Official Weekly Summary (Apr 6 – Apr 13, 2017)

Weekly Summary (Apr 6 – Apr 13, 2017)

Unresolved Mysteries

Thanks for all the nice feedback. I’ve included some summaries I wrote last week but forgot to post. Unfortunately, I left out a number of stories because of limited time and real life obligations. Please explore those stories I missed and let me know if you find any mistakes in my update. ✌

Chag Sameach. Happy Easter! 🐰 Wishing you all a very safe holiday weekend.

Last week's summary (March 29-April 5, 2017)


  • 1939 – Gary Beckman was the son of a single mother in Corinth, New York (US). His mother struggled to provide for him and his sister and signed away her parental rights in the belief that a close family friend could adopt her son. Unfortunately, Child Services removed the boy from his longtime home and put him up for adoption. Throughout the years his sister has been searching for him but has been unable to reunite with her brother. Unsolved Mysteries covered this case…   (UPDATE): Fluxistrad has contacted Gary’s family and received an update on their situation… Link

  • 1948 – Tereszka Adwentowska – Her name might not sound familiar, but you’ve probably seen her photo in a history or psychology book. She was a young girl in front of a chalkboard, who scribbled large circles after she was asked to draw a picture of her home. She was believed to have lived in a concentration camp during World War II; however, a researcher discovered… (UPDATE): A dedicated researcher has determined her identity and has commented in the reddit thread Link

  • 1963 – Anita Kay Drake (15) disappeared from Louisville, Ohio (US). It was believed that Anita had run away from her home to escape abuse, and then moved to Texas. She changed her name to Linda Tucker Smith and eventually started her own life. Linda died of lung cancer in 1992. (UPDATE): DNA has confirmed that Linda Smith is, in fact, Anita Kay Drake. Link

  • 1970 – Chester (NY) Jane Doe – Body of an unidentified African American woman (believed to be in her 30s) was found in a field off New York route 94. Her hands had been tied behind her back, and she had been shot in the chest, shoulder, and spine. When she died, she fell on her back and was able to shield her hands, which helped in determining her… (UPDATE): Law enforcement believe they have identified Jane Doe Link

  • November 26, 1994 – John Doe – A security guard discovered the body of an unidentified man who hanged himself in a parking garage in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma (US). The man was described as a white male, who was 5’9” but police had no clue to his identity. (UPDATE): A websleuths member has identified John Doe by connecting him to a missing person. Link

  • September 11, 1997 – Peter Kema Jr. (6) disappeared from Honolulu, Hawaii (US). Peter's father had claimed that he took his son to Honolulu to accompany him on a job search. Unable to care for the boy, the father stated he gave his son to a female family friend. Law enforcement was unable to identify this woman and feared she didn't exist. Peter Jr's family confirmed that young boy was a victim of harsh physical and emotional abuse by his parents. In November 2015, Peter's parents were charged with welfare fraud. In 2016, his parents were charged with Peter Jr's murder. Peter's mother eventually pled guilty to manslaughter in the death of her son. (UPDATE): April 6, 2017: Peter's father has pled guilty to manslaughter in the death of his son. Authorities are willing to negotiate with the sentencing if his father provides them with the location of his son's remain. Link

  • June 12, 1998 – Christina Williams (13) disappeared from Seaside, California. Christina's father was in the military, so she spent most of her early childhood in Japan. Christina went missing while walking her dog around her neighborhood. Her parents found the dog, but Christina had vanished. Her body was found miles away from her home on an army base in 1999. A local sex offender has been a person of interest in the case. (UPDATE)April 6, 2017: DNA has linked suspect Charles Allen Holifield, who's a registered sex offender to Christina's abduction. Link

  • July 7, 2013 – Tommy Eastep (30) disappeared from Eufaula, Oklahoma (US). Tommy had gone missing on a family trip to Lake Eufaula. Months later his truck was found abandoned… (UPDATER): Tommy's remains have been found, there is… Link

  • December 8, 2000 – Trevor Deely (22) disappeared in the rainy night from the streets of Dublin (Ireland). Trevor attended a Christmas party and then realized he'd forgotten his umbrella at work (Bank of Ireland). He called his office to pick up the umbrella, and then arrived outside his work at 3:30 am. Trevor entered the building, had a short coffee with a coworker, and then left building within 40 minutes. (UPDATE): Law enforcement have released CCTV video of a man caught outside Trevor's work lurking in the shadows, acting suspiciously and waiting in the rain for over 30 minutes. Authorities are asking the public if they identify this man. Link

  • February 12, 2009 – Pamela J. Butler (47) disappeared from Washington D.C. (US). Pamela was last seen talking to her boyfriend at her home. She had met him on a dating site, but he claimed that she had broken up with him shortly before she went missing. He said the break-up was amicable but had refused to take a polygraph or cooperate with parts of the investigation. (UPDATE) April 2017: Pamela's ex-boyfriend, Jose Rodriguez-Cruz, has been charged with her murder. Link

