The surprising intersectionality of Russia; or, where’s Antifa where you need them?

Something amuzing has happened. A Neo-Nazi has actually killed someone. In Russia. And it goes downhill from there.

Let's start from a different approach. How many Hollywood movies have baddies that are simultaneously a) Russian, b) Neo-Nazi and c) Jihadi? Too few. Because these people exist, and we're talking about one.

[1] [2]

Enter Anton Konev, 17, and at that grand age he's a known Neo-Nazi for groups such as Stolz Khabarowsk. At 17:02 local time he barges into the waiting room of the local branch of the Federal Security Service (FSB) and claims that he's got info on some Jihadis. This attracts the attention of the resident counter-terror expert Jakov Khasanov, who was using a foreign-citizenship translator to debrief some Azerbaijanis while in a waiting room outside the facility's security checkpoints. Once the officer is in range, Anton puts a round into his head with a Viking (a weak-framed sports version of the MILSPEC 9 mm Yarygin), it promptly jams, he pulls out a Saiga (a Kalashnikov shotgun derivative) and sprays the remaining bystanders. Somewhere in a commotion he manages to shoot himself (while reloading or with a ricochet, depending on the source), and then gets cut down by the rapid response squad. Translator's dead, and one of the Azerbaijani's barely alive.

Now obviously the FSB wastes no time tracking the registered Viking down to a local gunnery club called "Hammer". They find the guard dead, and at least 25 barrels missing, along with enough mess to have been caused up to a dozen attackers. Insert scare chord.

Except by the evening they recover all the rifles and carbines, some from Konev's home and some from a 25-yo Marat Gadzhiibrahimov. Obviously, with a name like that, the plot thickens.

Thanks to Kommersant's /pol/-class snooping, they've determined that the young Neo-Nazi took an interesting turn about 12-18 months ago: he hit a mosque and appeared in videos with rifles and Molotovs while screaming "Allahu Akbar!" – same as some witnesses claimed he did during the attack.

So, ISIS's claim on the attack doesn't seem as stupid now, does it?

So, here's that bit of 'fun'. Intersectionalism in various brands of violent right-wingers.


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