Tracking a Vandal

(This Adventure is linked to Help Wanted!)

Garrus was tired of waiting. He grabbed his sidearm and took one last look around his shack. The familiar smell of oil, grease, and sweat still clung to the air though, despite all that happened. The place was a mess, the table in the center of the room was upturned and guns and parts were strewn about. His mattress in the back corner was slashed open with the stuffing thrown about and the books he kept next to it were torn apart. There was also a small blood stain on the floor near the table, where the vandal cut themselves on saw.

None of this really concerned him, what concerned Garrus was the fact that three pistols and two Service Rifles he had been working on were taken. At first it stumped him why someone would break in to steal five guns that weren’t in working condition, then it dawned on him that his vandals wanted to alienate him from his customers, potentially driving him out of Freeside. Garrus had an idea who might do this and decided to head into New Vegas to confirm his suspicions.

After making it through security, Garrus made a beeline to the NCR Embassy, ignoring all the flashing lights on the way there. When Garrus arrived he asked the guards if Corporal Lewis was on duty and if not could they tell him Garrus wanted to speak with him. The guards grumbled a bit about not leaving their post, but one finally left to fetch the young MP…


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