[Pre-Launch | Milky Way] They say most of your brain shuts down during cryo-sleep.

The Nexus was ready. The arks still being polished. The big day was finally there and the launch of the Andromeda Initiative. Jien Garson, Founder of the Initiative – a civilian science and exploration project – stood in the heart of the Nexus, the central hub of the colonists who would be arriving in their arks once the Nexus had set up in the far away galaxy.

Ms. Garson let her eyes wander over the crowds in front of her podium. Except for the press, who would leave the Nexus after her speech, it was mostly made up of staff. Engineering teams, scientists, medical and upper staff, and security personnel. Her hands were shaking, but she took a deep breath and then stepped closer to the microphone.

"Today is the day we have been waiting for my friends. My brave companions. We will go where nobody else has ever been before. You all have trained hard. You all were selected for your skills and know-how. Together we will build the foundation for the ones that come after us. We're taking the first step of something so enormous, so important, that words can barely describe it. I will try anyway."

Laughs far and few between.

"You're Nexus personnel. Smart scientists, skilled engineers, tough security and watchful medics. But above all you are explorers. Because you are dedicated to go on this journey with me. A journey that will take us far away. Over 600 years into the future and into the Heleus Cluster in the Andromeda Galaxy. It will be hard. I know that. Leaving behind friends and family. Getting into cryo-sleep. Waking up in a strange and possibly dangerous environment. But you are strong, you are brave and I know that we can do it. Together. We will get the Nexus, our Citadel, up and running for when the arks arrive."

Her voice had been growing firmer and stronger through her speech and was now filled with the power that had earned her trust and respect among the Initiative members.

"Together we are strong. Together we are one. Together… we build the future!"

Thunderous applause. Flashes of vidcams. Waving. Smiling. And then all of it was over. Jien was back in her room, spending the last few hours before her final examination before cryo-sleep staring at old pictures, sobbing and cursing her fate.

Doctor T’Kelso watched the door to her left close and the human woman disappear behind it. She raised the omni-tool on her left arm and with the right hand she input her commands.

"Send in the next one, please.”

The toast send by the front desk indicated that the next patient for the general examination before the cryo-sleep was already on their way. The doctor pulled up the file of said person up on the display in front of her.

Name: Ieva T’Sol

Race: Asari

Age: 146 Note: Maiden Stage

Class: ADEPT


  • Excellent Biotic Potential
  • Universal Weapon Familiarity
  • Guerilla Tactics Proficiency
  • Threat Response Training

Military Background:

  • Formal Training: trained from an early age on with the goal of an Asari Huntress
  • Service: Guard Duty for an Asari Science Team Note: There seems to have been an incident. The unit got dismantled and Ieva dismissed.
  • C-Sec Special Response Note: Qualification missing. Who sponsored her? Failed Spectre Screening. Reason: Unstable.

Social Background:

  • Homeworld: Illium Note: Close to Terminus Systems. Exposure to criminal activity likely.
  • Relatives: Elevia T’Sol – Asari Huntress / Commando Note: Instead of remaining in Matron stage Elevia returned to the Serrice Guard and there took down more than 100 Blood Pack mercenaries in a team of 5. Unusual motivations/desires. Runs in family?
  • Marital Status: Single

Initiative History: Ieva was one of the first Asari to sign up for a staff position on the Nexus in the Andromeda Initiative. She requested to be placed on the Nexus as part of Nexus-Security, a request that – given her prior occupation – was happily obliged by the administration. Even an unusually extensive background check still left some black holes in her record, but C-Sec as well as multiple Asari ambassadors have vouched for her despite rumors of a few reports of insubordination and use of excessive force.

Designated Occupation in the Initiative: Nexus Security Officer: Special Response

SCHEDULED End of Cryostasis: 14 HOUR 0 DAY

The right door opened and in came another asari. At least T’Kelso would not have to console her concerning the 600 year cryo-sleep. The doctor was an asari herself and already 450. Her kind lived into their millennials if they were healthy and risk averse enough. The door opened and an asari with ocean blue skin and red markings, that reminded of tribal warriors, stretching all over her face and head tentacles stepped into the room. If not for the stern expression and the scars on newcomer’s cheek, T’Kelso would have argued that Ieva T’Sol was a beautiful asari. Which did not say much as most asari were considered beautiful. At least by other races.

“Please sit down”, the doctor said and motioned towards the chair on the other side of her desk. T’Sol followed the invitation with a nod.

“Tell me, do you have any concerns about the upcoming journey?”

Ieva furrowed her brows. Or rather the markings that were at the position where the brows would have been on a human.

“You mean other than the general concerns? Hostile environment? Aliens? Faulty systems? Not waking up from cryo? Shitty engineering? Krogans? No, not really.”

“I understand that you’re professionally trained, so I’d like you to confirm that you are ready to enter cryo-stasis, so I can scan you and we’ll be done.”

“Sounds reasonable”, Ieva agreed. She was not too keen on a psychological session anyway. She had been meditating the whole morning and prepared herself mentally for the upcoming cryo-sleep. Calm and collected she saw little need for a therapy session. “I am fully prepared for what lies ahead. I am ready to enter sleep for 600 years. Send me to cryo.”

T’Kelso ticked something with her omni-tool and then raised her arm towards the security specialist. An array of beams was emitted by the sensor on the medical omni-tool and scanned T’Sol from head to toe. Obviously pleased by the results the doctor nodded and motioned towards the door on the left.

“Please move on to the waiting area. While your pod is being prepared you can lounge about and relax. When everything is ready your omni-tool will receive message guiding you your location of entry. Thank you and good luck.”

“Thanks. See you on the other side.”

Ieva got up and left through the door which led to the waiting area. Doctor T’Kelso focused her attention onto her omni-tool and spoke: “Next one, please.”

[OOR] Okay, hi. It’s me. We’re going to Andromeda, bitches. You don’t need to know jack-shit about the game Mass Effect Andromeda. We’re only loosely gonna stick to their plot. We’ll make stuff up as it comes along. Fun is the most important thing. Your knowledge of the old Mass Effect Trilogy should be enough. If not, turn to Mass Effect Wiki for information and help.

This is like the intro post. It’s recommended to do a character sheet like above, but just do whatever you feel like. In the comments you can post your conversation with the Doc and then roleplay with others in the Holding Area. There’s a bar. Some plants. Couches, a TV, a kicker table, dart and other recreational activities that you can come up with. It’s basically just a big room with whatever you fancy and then a tram that will take your character to their cryo pod when their time comes. Once you’ve posted and I’m awake again, I’ll do you names.

Have fun y’all!


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