Rooms". I noticed my friends speech patterns started getting weird near the end of the movie.

At first I thought he was having some sort of revelation. He kept saying "We are all one", "I don't find you attractive" as well as some other nonsense. After a bit he started pacing quickly saying these things faster. He was turning white.

I am a hardened mind to Lucys trickery but I had never heard of this happening. I kept trying to snap him out of it. I was telling him I was going to call a sober friend to try and get us back to the base. I called and called but he did not answer. I became worried as my friend sounded really anxious and he was constantly pacing becoming more and more removed.

I asked if he needed to go to the hospital. I only got a yes in between his ramblings. Heres when it gets weird.

I got on the phone and began calling emergency services. I noticed that even five hours into the trip it seemed like I was peaking harder than I was before this happened. The phones colors seemed muddy and "60's" looking. When I called she said, "Please state your medical emergency". I screamed into the phone, "We took acid and my friend is a lunatic". I think my perception of the situation becomes skewed at this point. I felt like she was unwilling to help. She restated the question, "What seems to be the problem". I kept screaming that, "We are out of our minds and my friend is unable to speak and is having a problem". I struggled to find the words to properly describe it.

Forgetting this call was real I hung up on emergency services. My friend I called earlier called me and said he was on his way. As soon as I got off the phone with him emergency services called me back. I remembered I called them. They told me to stay on the phone. My friend showed up right before the cops did. I am thankful he did.

When the cops arrived I was out in front of my house. I said that my friend was inside. They asked me once again what the problem was and I became bewildered at their lack of concern.

I for some reason began to believe that I was going to be shot by the police. For reasons outside my understanding I put my arms out and dropped my phone. I told him he was going to shoot me. He became apprehensive and said, "I'm not going to shoot you". My mind was racing though as I prepared to have a round fired at my stomach.

I began to lay down on my back stating, "I am in the victim pose". I have terrified the entire walk to the ambulance. I also thought I wasn't going to be made to go to the hospital but how wrong I was.

When I got into the ambulance I talked to the EMT who was checking my heart rate. People seemed bewildered at my comments about being shot. I was insistent that one of them was going to shoot me. The ride to the hospital seemed very fast. I began to calm down. I began to believe that I was just there for waiting for my friend.

I stepped through the doors being escorted by EMT's and I attempted to go for some seats near the front but was tackled by two security guards. I began to scream, "This is fucking lunacy" as I flailed my arms. I heard someone say to hold my arms. A make nurse began drawing blood and I got a bracelet put on my arm.

I began to believe this was all a fantasy and that I was still sitting at home with my friend. I kept hearing the things he was saying over and over. I was drug by my feet into a room and the door locked.

I was asked where I was by a doctor who came in and I believe I told him watching "Four Rooms". I couldn't answer the question of who I was even though I had a band on my arm. I could hear my friend screaming in another room. I had no idea what they were doing to him.

One nurse came in and I asked for a pen and paper for I was "Writing a Book". She said they are not allowed to give me these things. I said someone needs to be in here to document what I am saying.

Long story short I sobered up enough 8 hours in to convince the doctor I was good enough to leave. They said my friend was going to be a bit longer.

This was the most intense trip I have faced in my life. I have never had full delusions like that. I left that hospital without charges (Aside from the bill I have yet to receive).

My friend from what he said he remembers was strapped down and given a catheter and a drug that caused him to forget almost the entire ordeal. When asked whether he would ride the lightning again he said he would but only with sober supervision.

The two days since tripping I have asked myself "Would I have called paramedics again?" I am still uncertain of the answer. I was out of my mind and the fear began to take over. It was a hell of a trip.

EDIT- just a bit more information. I am an experienced tripper well over 50 times. This wasn't the largest dosage I had taken. I believe if my friend hadn't melted down it would have been a good trip. My friend while not being as experienced is in Med School for Psychiatry and doesn't do any other drugs aside from LSD with me. This is in no way meant to be a warning to no take it only my expierence


How I felt like picking my friend up after I had been released


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