[BLACK OPS] Beheading in Egypt, Hacking in Japan and Massacres in Syria


For over a year Egypt's intelligence aparatus has been conducting a very daring but nonetheless quite succesful covert operation against the Islamst Insurgency in the Sinai Peninsula. Secret agents managed to infiltrate the inner circle of several smaller Islamist groups operating throughout the peninsula and managed to forge their plans in favour of Egyptian security forces or otherwise pass on valuable information to Egyptian authorities.

The cumulative effect of over a year of succesful operations is quite substantial. This has all come to an end however as one of the agents was finally caught by what appear to be ISIS remnants. A subsequent video showing a beheading of the unfortunate soul was uploaded to the internet for the whole world to see, and the fractured group has threatened the Egyptian Government with terrorist attacks in response to their "satanic act"


Several Governmental Ministry sites have been the victims of DDoS attacks originating from China-based hacker groups. These attacks persisted for almost two days and during the downtime users were redirected to a simple message which proclaimed that the State of Japan had recognized the People's Republic of China's sovereignty over the Diaoyu Islands, more commonly known as the Senkaku Islands.

Japanese intelligence and cyber security elements have determined that the "hacker groups" are very loosely linked to the People's Liberation Army's SSFCF, providing a reasonable amount of proof to back up their conclusions.


At 23:00 hours on December the Seventh the 104th Airborne Brigade of the Syrian Republican Guard, backed up by Syrian Marines from the 103rd Commandos Brigade and the Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation launched a coordinated number of raids against members of the former Free Syrian Army. The raids were preceded by nearly a month of meticulous planning by Syrian and Russian intelligence aswell as the Syrian Arab Army, further backed up by the "FSA Member Registry" put in place after the group's general surrender. All across Syria "kill teams" simultaneously moved in to first take out the former commanders and other higher-ups, working their way down the hierarchical structure from there. Most of these raids were very well planned, but some FSA members, especially those who were part of the FSA Autonomous Devision in the Syrian Arab Army, offered heavy ressistance using their service weapons and even assigned vehicles in some very rare cases.

Over 40 MIL Mi-8 helicopters continuously flew across Syria for the duration of the operation, and on the ground the corpses of neutralized FSA members were transported iin the trunks of pickup trucks aswell as other vehicles such as lorries. Despite the Government's best efforts the noise of gunshots and sometimes ressistance generally awoke nearby residents in the areas were raids took place, with a large number of videos containing gunshots, gun battles and bodies in pickup trunks surfacing on the internet as a result.

Despite some instances of heavy ressistance taking place the vast majority of targets were taken down with ease. A very small number of FSA members have dispersed into the Syrian wilderness, with some likely having crossed into one of Syria's manny neighbouring countries. They have started reaching out to the press to anonimously speak of the atrocities that have been commited. Meanwhile, The few surviving officers of the FSA who managed to escape have denounced these acts by the Syrian Government, citing a direct violation of the General Surrender which entered into force earlier this year. They have called upon the international community, and especially the United Nations, to take immediate action against teh Syrian (and Russian) Government.

The Syrain Government, meanwhile, maintains that the operations were justified due to manny of these former FSA members having conducted "criminal activities" in violation of the General Surrender. The events which have unfoled generally speak otherwise, however.


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