Maguayan, the Hive Mind and the Host (two characters in one)

Name: Maguayan

Real Name (Parasitic Entity): Parasitic Entity: ???

Real Name (Host): Crisanto Dela Cruz

Height (Host): 5'6'' (171cm)

Age (Parasitic Entity): Unknown

Age (Host): 20

Nationality (Parasitic Entity): Unknown

Nationality (Host): Filipino

Occupation (Parasitic Entity): Unknown

Occupation (Host): Fresh Graduate

Base of Operations (Parasitic Entity): Parasitic Entity: Unknown

Base of Operations (Host): None

Affiliation: None

Role: Support

Total Health: 150

  • 100 Health
  • 0 Shields
  • 50 Armor

Movement Speed: 5.5 m/s

1st Spawn Quote: – Crisanto: Let me go! Maguayan: And why would I do that?

Difficulty: ✮✮✮


Maguayan, a sea of death. The strange entity wanders aimlessly in seclusion, as if without any sense of purpose. Very little is deeply known about Maguayan apart from an internal struggle more fierce than what appears on the surface. For deep inside, another voice calls, trying to break free, causing the mysterious creature to engage in a never ending civil war with itself, like a strange hybrid creature. One half dark, one half light; one half wishing to destroy, one half wishing to help.

But despite the eternal struggle, the Maguayan will win and will always win.

You control Maguayan, a mechanical swarm of nanobots with a single mind and a single directive. Vanquish everyone and keep your host at bay.


A gaunt but handsome young man with below average height. He has vitiligo, a mixture between tan and ashen, and heterochromia, with one eye being blue and the other hazel. He wears sneakers, cargo pants, and a red sleeveless hoodie. However, this is Crisanto, and is merely a host. Controlling him is a parasitic entity, the hive mind, a swarm of nanobots that cloud Crisanto and cover his left arm with a whiplike appendage that can extend far beyond his height. Because of the hive mind, Crisanto has grown a glowing red line that runs from his nape, twists around his arm up to the back of his right hand. Most noticeable is the suffering in Crisanto’s posture and movement.

As the hive mind, make sure that he does suffer and make sure that you stay in control.


Passive: Swarm Shield

Nanobots shield Maguayan, blocking the first instance of damage taken. The shield then shatters, exposing Maguayan to other sources of damage before coming back online after a short amount of time.

Skill Information

  • Range: None
  • Cooldown: 6 seconds, cooldown starts after Swarm Shield shatters.


  • If the source of damage comes with a crowd control effect (e.g. Junkrat's Steel Trap), then the damage is blocked but not the crowd control effect.
  • Multiple rounds fired at once from a single shot are considered a single instance of damage (e.g. Reaper's Hellfire Shotguns). However, multiple rounds fired at an interval from a single shot are considered separate instances of damage (e.g. Lucio's Sonic Amplifier and Genji's Shurikens).
  • Blocks all first instances of damage, even from ultimates.
  • Is set off cooldown immediately after the end of Maguayan's Ultimate, Crisanto’s Requiem.


  • This ability is great at blocking burst damage but terrible against sustained damage, making Maguayan vulnerable to flankers such as Tracer, Genji, and Sombra.
  • Maguayan has a bit of armor to offset its weakness to sustained damage by a small degree.


Main Attack (LMB/Right Trigger): Sanity's Reach

A whip-like appendage attached to Maguayan's arm that is used to strike enemies from a close to medium distance. Upon six lashes, the appendage shatters, but afterwards, the nanobots that comprise the weapon swarm in to reassemble it again.

Attack Information

  • Type: Melee
  • Range: 10 meters
  • Damage: 80 per strike, no critical damage
  • Attack Speed: .75 seconds
  • Reload Speed: 2 seconds


  • The weapon is mainly used for self-defense and in rare occasions, flanking the enemy.
  • Due to the short range of the weapon, Maguayan cannot effectively contribute reliable damage. Therefore, choosing Maguayan means a trade off for supports that can deal damage when opting not to heal.


