[CONFLICT] “This Is Our Fight!” South Sudanese Special Forces Sent In – Offensives Across the Nation Commence

Since the hostage situation in Juba erupted the Special Forces in the entire country were put on high alert along with infantry divisions preparing to push the militia forces out of the nation entirely. The Mechanized Division of the Sudan People's Liberation Army was split with each infantry division gaining a reserve of 14 T-72s, 6 T-55's, 3 2S1 Gvozdika's [2nd Division got 2 so all others may have 3], 3 2S3 Akatsiya's [Again 2nd Division received 2], 2 BM-21 Grad's [2nd Division with 1], and 20 Mamba APC's each.

All but 2nd Division has seen sporadic fighting off and on for the past 8 months with 2nd Division assisting policing efforts in the main capital and outlying towns and villages but now a push will be made to throw the rebels out of South Sudan entirely and to take back the nation's borders. The President calls this campaign "Operation Green Gardens," the name chosen on the promise that when the civil war is finally ended and over that South Sudan will have Green Gardens once again.

Juba, 2nd Infantry Division with South Sudanese Special Forces

Inside of the 4 Mamba APC's outside of the Embassy Compound are 7 men of the Special Forces each. Outside of the APC's, entirely unprotected save for basic body armor, are 12 men (6 on each side of the APC's) 1 man of each team is armed with CS Gas Riot Control Grenades, each prepared to enter the room. As each man waits to insert, they all hear on the radios the President speaking. "We're on our own, men. This fight is ours and no one else's. Across the board we will be seeing great, great offensives with some of the best finest men South Sudan has ever seen. Victory is Certain! We cannot fail. God is with us!"

Just at that moment every soldier stationed outside of the embassy puts on a gas mask of their own over their head with each grenadier preparing themselves. Police begin to throw in smoke grenades which comes to the response of gunfire of the armed terrorists inside patrolling the walls. They begin to retreat indoors before the gas begins to pool. As expected, guns are drawn on the hostages with one armed gunmen yelling out of a window. "IF YOU COME IN, WE'LL KILL THEM ALL!" He gets a response by one of the soldiers outside, "No you won't!" It was just at this time the grenadiers fired off their canisters into the windows of both floors of the building they had eyes on, reloading swiftly to fire off again and again before they ran out of ammo. Just at this very moment the smoke outside of the compound began to build much thicker – the Mamba APC's moved inside before its contents dismounted, rushing inside of the building to breach.

Upon entry they find two armed gunmen on the ground, one of them grabbing at their throat. "What the fuck?!" Yells one of the soldiers, noticing a pool of saliva and blood leaking from their mouths and noses. Unbeknownst to them, one of the grenadiers was a sympathizer and instead of Riot Control Gas he fired off several canisters of Sarin Gas into the building, which floors they were unsure of. Immediately they rushed to find the hostages before the smoke began to thicken. All across the first floor they found gunmen on the ground in pools of their own blood, the gases killing them already. With only 30 seconds of searching, they came in contact with a group of 6 on the second floor, news agencies outside catching muzzle flashes sparking through the windows.

Soon enough all of the gunmen were dead to their own demise or by the Special Forces' Bullets. The hostages were found, some even found and fired upon as they were mistaken for gunmen and left there for the blame of the gunmen to be bestowed and given gasmasks of their own and sent back and forth in waves out of the embassy. Some of the workers' gasmasks however were not entirely secured, one of them took it off to adjust it – the sarin gas hit them hard, killing them moments later as police and Emergency Services were caught entirely off-guard, unable to provide any anti-toxin for the victims. It was at this time outside of the compound another fire-fight ensued between the sympathizer and 3 other soldiers – the sympathizer was shot and killed along with 1 other man.

Across the Country

Infantry Divisions push into known rebel territory backed with massive artillery fire and tanks. In the Northwest, the offensive is at a stalemate involving 5th Division until portions of the Capital-Based 2nd Division moved to intercept and assist the fighting, bringing a guaranteed victory in Western Bahr el Ghazal. Although the east and South, bordering both Ethiopia and Uganda were not so lucky. A majority of the soldiers in these regions retreated enmasse to the nations and were unable to be brought to the President's form of Military Justice, death in the battle-field.

Out of the rough total of the Anti-Government Forces (Around 105,000) a total roughly 58,000 had escaped to neighboring nations to attack again in the future. The President's Offensive gained back crucial land in a strong land victory but in a grand-strategic term it was a minor victory. Majority of the enemy forces retreated when the artillery had started and it had destroyed not the enemy's soldiers but its own land. In the Southwest to Congo, the offensive completely failed without gaining a single bit of land. Although the rest of the country was secured, the area was still identified as "Hostile" at the end of the Operation, seeing successes nation-wide but not in this one sector.

The President has since made a statement. "This war is far from over, but now at least we have some breathing room. Good fighting! Men and women of South Sudan, we have our nation back!" For the sarin-gas attack on the Turkish Embassy however, the President has called for a UN Investigation and demanded United Nations assistance for preparation against future attacks. He has also issued an apology to the Turkish Mission for the lives lost, being caught entirely off-guard.

He also sends his condolences for the 28 hostages that were killed in friendly fire by the gunmen. Out of the 104 personnel mission (excluding security) 76 have survived.


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