  • August 2016 – Christine Wood (24) disappeared from Winnipeg, Manitoba (Canada). Christine was last seen leaving a hotel in the evening, she had been visiting her family in Winnipeg. Christine's electronic device (cell phone?) led police to the home of Brett Overdy (30). Overdy had no prior relationship with Christine. However, police found evidence in hi home connecting him to Christine's murder. He has been charged with… Link


  • August 6, 1972 – Lynn Schuller (25) disappeared from Cedar Rapids, Iowa (US). Lynn was last seen at her home by her husband, who had said that she was sleeping when he left to go fishing. When he returned home, Lynn was gone. Before her disappearance, Lynn had confessed to her parents that she had been having marital problems and that her husband wanted a divorce. Her husband had once threatened Lynn’s life but she had not taken it seriously. After her disappearance, Lynn’s husband filed for divorce seven… Link

  • April 20, 1989 – Patricia Meehan (37) disappeared from Circle, Montana (US). Patricia was last seen on Montana Highway 200 after causing an accident while driving on the wrong side of the road. She emerged from her car in a daze but appeared to be uninjured. Without saying a word, she wandered off into a field and vanished into the night. There have been multiples sightings of Patricia… Link

  • July 11, 1990 – Sarah MacDiarmid (23) disappeared from Kananook, Victoria (Australia). On the day she vanished, Sarah had met with two colleagues to play tennis after work. Together they took a train back to their respective homes and left Sarah behind on the train to the Kananook station. Sarah was last seen exiting the train alone and walking to her car in a poorly lit parking lot… Link

  • January 6, 1994 – Ylenia Carrisi (23) disappeared from New Orleans, Louisiana (US). Ylenia was a free-spirited young woman, who wished to travel the world with nothing more than a backpack and notebook. Her parents were well known Italian singers and actors, and she had grown up in a world of privilege and fame. She even served in Vannah White's role in the Italian version of Wheel of Fortune. Ylenia lived with a 54-year-old street musician who had a history of violence and substance abuse. She had claimed it was a platonic friendship, but… Trail Went Cold

  • May 17, 1995 – Gedhun Choekyi Nyima (6) disappeared from his home in Tibet. Gedhun was named by the Dalai Lama as the 11th reincarnation of Panchen Lama. After his selection, the Chinese government arrested the head of the Panchen Lama search committee with treason. The Chinese government then took young Gedhun to an undisclosed location…Link

  • September 26, 1998 – Belinda Peisley (19) disappeared from Katoomba, South Wales (Australia). Belinda was a young mother of two sons, who had recently inherited a substantial amount of money before she went missing. Belinda is said to have associated with a number of shady people, who had problems with substance abuse. Days after she vanished, these so-called friends and acquaintances broke into her home and stole… Link

  • May 20, 1999 – Frank Nash (35) disappeared from New Fairfield, Connecticut (US). Frank had lived with his parents and was last seen at home by his father. He was described as a quiet individual, who didn’t drink or do drugs and had never had any problems with the law. Before he disappeared, Frank had told his father he was going to stop by the DMV and then meet someone afterward. Frank has never been seen again. A month after he vanished, Frank’s truck was found abandoned in… Missing in Connecticut

  • February 19, 2009 – Leon Edward "Turbo' Davenport (37) disappeared from Washington, D.C. (US). Leon was a dedicated father, who was passionate about music and his job as a studio engineer. Before he vanished, Leon had some kind of angry confrontation with the mother of his unborn child. He sped off in his car and has not been seen by his loved ones… Link

  • 2012-2017 – Disappearances at Mercer Bay – In the past 5 years, three women have disappeared from Mercer Bay in New Zealand. Mercer Bay is made up of picturesque cliffs and caves along the crystal blue sea. It's not a destination for those faint of heart. Instead, it requires athleticism and willpower. What happened to these three women who disappeared on the rocky trails without a trace? Link

  • August 24, 2015 – Birgitta Silandar (65) disappeared from Helsinki, Finland. Birgitta was a hairstylist, who had owned a small salon in the downtown area for 30 years. She had recently sold her share of the salon to her business partner but worked on and off as a rental chair. On the day she disappeared, Birgitta was last seen at her home by a companion, afterward, she took public transportation… Link

  • October 24, 2015 – Ebby Jane Steppach (18) disappeared from Little Rock, Arkansas (US). Ebby was last seen at her grandmother's home. The next day she called her brother, who she was living with at the time and told him that she was lost but couldn't provide any many more details. Ebby's car was found abandoned a few days later… Link