  • Crisanto: I'm a monster…. Maguayan: Hahaha!
  • Maguayan: Enjoying, Crisanto? (Either occasionally triggers when killing an enemy)


Alt. Attack (RMB/Left Trigger): Nano Swarm

Maguayan releases a swarm of nanobots around it that heals both friend and foe upon activation.

  • The first cast causes a small field to expand around Maguayan. Has a visual indicator that can only be seen by Maguayan and its allies.
  • A second cast activates the ability, healing all within the radius, including Maguayan itself and its foes. The field retracts after failing to cast a second time within 3 seconds, but the ability will still be castable as it shrinks and remain off cooldown afterwards.
  • Removes all negative statuses of allies within the area upon the second cast/activation.

Skill Information

  • Type: Area of Effect
  • Targets: Around Maguayan
  • Cast Time: Instant
  • Duration: Instant
  • Initial Radius: 2 meters.
  • Final Radius: 7 meters
  • Healing: 120
  • Cooldown: 7 seconds, begins upon the second cast


  • Works in conjunction with Bio Manipulation.
  • It takes 1.5 seconds for the ability to reach its maximum radius upon the first cast.
  • It takes 2 seconds for the ability to retract and disappear if not activated within 3 seconds.
  • Damage, healing, and kills with this ability are credited to Maguayan and can charge its ultimate.


  • Make sure to reposition Maguayan properly upon the first cast in order to maximize the amount of allies within the field and minimize the number of foes that may take advantage of the field.
  • Using the ability at its maximum radius is not always the best decision as it may leave more room for the enemy to heal in. Leaving the field to grow also consumes a fair amount of time which could have been used to heal you or your allies instantly.
  • Use in conjunction with Bio Manipulation to damage flankers that get too close. This makes Maguayan strong against lone heroes that come up against it face-to-face. However, against multiple foes, not so much.
  • This is the most reliable source of healing for you and your allies but also most risky as it could heal your enemies. Be careful when using this ability as it could potentially swing the tide of battle to your opponent's favor.
  • Is an effective cleanse for your allies.


  • Maguayan: Nano Swarm deployed. (Loud enough for all nearby allies to hear)
  • Maguayan: Stop doing that! (Occasionally, when Nano swarm is used to heal)
  • Crisanto: I don't want to hurt anyone! Maguayan: You just did. (Occasionally, when Nano Swarm inflicts damage)


1st Ability (LShift/Left Bumper): Bio Manipulation

Maguayan sends forth a swarm of nanobots that manipulate the biological construct of its target for a brief period causing an ally to be healed upon taking damage or a foe to take damage upon being healed.

** Skill Information**

  • Type: Single Target
  • Targets: Allies and Foes
  • Cast Time: Instant
  • Projectile Speed: 120 meters per second
  • Duration: 3 seconds
  • Maximum Cast Range: 40 meters
  • Healing: Depends on the damage being taken by allies
  • Damage: Depends on the healing being taken by enemies
  • Cooldown: 8 seconds, begins upon cast


  • Causes all damage inflicted to allies to heal them instead. This includes damage from ultimates.
  • Causes all heals applied to enemies to damage them instead. This includes healing from health packs and ultimates.
  • Works on Biotic Field when cast on an enemy Soldier 76.
  • Stacks with the healing and damage received from Disruption.
  • Damage stacks with multiple sources of healing stacked on enemies and healing stacks with multiple sources of damage stacked on allies. (e.g. if an enemy Zenyatta and Ana were healing the same hero for 105 health, the hero would take 105 damage instead with Bio Manipulation.
  • A visual indicator will show that a target is affected by this ability.
  • Damage, healing, and kills with this ability are credited to Maguayan and can charge its ultimate.


  • Using the ability in conjunction with Disruption will allow you to deal a huge burst of damage to an unlucky foe or a huge burst of healing to an ally, provided that you could pull the maneuver off.
  • This method of dealing damage and healing is very unreliable as it does nothing if cast on an enemy that is not being healed or an ally that is not being damaged. However, it is effective at preventing enemy healers from healing or enemy heroes from dealing damage.


