[UN] Gert-Jan de Bruyne Adresses the General Assembly

"Members of the General Assembly, the Security Council, members of the press and other esteened guests. As has become apparent a great catastrophe has unfolded in the Syrian Euphrates Valley aswell as Iraq. Over sixty thousand Syrians, who were only recently liberated from ISIS opression, have been killed in one of the greatest dam breaches in recorded history. Much of Syria's eastern agriculture spine lays in ruin due to a massive tidal wave, consuming anything and anyone in it's path. Meanwhile tens, even hundreds of thousands of people live wiithout power. Badly battered hospitals can barely cope with the victims of war, let alone the victims of the Tabqa Dam Dissaster. But perhaps the worst catastrophe of all is the fact that hundreds of thousands of Syrians are facing starvation, dehidration, illness and inhumane forced resettlement by the authoritarian Government of the Republic of Turkey in Syria's eastern desert. Before I proceed I ask that a moment of silence be held for the victims of this catastrophe."

*Silence descends upon the Assembly as all rpresentatives pay their respects to those who have vanished."

"Members of the General Assembly, it not only disheartens me that such a dissaster could have taken place despite countless UN reports warning of the dangers of the dam's potential collapse, but also the fact that one of the Permanent Members of the Security Council – The United Kingdom – is at fault for the death of over sixty thousand men, women and children. I ask the British Ambassador: how could your Government be so reckless in ordering the Special Air Service on a suicide mission? How could the British Government, knowing that the dam was badly damaged and bound to be rigged with ISIS' remaining explosive ordnances, disregard common sense and several United Nations reports for percieved glory? Until this very moment the British Government has issued no response, not even a statement regarding this ludicrous attack nor the massive loss of life it has caused, and this is unacceptable for a nation which stands for peace and prosperity across the world and has a permanent place on our Security Council."

"Members of the General Assembly, it is apparent that the people of the Syrian Arab Republic need massive quantities of, and very urgent aid/ Several Government have already pledged aid in some way or another in response to this dissaster, but I can not applaud them for their actions. Because, at the same time the entire International Community, and indeed the General Assembly and the United Nations as a whole, has failed the Syrian people. The fact that we are only now undertaking action is a disgrace for this organization. For over two years we had the chance to repair the Tabqa Dam, but we didn't. We have allowed the authoritarian regime in Turkey to violently deport Syrian refugees en mass to a destroyed country where they have no homes left…no families, no opportunities for a future. And they, like the victims of this dissaster, now face near sudden death in the Syrian desert. But perhaps the worst disgrace is that, only weeks prior to this dissaster, the entire International Community has disregarded the mass killings of former Free Syrian Army members by the Syrian Republican Guard and seemingly supported by the Russian Federation, shattering the General Surrender which barely a year ago brought hope for Syria."

"Ambassadors, I ask you: how could your Governments be so careless in allowwing mass deportations? How could you allow a General Surrender to be shattered in a single night without any repercussions whatsoever? How corrupted has the International Commuity, and indeed the entire Unted Nations gotten? We have now reached a point where peace agreements can seemingly be shattered, human rights be violated time ang again, and authoritarian Governments like the Assad regime, who manny seem to oppose on paper, suddently depend on international aid in larger quantitiess than ever provided during almost a decade of civil war."

"Members of the General Assembly, I reiterate: the people of Northeastern Syria need assistance, but we cannot allow this aid to be processed by the Assad Regime considering their heinous acts. The United Nations should try to save face and organize a relief effort based out of Western Iraq. The Dutch Government will provide $1 billion in aid for the region, but not a cent, nor material, will flow into Assad's covers. I ask that your Governments do the same."

"The Dutch Government has in recent times been criticized for "inhumane and illegal acts" regarding "Imans" and related affairs. But despite these accusations it seems that my Government haas not lost common sense, nor gained short-sightedness in the face of United Nations failures."

I thank you for your time and await the response from the British Ambassador, and indeed others pressent in the Assembly."

Gert-Jan de Bruyne, Dutch Ambassador to the United Nations


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