Going from the worst seats in the house to touching the stage at Chance The Rapper’s Magnificent Coloring Day just by acting with confidence.


Wall of text warning. This might be biased but I'd say this is worth a read.

This all happened September 24th, 2016 and I can safely say it turned out to be one of the greatest things I've ever done.

I'll preface this by saying that I'm 16 and pretty damn confident in stressful situations for my age. My friends on the other hand aren't nearly as ballsy as me.

We get off the train around 10AM with my friends and take a short 2 block walk up to US Cellular field. We get close to the field and realize that the lines were 1000+ people long at every gate. We hop in the back of a line and wait for about 30 seconds before I exclaim "Fuck this we're not waiting here" to my friends. They ask what I propose we do and I just told them to follow my lead. We walk out of the line and walk all the way to the front of it near an entrance. The line near the entrance was blocked off by typical festival/parade guardrails. I casually walked up to the guardrail unhooked it, let my friends in, and closed it behind us. No one even really noticed and no one said a word to us. We slowly work our way even farther up to be the first ~20 people in line.

Eventually the doors are open and we hurry in to the field area. We were probably in the first 150 people to get to our seats. Our tickets were $40 a piece which was great but sadly our seats were literally behind the stage where we would have to watch the show through screens. As the first act starts we're casually walking around and just hangin out. When Lil Uzi came on we found out that two girls from our high school were also at the show in box seats. We barely knew these girls but I had met one a few times and my friend Cole had one on Snapchat. He messages her asking her to send us a screenshot of their tickets. Surprisingly they did it.

Here's where the finesse starts coming in.

We go to the entrance of the box area and show them the screenshots. The ticket person asks for our second physical ticket. I quickly say "Oh sorry they got ruined in our cooler. The person at the door told us we should be fine." She tells me to go down to guest services and tell them that. At this point Cole was skeptical but we figured we may as well go for it.

We head down to guest services and I chat with the young desk attendant telling her "what happened" to our tickets and what happened upstairs. She apologizes for the inconvenience and quickly pulls out two white paper wristbands that read "OFFICIAL WHITE SOX I.D." and hand writes our seat number and sections on them. We head back up and get to the box no questions asked. By the time Uzi was nearly done I told my friend "Yo I bet we could get on to the field with these, *mutual friend's" sister is working an entrance."

I finally convince him to go down right as Tyler the Creator is starting his set. We go down to my friend's sister and I say "Hey M, our ticket got fucked up and we had to go to guest services to get them replaced can we get our wristbands?" She chuckles a bit and says yeah one sec. she was nervous to give them to us because her boss was only a few feet away watching this all go down. To help us out and attend to the other people coming over, she calls over a security guard. He was probably mid 30s and not a police officer. I tell him "hey can we just go out we're not trying to get hassled anymore we already talked to guest services" in a slightly annoyed tone. He tells me "one sec" and walks about 20 feet away and just stands there. After 10 mins of him doing absolutely nothing I yell "DUDE what are you doing you're just standing there?!" Sounding pissed. He looks at me and walks away.

This is where the greatest human being on earth comes into my life (even though I only met him for ~10 seconds).

An older, black, grandfatherly looking security guard comes up to me. This was our conversation.

"Hey what are you boys doin just standing here?"

"Waiting for a guy to let us on. Some other guy was dickin us around for 10 mins not doing anything. Can you help us out?"

"Get on out there kids!"

"Thanks man have a great day!"

We run as close to the pit as we could. We were about 15 rows from the pit and we're just raging to Tyler still dumbfounded as to how we got out there. After ~5 more songs Tyler ends his set and there was a few seconds of silence. Suddenly the best to Ultralight beam comes on and everyone thinks it's just an intermission. As soon as I heard it I screamed "KANYE IS HERE!!" and about two seconds later he runs on stage. This was when thousands of people rushed onto the field. It was chaos. 2 or 3 people were standing on each chair and it was fucking amazing.

Kanye's set is one of the greatest things I've ever experienced.

A few more sets go on and we're having an amazing time. Smokin blunts, listening to great music, and just vibin. When Lil Wayne and 2 Chainz came on stupidly decided to go back up to the box even though we didn't have the green floor wristbands on yet.

We go up to the box and chill with the girls for almost the whole set until I get anxious and decide we need to go back down there.

This time we went to a different entrance and this is how our convo went.

Me: "Hey we were down here earlier our tickets got mes-"

1: "it's cool bro. Aye partner's name I don't remember get these two wristbands."

2: (looks us up and down disapprovingly) "Why?!… (my heart sinks) …just kidding guys haha here ya go have fun"

At this point we go as close as we can, slowly working our way through the wall of people that rushed the field earlier. Because of all the unintended people down there, there were no more walking paths for the sections.

We're about 10 rows (even though most chairs were no where to be found) away from the pit when I hear an officer and a few employees yelling "CLEAR THE WAY WE NEED TO MAKE A PATH. MOVE OUT OF THE WAY PEOPLE". I soon realized they were putting up guard rails for a new path for pit access. They're yelling "WHITE WRISTBANDS THIS WAY HURRY UP" I look to a hot group of girls next to me, say "watch this", throw my hand up, grab my friend by the shirt, and tell "WHITE WRISTBAND RIGHT HERE". He moves a few people, opens the guardrail, and let's us in. We get in to the pit, look at each other, burst into laughter, and give each other a hug.

We just chilled for a while, sending pics of our badassery to friends, and convince a few people to smoke us out for free. We got to see Alicia Keys and Chance from less than 5 feet from the stage.

I know I have my whole life ahead of me but I don't know if any music event will ever top that. Especially because it was my first concert lol. I still get goosebumps thinking about it.


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