[EVENT]Plans to rehabilitate and extend the Pagasa Island Air Field released

 May/June 2018 

Camp Aguinaldo, Quezon City-The Armed Forces of the Philippines has released the final plans to rehabilitate the Rancudo airport, located in Pagasa Island in the Kalayaan Islands Municipality. The plan calls for an extension of the runway close to deep waters at both side, extending the runway from its 1.3 kilometer distance to 1.87 kilometers. The runway will also be paved with a foot of concrete. The Secretary of National Defense Delfin Lorenzana told the media that this was a continuation of the Aquino administration directive and this will further enhance the security of the Philippines and the Filipinos that resides on the island.

The rending of the airfield includes a port at the end of the runway, which will allow the Navy to establish port on the island, further enhancing the patrolling capabilities of the Philippine Navy and the Coast Guard.

Sources from the Armed Forces of the Philippines state that they will use all of the C-130s in service and in reserves (6 in service, 5 in reserves) and 3 EADS CASA C-295 to airlift all the necessary equipment, material, and personnel to the island.

The project is expected to complete in May 2019 and the airfield will be fully operational by June 2019.


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