  • Maguayan: Cells successfully modified. (Occasionally, when used on enemies)

  • Maguayan: What? What happened? (Occasionally, when used on allies)


2nd Ability (Right Bumper/E): Disruption

Maguayan summons a swarm of nanobots to disrupt a target’s equipment causing the target’s weapons to heal instead of damage and healing abilities to deal damage instead of heal.

  • When targeting friendlies, grants them the ability to target allies and heal them with their normal attacks and their basic damaging abilities. However, they may also heal enemies if targeted.
  • When targeting foes, causes their attacks and basic damaging abilities to heal Maguayan and its allies. Also causes enemy healing abilities to damage allies instead, excluding passive healing (e.g. Mercy's Angelic Descent).
  • Causes health packs to deal damage equivalent to what they heal for. Allies still heal from the disrupted health packs, unlike enemies.

Skill Information

  • Type: Single Target
  • Targets: Allies, Foes, and Health Packs
  • Cast Time: Instant
  • Projectile Speed: 120 meters per second
  • Duration: 3 seconds
  • Maximum Cast Range: 40 meters
  • Healing (When targeting allies): Depends on damage output.
  • Healing (When targeting enemies): Depends on damage output.
  • Damage (When targeting enemies and health packs): Depends on healing output.
  • Cooldown: 8 seconds, begins upon cast


  • Does not cause damage from friendly ultimates to heal allies (e.g. Cannot be used on an allied D.Va Self-Destruct to heal you or your allies).
  • Does not work on enemy ultimates (e.g. Cannot be used on an enemy Zenyatta when casting Transcendence to damage his allies).
  • Stacks with the healing and damage received from Bio Manipulation.
  • A visual indicator will show that the target is affected by this ability.
  • Damage, healing, and kills with this ability are credited to Maguayan and can charge its ultimate.


  • Using the ability in conjunction with Bio Manipulation will allow you to deal a huge burst of damage to an unlucky foe or a huge burst of healing to an ally, provided that you could pull the maneuver off.
  • This method of healing is very unreliable as it does nothing if cast on an enemy that is not attacking or healing. It also requires that any ally targeted with this ability only attack friendlies, lest they end up healing their enemies instead while under the effects of the ability.
  • When you see an enemy approaching a health pack, cast Bio Manipulation on the enemy and Disruption on the health pack to damage them for twice than what the health pack would have healed them for. This will, however, come at the cost of your healing abilities, which have fairly long cooldowns and can be easily outmaneuvered by the enemy when they see it coming.


  • Maguayan: Equipment reversed engineered. (Occasionally, when used on an enemy or health pack)

  • Crisanto: Ito! Have this! (Occasionally, when used on an ally)

Ultimate Ability (Q): Crisanto’s Requiem

Maguayan successfully takes full control of its host, Crisanto, gaining full power and allowing it to influence the sanity of all enemies around it. Enemies caught within the area have their minds taken over by Maguayan, transporting their them into a corrupted realm of their consciousness.

  • Upon activation, Maguayan, together with all enemies caught within the radius, enter a realm of their own corrupted thoughts, effectively a new small map.
  • Within the realm, enemies are positioned at the middle of the map, unable to move from where they stand but still capable of turning, repositioning their crosshairs, and firing with their basic attacks. They are unable to use any of their abilities.
  • Maguayan’s movement speed is doubled and is capable of running across the wall and ceiling of the map and but is left with only 50 hit points in armor, is unable to attack and use its abilities, including Swarm Shield, and incapable of standing still.
  • Maguayan turns black with a faint reddish glow at its core.
  • The map is dark and has its walls, floor, and ceiling constantly shifting and moving around. Maguayan blends with the darkness of the map, save for its red, glowing core.
  • Maguayan’s main objective within the realm is to not die from enemy fire, running around the map and using the shifting environment as cover.
  • Within the realm, the enemy may opt to find and kill Maguayan. However, attempting to do so will come at the risk of them turning and repositioning their crosshairs in order to hunt Maguayan down. Any changes to the direction they are facing in the realm will carry over to the real world once the ability ends, disorienting them as they exit their corrupted thoughts and leaving them vulnerable to attacks from Maguayan’s team.
  • Enemies may also opt to ignore Maguayan, if they choose to do so.
  • If enemies successfully kill Maguayan, the effect ends prematurely. If they fail to kill Maguayan or opt to ignore it, the ability will last up until its full duration, and all enemies inside will be affected by Disruption once the ability ends.
  • During the duration of the ability in the real world, enemies are invulnerable and cannot be damaged or crowd controlled by Maguayan’s team. Maguayan disappears from the map entirely until the ability ends.

