[Rant] Tales of Mombies and Daddicts: As told by a baker, part 2.

Hey everyone c: I am back with new annoying ass stories of crazy parents and annoying as kids. These aren't as entertaining as the last batch, but they are just fucking annoying. Oh and one really fucking insane one that'll make you wonder what the fuck is wrong with kids.

1: ….you mean evan, right?

This one is super simple, but it caught me off guard and I wonder why people feel that they have to make their snewflaek's name as special as possible.

Was doing some general stocking shit when at the donut case when this woman and her two kids come up. They weren't loud or anything, and I didn't mind the kids and wasn't really paying attention until I heard the mom say:

"You pick a donut, sweetie. I'm going to get something for Evanly."


It's like she thought she was super cleaver like those people who name their daughters Nevaeh (my step brother is one of these people). Fucking Evanly. Probably Evanleigh knowing most people.


This is mostly venting on my part, but I'm sure anyone who deals with customer service can relate.

Most stores that take orders have a policy that you have to place the order a day in advance. You can come in at 5 pm, and get your order by 5 am the next day just as long as it gives whoever takes the order time to give whoever makes the order a heads up. Simple.

Well, we have this one bitchy woman who just doesn't get it.

This woman works for a school district and I guess is in charge of gathering stuff for events. She always orders 12 dozen donuts from my store. And guess when she orders them?

3 hours before she's going to pick them up.

This happened two days ago.

I had attempted to explain to her that 1: We didn't have that many donuts to even make for this order and 2: We need 24 hour notice to make sure WE HAVE ENOUGH.

She loses her shit, screams into the phone about how I was ruining the kids event and demanded to speak to the manager. I connected my manager through and went back to my work.

My manager comes in, tells me that I need to get it done and get it done soon.

It takes 2-3 hours to get that amount of donuts done. I rushed around, made the donuts and went home. I came in the next day and apparently, this woman complained that the donuts weren't "kid friendly" enough.

Fucking cunt.

3: The Flying Boy.

This was told to me by my coworkers, but I thought it was hilarious and also sad about the fact this kid got away with it.

Our store has been getting robbed a lot more often lately, mostly because all of the employees don't care enough (I sure as fuck don't) and the store is located right between two high schools (I'm not joking, the high schools aren't even 5 miles apart).

Well, apparently this kid around 16 came in and tried to steal an iced coffee drink. He got caught and lead up stairs into the employee break room as per usual with thefts. They ask for his parents number, and told if he doesn't give it to them they'd call the police.

The kid got angry and started saying "just let me pay, just let me fucking pay" and pulled out some cash. When that didn't work, kid jumped up and rushed for the stairs. One of the employees tried to jump in front of him to stop him (we're not allowed to grab them when they run.)

Somehow, this kid managed to get behind him, and jumped for the even ground. He tripped, fell all the way to the ground, rolled to a stop and ran outside.

I commend him for being daring is nothing else.

4: Of kids and vodka.

So, I hinted at this one last time and finally got all the info.

A couple weeks ago (after I'd left work) the decorators were chatting when they noticed a group of 5 kids from ages 10-17 in the liqour aisle, which is directly in front of the bakery. Instantly, they think it's kinda strange because they had no adults around them and were just standing there for a minute.

Suddenly, all 5 of them grabbed random bottles of liqour (about 2 each hand) and ran for the door. One of the decorators rushed after them, and saw they had been stopped by a security guard. Instantly, one of the kids raised up his arm and slammed a bottle of vodka into the security guards head, splitting his head open and they all ran for the door.

There was blood everywhere, the guy (who was a large dude) stumbled back obviosuly in shock from the injury and staggered about for a minute. The decorator instantly went to help him, the police were called, ambluence arrived.

The security guard ended up being fine (head injury aside) and I haven't seen him at work since obviously. We have police visiting for questioning every once in a while. The store actually didn't announce the fact one of their employees was almost killed, and instead just said "We're reminding our employees of our policies involving thefts."

I hate my job.

I hope you guys enjoyed these c: I know not all of them were exactly caused by children and mombies or daddicts, but I knew they could at least be entertaining. These are also part of the reason why I've begun thinking about my stance on children.

Hope you enjoyed c:


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