So… through some insane loophole we just car camped without a car camping pass.

ugh I'm sorry this is so long.

We just returned and I felt like I needed to tell this story, not so other people can abuse this loophole, which I don't think is possible, but just because it's crazy that this happened and I wanted to share.

We all pitched in for car camping passes from third party sellers over the past few weeks. We succeeded in getting three, and we began planning other aspects of the weekend. We got off work early, drove to the desert and met up at an Indio supermarket to enter security together.

As we're getting gas before going in, one of our drivers pulls up to us and says "we have a problem." We think they must be joking, but they continue to tell us they left their car camping pass in San Diego and they may have to drive back that night to make it back in time for the first acts on Friday.

We say no, let's try and go to customer service and see if they can fix it for us. We pull into the car camping line and I tell my friend to hand me our car camping pass from her box. She hands me it and I see TENT CAMPING written on it. She paid $550 for a GA ticket with tent camping pass, thinking there wasn't a difference.

We're all freaking out now, we only have one car camping pass for 8 people and the line is creeping up. We get up to a security person and explain to them the situation, with complete honesty about our mistake and they direct us up through security. We get up to security screening area and they search the car and give us a green circle in the top left of our windshield, telling us to go to customer service to sort out our camping pass situation.

Customer service is located between the security checkpoint and the car waiting/loading area. We go into customer service with my friend who forgot his camp pass at home and he succeeds in getting a new copy of his camping pass as well as a yellow ticket which gets him through the security guard between customer service and the car waiting area.

We have no luck with our situation. There's no more car camping passes for sale and we bought third party, out of luck.

We pull out of the customer service area first and drive up to the security person before the car waiting area. She asks to see our yellow ticket and we remember that our friend has one, so we tell her our friend has it. She assumes that we were just in customer service for one problem so she waves us through to the car waiting area. And… we're driving forward… then we're in line… and nobody is stopping us… and now we're parked… and now there's no more security… and now people are setting up their tents… and now we're drinking a beer. And it all worked out.

🙂 ❤

*TLDR: Friend left his car camping pass at home and we accidentally bought a tent camping pass. The two problems cancelled each other out. *


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