Skill Information

  • Type: Single Target
  • Targets: Foes around Maguayan
  • Cast Time: 0.80 seconds
  • Duration: 5 seconds
  • Area of Effect: 20 meter radius
  • After Effect: All enemies are affected by Disruption, if they fail to kill Maguayan.
  • Charge Required: 1825


  • Swarm Shield will automatically be off cooldown at the end of the ability, even if ended prematurely.


  • Using this ultimate is risky as it would require to you to be in a vulnerable position in order to cast and leave you at a vulnerable position when the it ends.
  • This ultimate is great at throwing off your enemies.
  • Approach enemies with caution as you do not have any movement abilities to get close to them safely.
  • This ability will allow your team to set up properly around the affected targets, giving you a huge advantage in battle once the ability ends.
  • Do your best to survive in the realm as dying, which will result in the ability prematurely ending, will allow the enemy team to catch your team off guard as they instantly return to consciousness.
  • If you end up pulling off the full duration of the ability, all enemies caught within the ultimate would be affected by Disruption afterwards, giving you some room to escape.


  • Maguayan: Free, at last! (Heard by allies upon activation)
  • Maguayan: Sumainyo ang kadiliman. May the darkness be with you (Heard by enemies upon activation)
  • Crisanto: You can’t control me! Maguayan: Nooooo! (Heard by allies upon end of full duration)
  • Crisanto: Huwag mo silang idamay! Leave them be! Mguayan: Aggh! (Heard by enemies upon end of full duration)


  • A very powerful healer and disruptor when abilities are used and timed properly.
  • Can do massive amounts of damage or heal to a single target instantly.
  • Forces enemy healers to stop healing or any enemy from using healing abilities in general.
  • Can make every team member a healer for a short amount of time.
  • Ultimate is a powerful setup tool for your allies.
  • A Zarya with better utility with Disruption and Bio Manipulation.

Strong against:

  • All healers and heals – Can use their heals as a way to damage their allies.
  • Ana – Can cleanse her biotic grenade and sleep dart with Nano Swarm and prevent her from healing and attacking by casting Disruption on her. Can make her Biotic Grenade deal damage to her allies and heal your team.
  • Mercy – Prevents her from healing with her Caduceus Staff through Bio Manipulation and Disruption.
  • Lúcio- Can use Disruption to let him deal AOE damage to his allies. Can activate Crisanto’s Requiem to cancel his Sound Barrier.
  • Zenyatta – Can cleanse his orb of discord with Nano Swarm and use Bio Manipulation and Disruption to deal damage to targets that have the Orb of Harmony equipped.
  • Symmetra – Can use her high damage and turrets against her by converting it to healing through Bio Manipulation and Disruption.
  • Junkrat – Can block his burst damage with Swarm Shield and negate other sources of damage with Bio Manipulation and Disruption.
  • Roadhog – Can block his burst damage with Swarm Shield and negate his damage with Bio Manipulation and Disruption. Can use Bio Manipulation to deal damage to him when using Take a Breather.
  • Mei – Can cleanse off her Endothermic Blaster with Swarm Field and use Bio Manipulation to deal damage to her when using Cryo-Freeze. Can use Disruption to make her Endothermic Blaster an effective healing stream.
  • Torbjorn – Allows allies to survive tanking and distracting his turret through Bio Manipulation.



