Independent Analysis – Updated Info – EAR/ONS Hospital Connect

Independent Analysis Of East Area Rapist/Original Night Stalker

Hypothesis: EAR/ONS works or has worked in the medical field. EARS/ONS knew several of his victims. Most likely in a cursory fashion; work-related or thru familial acquaintance. Cases to reexamine are first 8 attacks before media attention. Also the 4 murder victims in the OC (Harringtons, Witthuhn, Cruz).

Notable Evidence (from limited online case study):

Victims #2 – Teenage sisters home alone. Parents away on religious retreat. Father was doctor. EAR/ONS specifically asks for “doctor’s drugs”. Victims #5 – Mother’s 3 year-old son stated he thought EAR/ONS was “a doctor examining his mom”. Did he come to this conclusion or did EARS reveal something…? Victim #10 – Was ill at time (seen at hospital…?) Victim #11 – Pregnant woman (medical checkup…?) Victim #14 – Neighbor (possible intended victim) reported stalking. Rape Kit and cigarettes found outside home. Bloodhound traced scent back to doctor’s house…? Victim #23 – Saw EAR’s bag he brought with him. Said it looked like a “doctor’s bag”. Victim #48 (Danville) – Husband confronts EAR, detects the word C.O.R.N. on windbreaker. In medical field this stands for Certified Operating Room Nurse. Murder victims Robert Offerman and Debra Manning – Doctor and Psychologist respectively. Murder victim Charlene Smith – Hands bound using “Diamond Knot”; same family tree as “Surgeon’s Knot”. Murder victim Keith Harrington – months shy of graduating UC Irvine School of Medicine (1980). Murder victim Patrice Harrington – Nurse at Mercy General Hospital (now called South Coast Global Medical Center). Murder victim Cheri Domingo – House-sitting at recently deceased aunt’s property (hospital/assisted living…?) Murder victim Manuela Witthuhn – Husband (David) in hospital for viral infection night of murder. (Santa Ana Tustin Community Hospital renamed Western Medical Center renamed Orange County Global Medical Center. Murder victim Janelle Cruz (1986) cashier at now defunct Bulwinkle’s Restaurant, location Heritage Plaza Shopping Center. In same shopping center, directly next door, is the recently opened Irvine Family Medical Practice (1985 to present). Also she saw her therapist the week of her murder for previous wrist-cutting incident. Recorded phone call. Noise in background sounds like paging service often found in medical centers. Several victims report “surgical gloves” worn by EAR.

Advantages of Medical Field:

Medical records often list a person’s age, relationship status, number of children, age of children, address and phone number. In a world without Google or Facebook, this is a treasure trove. Beneficial hours. Healthcare workers typically work 3/12hour shifts per week. Regular shifts are 3pm to 11pm and graveyard. Late-night/early-morning appearances at home would not appear suspect. At least broad knowledge of forensics and science. Occupation equates elevated social status atypical of violent offenders. Steady income. Steady employment in various municipalities.

Keys to Solving Cases:

Victimology, victimology, victimology. (Practical Homicide Investigation – Geberth, 5th Ed, pgs 594-597) Re-interview friends and family. Specifically OC crimes and first eight crimes. EAR ONS was likely interviewed in OC crimes but key Sacramento connection was not relevant to investigators. Recanvas co-workers. Focus on common-sense answers. Avoid frivolous details (method of entry/escape route/hang-up phone calls – EVERYONE received hang-up phone calls – it was the 70’s) Redevelop EAR ONS theory. High unlikelihood EAR ONS worked construction, painting, teaching, etc. EAR ONS was active and alert late into night and early morning. (You ever swing a hammer all day? You can barely keep your eyes open by 9pm) Focus on OC murders. EAR ONS went out of his way to make crimes appear random. Victim or victim family most likely volunteered vulnerabilities unwittingly. Consider other EAR ONS occupations. (e.g. possibly worked security/law enforcement. Manuela Witthuhn was a loan-officer. What bank? What shopping center? Security guards often work graveyard shift. Home developments need overnight security. October 7th, 1978, Concord. Neighbor found security badge on lawn…)

General Observations:

