[OC] Sov·er·eign·ty

Alright, this is technically my second post on r/HFY, The first wasn't so great. I’ve been a lurker here for a while and wanted to try my hand at the writing part. This may be a sieres, I'm not sure. Comments and criticism is welcome and appreciated along with ideas, I’ve got barebones at this point and anything to help flesh out the story would be appreciated

“This is all that we managed to get, the body was in pretty rough shape. Transmat did a pretty shitty job of getting everyone out of there.” said the taller of the two. The figures were sitting in an office, one tall, the other short. Both had athletic builds but they were fuzzy, like light had just decided to go around them. Warm lighting spilling out of the holos floating around the room, but it merely created an ambiance, not actually illuminating anything. There was a window on the right wall, open to the vastness of space. A small yellow star in the background with a lush green planet sitting below. The office had an academic feel to it, like the study of a college professor, or a personal library. “Play it” the shorter one commanded. “Ok, but it gets grainy in places” the Tall One stated. The Tall One gestured at the opposite wall from the window and a screen appears. The yeastion “Play recovered neural implant data?” flashed on the screen. The Tall One gestured again, a wave of his hand towards the ceiling. The prompt was replaced with a grainy footage and started to play.

The Arellian delegate looked at his pad. The words on the top of the screen reminding him how long they had been at this.

Peace Talks for the end of the Magellan Conflict Session 51, 8:77, {11/4/3276}, Galactic Cycle 148 Ambassador Nadeja Orlov presiding

The Ambassador was just calling the room to order. All of the delegates groaned. Everyone was as tired as the Arellian, everyone wanted to be home. The talks were a lot of show with nothing being accomplished. Both sides taking resolut stances and not budging an inch. Everyone had finally settled in and the Kilin delegate stood up to give his address. When suddenly a noise came from the door. whoomp whoomp then [THUD]

Everyone at the table looked up. [THUD]

The door rocked against its frame. [THUD]

That shouldn’t be happening thought the Arellian. [THUD]

These were peace talks. The guards outside and the delegates were the only ones who had access to this room, and all of the delegates were here. [THUD]

Plus that door and the frame were made of solid quaternium. [THUD]

Military grade. [THUD]

But that obviously wasn’t stopping whatever was on the other side of the door. [THUD]

The Ambassador quickly and calmly flipped the conference table and faced it towards the door.Then moving with an air that left little room for questions, got both parties to get to the other side of the room. [THUD]

You could taste the fear in the room. The Kilin gave of a sulfur based pheromone response in times of extreme emotion. [THUD]

The Arellians were literally turning orange, a threat response to blend in with the foliage on their late planet. [THUD]

On the bright side, the delegates weren’t squabbling with each other anymore. thought the Arellian. They were to terrified to put in the energy. [THUD]

The only one who didn’t seem affected was The Ambassador. [THUD]

Calming the more frantic delegates down, trying to contact security, acting as a bastion of calm in the sea of terror. [THUD]

The Ambassador pulled up her slate and starting drafting a message.[THUD]

She was mouthing the words, it was hard to make out. [THUD]

The Arellian caught a few words. Omega transmission, imminent danger, transmat, and Code b-41 were all it could make out. [THUD]

The door bounced, almost coming out of the frame.[THUD]

The Ambassador moved to put himself between us and whatever was coming through the door. [BANG]

The door fell to the floor. What came through couldn’t be seen through the black cloud that followed the door breach. The last thing the Arellian saw was The Ambassador, standing tall before whatever came through the door. Then the room was filled with what looked like smoke, but it threw chairs and office supplies like it had physical weight. Then everything went black.

“It’s to be expected” the Short One said, “Go check on the Ambassador and get a progress report on candidate 487” The tone of the Short Ones voice left little room for interpretation. The Tall One bowed his head respectfully and slipped out of the room.

(All locations relative to Sagittarius Black Hole, Galactic Local)

-Welcome to the Milky Way

-Perseus Arm [+37.698/-45.776/+56.899]

-Epsilon Hubworld

-For Intergalactic Navigation, please tetrangulate using Centaurus A, Messier 87, NGC 5195, and BC Lacertae

-Thank you for choosing Cygnus Intergalactic, we hope you had a great trip.

The message flashed on Redge’s personal slate, a cheap little thing made by some company named Mortorola. Not one of the flashy Xcomm slates that went for thousands of creds a piece. The slate had been meshed with the local net of the Frigate for the last two days. That allowed it to display this message. You had to hand it to Cygnus Intergalactic, they might have been the cheapest SpaceLine but they had good Net speeds.

