The Spirit Naga’s Vengeance cuts deep

Players of Iudin and the Rise of the Shadow King, please don’t read this 🙂

Some people asked me to post this, as it is a very satisfying story from both perspectives.

(For those who wants to, here’s the soundtrack that goes with this story.)

Some 20 sessions ago, the party had traveled to the Maze, a protective tunnel system under the dwarven capital that protects them from the denizens of the underdark. They were searching for a temple build deep into the maze, a temple housing an artifact that had been the deciding factor in ending the war against the orc empire 800 years ago. They bought the services of a guide, who also was after herbs, down there with them and she used her knowledge of the maze to help the players to the temple.

They eventually came upon the underground ziggurat and found it inhabited by a Spirit Naga named Mhik’mai, along with her Kuo-toa servants. Her servants had been unsuccessful in penetrating the temple’s defenses, and she offered a deal to the party; they were allowed to pass through and get the artifact they were seeking, and in turn they would leave her the rest of the temple’s riches. They accepted the deal, managed to gain entrance and trudged through the traps, but got the McGuffin in the end.

However, they realized that the Naga was not up to any good and they don’t intend for her to have her way, so the party decided to stab her in the back. Mhik’mai was too proud to realize that she was being double crossed, and her hubris lead her to her demise. But, unbeknownst to my players, Nagas are a special kind of foe. For those who don’t know; Nagas’ spirits are immortal and regenerates a new body for them (a bit painfully), but they always come back. So now you’ve got a pissed off intelligent narcissistic immortal monstrous snake out for vengeance.

After regenerating, she returned a few weeks later, and used the tracks they left behind, including the guide they had left to tend to a mushroom grove they had found. She was promptly tortured and interrogated and was squeezed for any information that she had. Eventually, she gave up the party’s names and their heading, but didn’t survive the ordeal. As she then navigated the maze and found the entrance to the city, she used her invisibility and dimension door to gain access to it.

As the players left the city, they had also left behind quite the diplomatic situation (which is a whole other story), so the metropolis they hailed from had sent the master diplomat to the dwarven capital to deal with it, who also happened to know the party quite well. Mhik’mai inadvertently came across this person, and she isolated him and used her terrifying intellect and spells to subdue, bending this poor man’s mind to her will.

Fast forward three months later (roughly 20 sessions and 8 months in real life), they just arrived back into their home city from an adventure. The master diplomat, who had gotten back from the dwarven capital just a few weeks ago, approached the fighter of the party and told him that he needed to talk with him regarding a diplomatic situation with the nation that he hails from. The party noted that it was an odd request, but shrugged and went on doing their individual business in the city. Later in the evening when the meeting was to take place, the diplomat guided the character to his office. As the character entered, the door closed behind him and left alone him in the room. Guess what was waiting with a 6th level Dominate Person? You're goddamn right. Mhik’mai had returned. She took her time and rubbed in the fact about her murder of the guide, and how

The exact quote:

"Remember yet? I am Mhik'mai and I have returned for my vengeance. Now, it would be too easy and unsatisfying to just kill you. I want something more lasting, something that hurts not only you, but ones close to you too. Down the hall, there waits a person. Someone you know. And you are going to kill them in cold blood."

We ended the session there, but I was already in full planning mode for next week, which was on this previous Saturday. It blew out everyone’s expectations out of the water.

The PC found himself in the master diplomat’s office, facing the terrifying visage of the Spirit Naga they once slayed. His body was refusing all of his commands, and it slowly dawned on him that the naga had full control over his body. She was lying on top of the desk in the room, and commanded him to open the pouch lying next to her. In it; a dagger. The Naga commanded the fighter to open the door and let the diplomat in, whom Mhik’mai commended on his good work, but that he had one final part to play.

He had to die.

The dagger plunged into his back, and the fighter made short work of the diplomat. As a parting gift she let her venom drip into the dagger’s sheath, upon which she leaned in close and left her parting words;

"I have a feeling that we shall see each other soon again, but remember… I do not forget. I do not forgive. I will salt the earth upon which you walk, and your ancestors walk, theirs in turn as well.”

POP. She disappeared in a purple smoke.

At this point, I could hear the chills running down my players’ spines through our IP/TCP connections.

The fighter put the dagger in his shirt, and opened the door and headed out into the corridor. He walked past the vacant reception, and up the stairs to the right wing of the building. As he reached the top of the stairs, he saw the door he was to enter was guarded by four city guards and two well armoured guards, adorned in blue tabards with a golden lion crest; royal guards.

As he is an esteemed champion of the realm, he was let through without fuss and the door closed behind him. To the immediate left of him sat the Grand Councillor, who greeted him with a nod, and to the right stood the King of the Realm. This was his quarry. The fighter rushed forward and plunged the dagger into his chest, and nearly killing the king in one round. The guards rushed in and landed one hit, allowing him a saving throw against Dominate Person.

Natural 20.

Not able to finish the job in time, the fighter dropped to his knees and surrendered immediately. If the reagent didn’t have his mithral breastplate on today, he would be a very dead man. The guards held the fighter down, chained him up, and threw him into a cart to be thrown into the deepest cell they have.

Warning bells started ringing through the city, and a curfew was enacted. Two of the players, the druid and the rogue, met up and discussed what just happened. The druid realized what the bells was spelling out (K-I-N-G) and rushed to the royal palace, where he was stopped at the gate, and the rogue rushed back home not wanting to get caught by any guards.

The druid arrived at the gates and was told that there had been an attempted regicide and that his companion had been implicated in the attempt, and now he was under investigation as well. He was pulled away and interviewed under a Zone of Truth, where it was revealed that he nothing to do with the assassination attempt. He was free to see his companion, and did so.

The fighter was chained up in the high security part of the Nightstone Stockade, and he told his friend exactly what the Naga had told him; “I will salt the earth upon which you walk, and your ancestors walk, theirs in turn as well.” The druid’s stomach dropped. The fighter’s sister was currently living in the party’s house outside the city, and the rogue had gone there as well. He rushed off, and got there as quickly as he could, but all too late.

The Spirit Naga had attacked while the party was split up, and had done so with devastating effect. The rogue and the fighter’s sister had sacrificed themselves to save a mother and her two boys living with them from the wrath of the Naga. She had gotten her vengeance, and it had cut deep.

The party, beside themselves and filled with wrath, used Scrying and all of their Locate Creature to pinpoint the monster’s location to the sewers under the cathedral in the city. Gathering their friends and champions of the city, they sought to bring their vengeance to the Spirit Naga.

That's where we left the session!

Phew, that was a long one! This whole arc had turned out way deeper than I had thought, and I hope you enjoyed my little retelling of it.


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