  • Fragile and easy to flank.
  • Has no escape or movement abilities.
  • Heals are either unreliable or very risky to use.
  • Relies heavily on decision making, team coordination, and quick reflexes to use abilities and execute combos.
  • Has to decide whether to use Disruption and Bio Manipulation on enemies or allies. Choosing to use these abilities on your enemies or health packs comes at the cost of ⅔ of its healing potential.
  • Misuse of Nano Swarm and Disruption may work against your own team and in favor of the enemy team.
  • Has no reliable way of damaging enemies, leaving you idle once you’ve used up all of your abilities.
  • Slow ultimate charge rate made even slower with inconsistent healing and damage output.

Weak Against:

  • Multiple Flankers – Nano Swarm can only deal damage to as single enemy with Bio Manipulation, the rest are healed.
  • Outplays – All of Maguayan’s abilities can be outplayed by a skillful player, including its ultimate.
  • Genji – Can break through your Swarm Shield, burst you down, and chase you easily.
  • Tracer – Can break through your Swarm Shield, burst you down, and chase you easily.
  • Sombra – Can break through your Swarm Shield, burst you down, hack you, and chase you easily. You rely heavily on your abilities to defend against flankers, making Sombra a very dangerous flanker.
  • Winston – Can break through your Swarm Shield, survive your burst, and chase you easily.
  • D.VA – Can break through your Swarm Shield, survive your burst, and chase you easily.


  • When an enemy is flanking you, cast Nano Swarm, target your enemy with Bio Manipulation, activate Nano Swarm, and then attack your enemy. This combo will deal 280 damage in total. Cast Disruption if the enemy is still alive so he or she can heal you or stop attacking you.
  • Choosing whether to cast Nano Swarm or Bio Manipulation depends on how close the flanker is to you. If the flanker is at a distance, cast Bio Manipulation first to allow the Nano Swarm field to expand to his or her position before activating it. If the flanker is close, immediately cast Bio Manipulation then double cast Nano Swarm to deal the burst damage even faster, giving little room for your attacker to burst you down.

  • When two enemies are flanking you, do the Nano Swarm-Bio Manipulation Combo on the more fragile pursuer, making sure that Nano Swarm doesn’t heal the second attacker, then cast cast Disruption on the tankier pursuer. You may also throw in attacks in between.

  • When an enemy is approaching a health pack, use Bio Manipulation on the enemy then Disruption on the health pack to deal damage double that of what the health pack would have healed for.

  • This is recommended if the target is a tank or if the health pack is small as using either ability on low health targets or a large health packs would be enough to kill them. Besides, heroes that do approach health packs normally have low health anyway. This will allow you to save the unused ability for other purposes.

  • Whenever an enemy is receiving heals, cast Bio Manipulation on the enemy and Disruption on the ally providing the healing to deal damage double that of what the ability would have healed for.

  • This ability combo can burst 150 damage to enemies being healed by a single shot from Ana.

  • Casting Disruption on an enemy Lúcio work wonders in dealing AOE damage to your enemies.

  • Casting Disruption on an allied Bastion or Symmetra is great at making them great burst healers.

  • During duels, activate Disruption on the enemy first, as it has a longer cooldown, then cast Bio Manipulation on your ally to give him or her a six second window of protection.

  • Though risky, in a duel, you may also do a bluff by casting Disruption on your ally so as to encourage the enemy to receive damage, then cast Bio Manipulation on the him or her as the projectile is about to hit.

  • You can also reliably heal an ally in a duel with Nano Swarm by targeting the enemy with Bio Manipulation first.

  • Treat Bio Manipulation like you would Projected Barrier to help block incoming damage at the last second. Maguayan also works great with an allied Zarya.

  • Unlike Projected Barrier, Bio Manipulation can absorb an infinite amount of damage and heal the targetted ally.