It had been a relatively short trip, just a jump from the Shak’esh Hubworld in Andromeda and a stop on Xerxes Hub to unload some Arellian diplomats before finally making the last blink to the Epsilon Hubworld in the Milky Way. Now all he had to do was catch the Galactic United flight to the Alexandria System.

He was in the terminal waiting for the Jump shuttle to get to the docking bay. Once he got there it would all be worth it. The tests, the late nights studying, the physical training, all just to get in. The Ambassadorial College only took .01% of applicants and this years incoming class had about five thousand students. The course was also known for its 78% drop rate. That should have concerned him but he knew he would make it. He promised himself. After all of the aches and pains, he would finally be on his way to become an Ambassador.

Ambassadors were the stars of the galaxy, besides actual stars that is. They were the liaisons between species and representatives of their own. On the front lines of conflicts and trade negotiations. Going above and beyond what they had to do to keep peace in the galaxies. It was all he had ever wanted to do since he was a kid, watching the adventure of Ambassador Jim on Nonday morning cartoons.

That was something he would have to get used to, not necessarily using galactic standard as a time reference. Not all species Ambassadors interacted with kept the standard base 10 time system.

He looked up. The shuttle, painted with the yellow and orange bands of Galactic United, could be seen through the plexi-wall. It was doing a flip and burn so it could bleed momentum and slow to a stop next to the docking arm. Jumpships of all colors and patterns, could be seen accelerating to C before making the transition into flatspace. Heading to parts unknown. Back at the docking terminal the shuttle was slowing. It coasted to a stop and slipped into the docking collar. An attendant stepped out and with all the sincerity a large corporation could pull off welcomed the first wave of boarders on. The shuttle was an inconvenience but was the easiest way to access the Jumpship.

Jumpships were massive, Not as big as the Intergalactic Frigates, but they were impressive nonetheless.The ships were built to be low cost and efficient at hualing people. The galactic version of a public transportation system.

Redge thought back to his home planet, the Jumpships reminding him of the AtmoTrams and Hyperloops crisscrossing the globe. It made him a little homesick.

Each Jumpship was made up of a string of smaller ships, or cars, like a train. Each ship, in the line was five kilometers long though, and with up to seven ships in a train the full length Jumpships were a sight. Up to 8.5 million people traveled on any single Jumpship. This is what the galaxy could accomplish when they worked together. One of the reasons the Ambassadors existed in the first place.

Redge sighed, it the jumpship might have been a feat of engineering but it was still public transportation. And you got the service that you paid for. Money was tight at home so he was traveling economy. Entrance into the Ambassador program was one of the most competitive fields in the galaxy. If you got it, it was a full ride. You still had to get to campus though, and that cost credits.

The first and second waves had boarded the shuttle and the third wave, economy, was finally boarding. Redge shouldered his pack and made his way to the airlock. It contained all his worldly belongings. His slate, a change of clothes, and a couple credits. Everything else would be taken care of by the school. The airlock closed and finished cycling. The floor shook a little as the shuttle made its way to the waiting Jumpship.

The ship train loomed in the viewport of the shuttle. Orange and yellow Bands could be seen on each car of the Jumpship. Redge’s shuttle was pulling into the bay of the fourth car from the front, where the cheapest seats were, along with the most turbulence. Redge knew it had something to the way matter reacted with itself while going faster than light. He had learned about this back in grade school, astrodynamics with Mrs. Pretch. Nicknamed Preach by her students. The only information from a lecture that stuck was that whenever a segmented ship went into flatspace the ends stayed still but the center didn’t. Usually turbulence wasn’t so bad, just a bit of swaying. But if you had the money you didn’t sit in the middle. Usually just for peace of mind.

The shuttle docked around the middle of the car. Redge made his way to his bunk to see if he could get some sleep before the ship went into flatspace. Maybe it was just him but he could never fall asleep once a ship entered flatspace. The ship started to move, the thud and jolt of the cars pulling on their tethers made its way down the ship as it started to accelerate to C. Redge Put his head back and closed his eyes. Thinking about the courses he would be taking and the career he wanted to go into. It was going to be a while before he could sleep again, might as well get what shut eye he could.

The Tall One stepped quietly into the room. “Candidate 487 is in transit to Alexandria, everything is going according to plan.” “Good” said the Short One flatly, “Inform me when he arrives, I need to go talk to our guest.” The Short One got up and made his way to the door, leaving the Tall One in dim ambient light of the holos.


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