  • July 4, 2016 – Leila Faulkner (29) disappeared from Pike County, Alabama (US). Leila was last seen outside her home. She had recently moved to her parent’s home after a breakup with her boyfriend. Leila’s family had noticed that her purse, phone, and tablet were missing but all activity and communication seemed to stop that evening… Link

  • September 2016 – Brandi Shontay Brown (23) disappeared from Detroit, Michigan (US). Brandi was a mother and stayed in regular contact with her family. Brandi had recently been injured in a car accident and was treated at a local hospital. She was last seen after she had been discharged from the hospital… Missing and Forgotten

  • January 29, 2017 – $2.5 Million Rare Book Heist – It was like something out of a Mission Impossible film. Picture Tom Cruise rappelling down from the roof of a building, quickly gathering what he needs and then making his way out. This is a lot like what happened in London, England when thieves broke into a warehouse and… Link

  • March 24, 2017 – Bruno Borges (24) disappeared from Rio Branco, Acre (Brazil). Borges was a Psychology major who enjoyed studying philosophy and humanities. A month before his disappearance, Borges had grown increasingly isolated in his room. After he went missing, his family discovered inscriptions on his bedroom walls, encrypted handwritten books and a replica statue of a condemned philosopher…. Link


  • In 1982, people across the world were in a widespread panic over the mysterious poisoning of seven people in Chicago, Illinois (US). Authorities had linked their deaths to an over the counter pain reliever that most people keep in their medicine cabinet… Link

  • April 1982 – Anne Benolken (61) and James Benolken (63) were a married couple who were both found sexually assaulted and stabbed to death in their apartment in Juneau, Alaska (US). Newton Lambert and Emanuel Telles were accused of the crime based on witness statements and circumstantial evidence, but… Murder Alaska

  • January 12, 1984 – Gary Grant Jr. (7) disappeared from Atlantic City, New Jersey (US). On the morning he vanished, Gary had told his mother he had an appointment at 2:30 pm but refused to divulge any details of what it entailed because it was a secret. Gary left his home that day to play with some neighborhood friends at noon and promised he’d return by 4 pm. A few days later, Gary’s body was found… Link

  • February 7, 1987 – Diane Elsroth (23) died suddenly in Yonkers, New York. Diane was a stenographer, who had not been feeling well. Dianne was visiting her boyfriend, and he suggested she take some Extra Strength Tylenol and try to rest. The next day… Link

  • December 12, 1992 – Arnold Archambeau (20) & Ruby Bruguier (19) disappeared from Lake Andes, South Dakota. After a night of drinking, Arnold lost control of his car and crashed into a ditch. Arnold was not alone though, his girlfriend Ruby and her cousin Tracy were passengers in the car. Tracy can recall Arnold had vanished from car immediately after the accident, and she saw Ruby… Link

  • March 23, 2007 – Fort Meyers 8 – When a land surveyor came upon the skulls of two dead bodies in Fort Myers, Florida (US), no one could have predicted that police would end up finding 8 more skeletal remains with very little physical evidence. All of the victims were males between the ages of 18-49, who were believed to been killed between the years 1987-2001. Law enforcement needs the public’s help in identifying… Link

  • January 10, 2010 – Michaela McAreavey (27) was found strangled in a bathtub in a hotel room in Mauritius (an island nation on the Southeast coast of Africa). She was celebrating her honeymoon and spending the day with her husband, but had decided to return to her hotel room alone for some tea. Two hotel workers were… Link

  • April 22, 2016 – The Rhoden Murders – The news of eight people being shot and killed in Pike County, Ohio (US) gripped the nation. The victims of this massacre were all members of the Rhoden family and ranged in ages from 16-44. The killer(s) had viciously gunned down this family but spared the lives of three young children in the homes. Law enforcement believed the killings were premeditated and… Link

  • July 17, 2016 – Aleah Beckerle (19) disappeared from her home in Evansville, Indiana (US). Aleah was disabled and required medical treatment and nursing assistance for her daily activities. Following Aleah's disappearance, her mother has undergone major scrutiny by the public and media for her criminal history and unusual behavior after the disappearance. On March 27, 2017, Aleah’s remains were found in a… Link


  • 1947 – Two young brothers were killed in Vancouver, British Columbia (Canada)… Link
  • January 27, 1993 – Ina Jane Doe is the name of an unidentified woman found in Ina, Illinois (US). Ina's severed head was found in Wayne Fitzgerrell State Park, and she was estimated at being between the ages of 30-50. Ina is believed to have suffered from a condition known as torticollis, which can be defined as having an asymmetrical or rather crooked neck or head. There were no other parts of her body recovered.. Link

  • March 2, 1998 – Victim is a 35-45-year-old, white female who was found on the sidewalk in New York, New York (US). Her nude body had been placed in a cabinet and wrapped in two sheets (one white & the other had cartoons). She had short brown hair, shaved at the sides with one inch over the top… Link