  • Completing Crisanto’s Requiem will leave your enemies unable to deal damage and heal as they would all be affected by Disruption.

  • This will also help in you to escape the middle of the battlefield once the ability ends.


  • The main purpose of Maguayan is to disrupt the enemies during battles over healing. Disruption is the name of the game when it comes to supporting with this character. Healing is only secondary, a side effect of Crisanto’s kindness and endeavor to control Maguayan.

  • Healers have always been a big part of the Overwatch meta, but Maguayan serves as a nice counter.

  • Maguayan may substitute or complement Zarya in the battlefield due to Disruption and Bio Manipulation acting as pseudo projected barriers. Unlike Zarya, Maguayan trades off damage and tankiness for better utility and is better at dealing with healers.

Voice Lines

  • Crisanto: Who am I again?
  • Maguayan: All shall fall before me, for I am….I am. Who was I again?
  • Crisanto: Cris…Crisanto, name ko, tama ba? Cris…Crisanto, my name, right?


  • Crisanto: Tulungan n’yo ‘ko…. Help me…. (While waiting in spawn)
  • Crisanto: Let’s end this (While waiting in spawn)
  • Crisanto: This is my body, not yours. Maguayan: Cool Story (When respawning)
  • Crisanto: Pati sa kamatayan, hindi ka nawawala Even in death, you do not leave (When respawning)
  • Maguayan: You call? (Upon being character swapped and spawning in)
  • Maguayan: Free me from this mind. (Upon being character swapped and spawning in)


Crisanto’s Acceptance (Past)

Crisanto has always struggled with the way he looked, not wanting to hear the notion of people commenting on how he had vitiligo. Though most comments were meant with no harm, Crisanto never felt any comfort with regards to the topic. Throughout his young life, he opted to wear clothes that hid his skin and would wear makeup to even out his color. He developed a deep insecurity with himself. Not only did he see himself as ugly but he never excelled in school, didn’t have any special skills, wasn’t popular–he was dull. Nothing stood out and that made his skin stand out even more.

However, despite his insecurities, Crisanto never used it as a reason to stray away from a good life and did his best in every endeavor. He also became more sympathetic throughout the years, more helpful, not wanting anyone to feel what he felt. He helped uplift the souls of those around him, particularly those that struggled as well. He helped everyone he could, but he could not help himself. Loyalty, kindness, service, and humility, yet he was broken.

That all changed when he met Narcisa. She was intelligent and had a great sense of humor, but she was also very ill, thin, had a blind eye, and could not walk. Being in his nature, Crisanto did not hesitate to approach Narcisa and attempt to help her. And to his surprise, he realized how happy she already was.

“Maraming bagay na hindi ko kayang maging at ‘di ko kayang magawa, at tanggap ko ‘yun lahat. Pero, nakatutok ako sa mga bagay na kaya kong maging at kaya kong gawin, at doon ko nalalaman na masaya at malaya pala ako.”

“There are many things I am not and many things that I can’t do, and I accept them all. So, I focus on what I am and what I can do, then I realize how free I and happy I truly am.”

These were the words she would always say to those she would meet and words that Crisanto would always remember. It was in these moments with her that he realized she was helping him, not the other way around.

The two frequently bonded with each other, and with the passing of time, Crisanto began to accept who he was and what he had. Of course, there were ups and downs, but he always strived to move forward. Time finally moved forward.

He was graduating, both at university and at his own insecurities. However, nearing such a joyous moment, tragedy struck Crisanto when he learned that Narcisa passed away from her illness, as what most presumed. He grieved at first and felt failure, knowing that Narcisa had not been absent for some time, he felt the guilt of not having been there for her. But time heals. And as it went on, he realized that her death was something he couldn’t change anymore, and bringing her back to life was something he could not do. And so, he had to accept it. And despite the sadness, Crisanto continued, though it pained him, to move on.

