First minor car accident. I didn’t have my phone on me for pictures. Other guy tries to collect fake witnesses. How do you think this will go?

At approximately 7pm I was driving on in the farthest right lane when pointed in the east direction. I was driving at slow and saw a heavy amount of broken glass in the lane that I was driving in.

I signaled appropriately to drive into the next lane over as all other cars in this lane were doing. This was to avoid the glass damaging my tires. When I had passed the area of broken glass, I signaled to move back over into the original lane.

It was at that time I was sideswiped by someone driving way above the speed limit pummeling through the lane with all of the broken glass that every other car was avoiding by driving at a regular speed, recognizing the glass, and moving away from it.

This person was driving at a speed so high that when he hit his breaks, he ended up three mid size car lengths from my vehicle. I have picture proof taken the very next morning of the skid marks in the road from his sad attempt to stop at high speed.

I had no cell phone on me at the time of the incident. A security officer in the area took pictures for me. They are currently on his phone. I have his cell phone number and have been in contact with him. He is older and does not know how to send pictures. However, the pictures exist and this is something that can be taken care of and the pictures can be recovered.

I took pictures of the damage to my vehicle, the accident location, and the location of the glass the very next morning. Skid marks exist in the road of where this man was driving at a high speed and pumped the breaks. The same black oil appears on my front tire in pictures of my vehicle in the damage. In the pictures, you can see that cars are safely avoiding the glass by driving away from it. This man was speeding and drove right through this area and damaged my vehicle in the process.

This person immediately backed up his vehicle after the accident which can be interpreted as an attempt to cover his guilt and how fast he was driving, unable to break accordingly for glass or for not paying attention to the road. He said this was because he was blocking traffic.

A woman said she saw the accident and that he was to blame but would not provide me with her information. While waiting for police for an hour and a half, this man tried to round up people walking by and explain the accident. He was trying to accumulate a slew of fake "witnesses" by telling people who were walking by afterword the story. The security guard nearby also observed him doing this and made me aware that he noticed it too.

We were told to move to the side by the 911 operator. I moved into a parking lot and turned off my car. This man decided to keep his vehicle where it was after he had already reversed from the landing spot of the accident (a spot in the way of traffic) on and turn on his blinkers. This can be interpreted as a way to cause a spectacle to himself in a sad attempt to get someone who did not see the accident to be his witness.

As you can see from the damage, my car appears to have been sanded down as if I was sideswiped by a fast moving vehicle as opposed to significantly large dents which would be the case if I was at fault and drive into a vehicle. This other person is entirely to blame for this incident.

Prior to this incident, I just got my car out of the body shop 2 weeks ago due to scratches from a valet service. It was in great condition and I was keeping it nice and tidy inside and out. This other person drives a 2008 beat up vehicle with a dirty exterior and messy interior and glove compartment.

This man refused to exchange information with me properly. I provided him with my insurance card at which time he took it and turned to go back to his car instead of giving me his information also. I had to forcefully grab my insurance information back from him. I asked him to go inside a store with me to exchange information and he refused. This was after waiting over an hour for police to arrive and for police telling me that I should proceed that way. We exchanged info. Cops took no record as they said they don't do that unless there is an injury.

I am upset because this guy is clearly poor. I am no ballet by any means whatsoever but based on appearances and his actions he is poor. How do you think this will go? I am worried about paying out of pocket and that it is my word against his and I did not have my phone on me at the time. The security officer said I could meet up with him and take pictures of his phone since he can not send. I did not do that and deemed it unsafe because I just can't take any more potential upset right now. Any help or opinions would be very helpful.


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