Part 2: Aaron Hernandez murdered, not suicide. Suspicious activity documented, who has a motive?

Part 1: Continuing the discussion. I was bombarded by Patriot fans and others who were not willing to entertain thoughtful dialogue.

Here are the weird things about this incident:

  1. Aaron Hernandez was acquitted 5 days ago for 2012 double murder by jury. His second case looked promising and according to his family was in good spirits following the decision.

  2. Method of suicide rare in maximum security prisons. Leslie Walker, executive director of the nonprofit Prisoners’ Legal Services of Massachusetts, believes it’s the first successful suicide by that method at the maximum-security Souza-Baranowski Correctional Center.

2a. Walker told The Boston Globe on Wednesday that Massachusetts had a high suicide rate among prisoners 10 years ago but that the state has worked on “suicide-proofing” its facilities. At Souza-Baranowski’s maximum-security facility, according to Walker, that means the windows are small rectangles about 3 feet above the ground, and their frames are flush with the glass, so there’s no easy way to tie a sheet to the metal.

“It’s designed as a supermax prison, so it’s mostly cement and then the frame around the window is metal,” Walker told The Globe. “I imagine there would be an opportunity to figure out a way to pry that metal, but I had not heard of it before.”

  1. Happens before the Patriots visit the White House today. Trump and Robert Kraft didn't mention his death even after being acquitted (odd).

  2. No suicide note, instead he wrote John 3:16 on his forehead before hanging himself in an almost impossible situation on his cell. First, windows are 3 feet above ground and he's 6'1''. Somehow, he jams the cell door so the guards can't open it and save him? He also can legibly write backwards on his forehead?

  3. He was in a single cell in general population. He used to be a TE for the Patriots, I doubt anyone could really strangle him. He would need to be sedated and/or 2-3 people to try and hold him down.

  4. While in the correctional facility he would work out as if he was in training camp, hoping to play in the NFL if released. This sounds like someone who was in good health and fitness, not someone ready to commit suicide.

  5. His attorney, close friends, agent, and former teammates have all posted in news articles and twitter that they don't believe he took his life, and that something else was at play. They didn't have any indication from letters or phone calls that he was suicidal.

  6. Coach Belichek and Robert Kraft would have to testify during his appeal and would potential expose the Patriots recent deflategate and other secrets. He was very close to Tom Brady, not sure if that had anything to do with it?

  7. He smoked synthetic marijuana before the incident. I'm not sure if synthetic marijuana makes you suicidal, but I could be wrong. He also cut himself to create a blood marker? I mean this is supermax prison, isn't anyone watching?

  8. Last but not least, the Falcons should have won the Super Bowl, the Patriots is the team of the establishment/deep-state! (Ha!)


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