So in honor of Narcisa and of himself, he no longer hid his skin from view, for it was what he could do, and it made him realize how happy and free he really was. And though Narcisa never came up on stage, Crisanto always knew that she graduated long before anyone else did and finally, he has too.

The Host (Past)

It was an unforgettable night, the night that the Parasitic Entity, the Hive Mind consumed Crisanto. He was getting prepared to board a flight to Oasis when, out of nowhere, a stream of tiny specks broke through the airport and violently plunged itself deep into him. The specks flooded into his mouth, his pores, eyes, and shrouded him in darkness. After a moment of silence and tension amongst the people in the airport, Crisanto released a violent screech, but with a voice that seemed unlike his, a voice that sounded like a woman. Unable to control himself, Crisanto flailed a whiplike appendage from his arm and struck at the ground, ricocheting debris onto the civilians . This led people to panic, causing all who saw to run away. As Crisanto continued his rampage within the airport, airport security entered the fray in an attempt to neutralize the threat.

As the violence continued to ensue, the black specks began to surround Crisanto, covering him in pure darkness and making streaks on his arms and chest glow a faint red. Everyone in the airport came to a halt. Silence. Everyone’s eyes opened widely and reddened. Their bodies flailing around like madmen as they remained where they stood, with their mouth opened, as if screaming but with no sound, as if they saw fear itself, but fear and their screams were all in another dimension.

As the victims were beginning to collapse, the black specks that surrounded Crisanto started receding, he was finally gaining control of himself again. The people’s screams inside the airport began to grow louder, returning to the real world. The screams blasted. Crisanto broke free and in the few moments of control, he flew out of sight. Miraculously, no one in the airport died, and those who were hurt had all of their injuries healed by means unknown.

That night was the night that Crisanto was called Maguayan, the goddess of sea and death. A black sea of specks flooding in like a sea of death, ready to inflict terror onto those it drowns. With every witness believing in it with vague memory and no evidence to be found, local authorities could not give credit to the event as the entire airport had not one dent in it by the time they arrived. Not one record of the event. As if a dream to every eye that beheld the sight, and to most who have not…to those who have not witnessed Maguayan in person, a dream was all it was. And Maguayan became but a legend.

A few days later, local authorities established a search party in hopes to find the now missing Crisanto Dela Cruz.

The Eternal Struggle of Sanity’s Eclipse (Present)

Since that event, Crisanto did his best to isolate himself from others so that he may not harm them. And though he ended up hurting some unlucky wanderers who crossed his path, he did his best to mend them back together before running away. Every day of his life became a struggle, trying to maintain control, trying to be the kindness and willpower to the evil that began to make a host of his flesh and mind. The burden of it all was unimaginable.

And with such a heavy yoke affecting him, Crisanto began to forget. To forget why he chose to hide in isolation and now, only did so out of habit. He also started forgetting where he lived, who his parents were, and who he was. The burden of an endless strife began to hollow him out, slowly becoming a husk of what he once was, with the sea of death slowly taking over him. He was becoming the Maguayan. His memories and sanity slowly fading away.

Now people marvel and fear the terror of the Maguayan, with every tale and sighting of it looming around most of people’s spines. To everyone else, it was now a mere symbol of terror that no one truly knew and that carried an eternal struggle that seemed to emanate from within it.

Narcisa Dalisay and the Hive Mind (Past)

Before Narcisa was happy, she was sad–insecure. The bullies, the names, the diagnoses, the constraints and limitations. And it was in these moments that she vowed to make a difference and fight back at her affliction. Being a genius at a young age, Narcisa was a natural inventor and biologist at the side. What she lacked in brawn she made up with brain and determination, so she set out to discover a cure to her malady.

After years of trying, sadly, Narcisa failed. Every corner, every nook, every calculation, she searched for a cure but couldn’t because she herself couldn’t even determine what her ailment was. No one did. A moment of darkness it was indeed for her, and indeed she nearly gave up. But she didn’t. Knowing that there was nothing she could do to make herself better, she learned to accept. She may not be able to walk, but she could surely invent; she may not be able to be pretty, but she was funny; she may not be able to live for long, but she could always choose what to do in those moments. And it was at her lowest, she achieved her highest.