  • 1899-1950 – Adam Rainer was diagnosed with dwarfism early in his life, and stood at 3 ft 10 inches at age 21. However, when he reached his later 20s, he began to grow at an alarming rate. He is the only person in recorded history to be a dwarf and a…Link

  • the 1980s – Toynbee Tiles – “For the last three decades, somebody has been secretly leaving strange, cryptic messages in dozens of cities all over the United States and South America.” Who do you think is doing them? What do these messages in the ground mean? Strange and Unusual Mysteries

  • December 20, 1980 – Jean Hilliard (19) was driving home on a cold winter’s night in rural northwestern Minnesota (US) when her car skidded off the road into a ditch. Stranded and alone, Jean decided to leave her car and walk to a nearby friend’s home that was 2 miles away. The temperatures dropped to −22 °F (−30 °C) that night, but Jean persevered and was feet away from her friend’s door when she suddenly collapsed. She spent 6 hours in the snow that night and was frozen solid when her friend discovered her the next morning but…Strange and Unusual Mystery

  • November 22, 1987 – The Max Headroom Broadcast Signal Intrusion – In Chicago, Illinois (US), local television networks were hacked by a group of individuals, who interrupted scheduled programs to broadcast a black screen followed by the tv character Max Headroom moving around. In the next broadcast, the individual dressed as Max sits in front of the camera, then references a local popular sportscaster and makes a number of offhanded remarks. Max Headroom is best known for being the spokesman for New Coke in the 1980s. 🌊🌊 C-c-catch the wave! 🌊🌊.

  • 1997-2002 – Fallon, Nevada (US) is a small farming town with a population of 8,200. The town certainly feels as a refuge for people hoping to escape the pollution and crime of larger cities, but recently health officials and citizens have come to the realization that the town they call home holds the national record for the highest incidence of leukemia in children… Link

  • July 1, 2003 – Raymond Lemme was found dead in a motel room in Valdosta, Georgia (US). Law enforcement called it a suicide, but his friends, family and his work colleagues are not so sure…Ray was an investigator for the Florida Inspector General's office, who was looking into allegations of voter fraud and software manipulation by Republican computer programmer whistleblower (Clint Curtis). Ray's death suspiciously occurred before… Link

  • February 2007 – The Kuykendall family in Washington (US) begins receiving mysterious phone calls from an anonymous number. The caller would threaten and harass them with personal details that were downright chilling and creepy. When the family decided to trace the number, the story takes a strange turn… Phone Call Madness

  • June 2014 – The Westfield Watcher – A couple with three small children in Westfield, New Jersey (US) buy a million dollar dream home. Shortly after moving into their home, the couple begins receiving unusual letters from an individual who calls themselves “The Watcher.” The letters appear to threaten the… Link


  • 1931-1932 – Albert Johnson was a seemingly average, clean-shaven man in his 30s that settled in a cabin in the rugged terrain of Fort McPherson, NWT (Canada). Upon his arrival, the local indigenous populations believed that Johnson was responsible for a series of… Mysteries from the North

  • July 2001 – Kirstin Blaise Lobato (18) was arrested and accused of murdering and mutilating in a man in Las Vegas, Nevada. Kristen had told friends that she had thwarted a potential sexual assault by using a knife to mutilate the attacker’s penis. Months later the dead body of a homeless man was found and…Link

  • June 2002 – Richard Ricci (48) was arrested in Salt Lake City, Utah (US) on a parole violation, nine days after Elisabeth Smart was kidnapped from her home. Ricci had once worked as a handyman in the Smart home and became the chief suspect in the abduction due to his criminal background (despite a lack of evidence to the actual crime). Law enforcement was adamant of his guilt… Link


  • Can the badger be to blame for a number of cold cases? Link

  • "Outside Magazine's article about the murders and disappearances of women along BC's Highway of Tears" Link

  • “Why Noah Went Into the Woods | Outside Magazine”: article on the 2012 disappearance of Noah Pippin (30), an Iraq War veteran who was recently found dead in the Montana wilderness. Link

  • “Smiley Face Killer – Mysterious Deaths of Young Men Found in Bodies of Water Discuss

  • Rosamaria Lauria (68) boarded the wrong train and then burned alive… Link

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  • Does anyone have information on a trapper who was ambushed in Canada in 1947? Link

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  • “What are similar stolen identity cases (a la Lori Erica Ruff, Joseph Newton Chandler III, etc) or unknown identity cases (Lyle Stevik)?”Discuss

  • "Why do mushroom hunters seem to frequently find human remains?" Discuss

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  • "Unresolved mysteries related to children." Link

  • "Know of any cases of children being trafficked/sold by their parents to pay debts?" Link

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