EAR/ONS had extensive knowledge of neighborhoods in first 8 assaults and had seen or known his victims on regular basis. Showed up at several beginning crime scenes naked from waist down. Bold (immature, idiotic) move indicating he lived nearby and could vanish quickly. Most likely resided in Rancho Cordova, Carmichael or Citrus Heights. Went to local high school/s in late-60’s, early 70’s. Attended UC Davis or Cal State Sac for undergraduate studies ’72 thru ‘75. Knew parks, pathways and biking trails and used for speedy escape routes. Media attention and experience forced changes in MO, expansion of territory. Raised by single mother, rich absentee father. Inferiority complex: height, weight, penis size Problem w/ educated, independent women (teachers/nurses). Incompetent, yet desired them. Boring social scene led to late-night wandering, voyeurism – coupled w/ unappeased sexual desire – fantasy, prowling, action. Few friends, and not intimate if any. Father may have resided in Goleta/Ventura. Became scared when men fought back. Became scared when newspapers suggested Goleta/Sacramento linkage. Moved to Irvine for work, post-Grad studies. Chose certain victims with EXTREME caution. Knew some victims on name basis. Only crimes of PERFECT opportunity. In OC crimes, conscious effort to leave no witness. In OC crimes, conscious effort to erase any linkage to past crimes. Was questioned by police but not rigorously. Started serious relationship. Has children now. At least one daughter.

Law Enforcement Troubles:

No standardized investigative methods. (i.e. Practical Homicide Investigation, Sex-Related Homicide and Death Investigation – Geberth) No DNA database. Inability to link later crimes (murders) Destruction of evidence Random crime pattern EAR ONS is both “organized” and “disorganized” predator Multiple municipalities

Final Thoughts:

The purpose of this report is to get victims, detectives and amateur sleuths thinking and (most importantly) rethinking their assumptions about EAR ONS. I readily admit my theory could be wrong. It is, in fact, a theory. But I tried to base it on logic and observations made from limited online case study. Without full access to the actual case files, investigators and victims/families, it proves hard to develop a more succinct analysis.

What I do believe (and feel strongly about) is that EAR ONS knew his OC murder victims. It’s true that he was decently educated, and at least thought he was “smart”. He wore gloves. He wore a mask. He hissed in a whisper to cover his voice. He kept passably cool when there was wide-spread media attention or when interviewed by police.

Yet he was also an idiot.

Showing up to several of the first crime scenes wearing no pants? Beyond stupid. Putting dishes on the men’s back? Clever until you realize you’re linking your crimes. Feigning psychiatric problems and remorse? Your actions are pathetic and disgusting, and you’re not fooling anybody. And let’s not forget the forensics evidence he left behind (ligatures, clothing fibers, shoe prints, blood samples, DNA, etc.)

EAR ONS is a pitiful creep, rapist and murderer at the end of the day. A young pervert who fantasized for awhile about his first victims and took joy in their not knowing he was the one to assault them. With experience and media attention he was forced to expand stalking grounds which ultimately benefited him since the crimes were random, the victims unassociated, and law enforcement lacked the same cohesive strategical apparatus that you find today. Despite this, he was nearly caught on several occasions and only escaped due to luck. (Apparently he had a rabbit’s foot up his ass!) But he messed up on the OC crimes. Those are the key events to give attention. He went out of his way to cover his tracks after the media suggested the Goleta crimes were EAR related. He removed ligatures. He doctored the crime scene to look like burglary. He left no living witness.

And he picked the women because he knew them and wanted to punish them. He knew the OC victims would absolutely be vulnerable the night of, and he attacked.

If you’re an investigator, look at these crimes. Talk to the victims’ families. Their co-workers. Their classmates. The janitors in the building. The security guards. The orderlies, the surgical techs, the nurses.

The only reason you didn’t catch him the first time was b/c you didn’t know you were looking for an asshole from Sacramento. But EAR ONS was known by the OC victims! He is not randomly prowling at this point. He knows them. He chose them. He is a creature of opportunity at this stage, and they were perfect opportunities. You can catch him.

Dig deeper. I wish everyone the best of luck.

Feel free to post any tips/feedback/ideas. And if MR. UNENDOWED is reading this right now. Give me a call. You can breathe in my ear any day, bud! 😉

-Snake Slayer 310-880-9751

PS. THANKS to this user's great map! Thank You!


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