[EVENT] Teritorijalna Odbrana Act

Bosnia is no doubt a small nation. But looking back at it's past, there are ways Bosnia could defend itself in much better ways.

OSBiH will begin mandatory conscription at the age of 20 for regular soldiers. During the 2 years of time between high school and conscription, background checks will be done and a select few will take officer school for 2 years before taking command of fresh conscripts. Mandatory service lasts for 5 years.

Along with the mandatory conscription, Bosnia will begin the return of the Teritorijalna Odbrana Bosna i Herzegovina (TOBiH). Also known as the Territorial Defense, the TOBiH's purpose is to wear down enemy units entering Greater Bosnia using guerrilla warfare and aid the regular army in strategic defense. They are comprised of armed citizen-soldiers that once trained served in the army. They are allowed to join military exercises, while some will be mandatory. Here are the sectors.

Color Sector Name # of members Notes
Red Sector Serbia 200,000 Will aid border guards and patrols while have constant defenses
Purple Coastal Sector 75,000 Naval Defense
Light Blue Sector Command 100,000 Command center of TOBiH
Green Sector South 25,000 Protect southern border (kept low since we don't want to harm relations with Geneva)
Blue Sector North 100,000 It's a large area to cover, not much else

To increase defense in strategic locations, Sarajevo's sector (Not the entire Sector North, just it's region) will have an additional 25,000 Guardians while Podgorica will have an additional 10,000.

Security Condition (SECCON) will also be established. SECCON ______

Stage Description Readiness
Red All out war Maximum readiness, defenses already built
Orange Build-up Increased movement of Guardians, building of defensive structures, preparation
Yellow Heightened Security Light movement of troops to strategic positions
Green Normal Normal operations

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