She knew she could never help herself anymore, but she knew that she could help those who needed it. In doing so, she met many others who needed help and that was when she met Crisanto.

It was in their moments together that she realized she could do more with what she had. So, she vowed to engineer a technology that would help cure people before it was too late–before they would end up like her. And there she worked on her dream, the Nanite Companion, a nanotechnology that can biologically and genetically heal people of their ailments and wounds. The idea popped in her head, knowing that a similar technology exists to help boost the strength and endurance of its recipients. If the technology could enhance, then it could most definitely cure.

However, during her endeavors, Narcisa failed to take into account the dangers of working with unknown technology. Without realizing it, the contraption she was making began to evolve similarly to a device used in a classified enhancement program but even less safe and more volatile. The nanobots exhibited unusual speed, agility, and aggression, but Narcisa scoffed them off as mere glitches in here programming that she could eventually fix.

And with the passage of time, she finally fulfilled her dream–nearly. For in the brink of her success, Narcisa knew that she was dying. Each day she felt like she was being stretched out even more, growing wispier and wispier until she would finally break. She knew that she wouldn’t live forever, but she knew how she wanted to leave. She wanted to fulfill her dreams by then. But her ambition blinded her, making her work more and more hazardous by the moment. And with all the signs, she still failed to notice the danger because of her determination slowly consuming her.

And before she knew it, her technology turned against her, swarming into her body. Without much a struggle and because of her condition, she quickly died. The nanobots, detecting her biological demise, left the husk that was her body and truly, just her body. For in their leave, they have gained something that they did not have before–consciousness, something they stole from Narcisa as they feasted on her. Now, they were one under her mind. But it was no mind alike to that of Narcisa, but one that was corrupted and filled with aggression and terror. And in their newfound consciousness, they had gained a purpose, and that purpose was to find Crisanto and be with him. And without delay, flew like a stream of tiny specks.

The next day, local authorities immediately discovered the accident but announced that Narcisa’s death was due to her unknown illness, in an attempt to cover up the truth. But she was still very much alive.

The Requiem of the Hive Mind and the Host (Future)

Time had passed during Crisanto's isolation, and he and Narcisa were beginning to forget who they once were, their minds slowly singing a dirge for their identities. Still continuing to wander without any purpose, tired of the conflict yet still fighting. It was not long before any memory, any thought, and any piece of what Crisanto and Narcisa once were finally faded. A requiem for the two and the birth of the true entity that will only be known by the name: Maguayan. The battle had finally ended.

And with the elapse of even more time, the creature could no longer recall what it once was, could no longer understand its purpose, and could no longer think of what it could do now. Though the memories were now gone and forever out of reach, Maguayan continued to despair in trying to find what it once was at what it once did. It was these questions that chained it to the ground.

Acceptance Once More (Future)

Time had passed, and Maguayan continued to chain itself with the same thoughts that have haunted it. Insecurity and a sense of purposelessness continued to permeate throughout its entire being. But the rut of aimless wandering and thinking suddenly came to a halt.

As the creature pondered, the shook violently, throwing its thoughts off course. It felt distant and indifferent to the occurence at first, but its curiosity prevailed. And as Maguayan approached the source of the quake, it witnessed a battle between two parties. One party was losing desperately to the other, with the latter approaching the former, ready to deliver the final blow.

Maguayan, seeing the sight, suddenly felt an emotion it has never felt in a long time. Sympathy and the longing to help the suffering party. Without hesitation, Maguayan leapt forth into the middle of the battleground and smashed the metallic hunk aside. It then approached the dying duo and mended their wounds. And like a miracle, their wounds were gone and both were regaining consciousness.

Tracer and Winston had their wounds patched up, not a single bruise or damage to equipment at sight. But before they could take sight of the creature that helped them, it was gone. Their eyes now focused on the crushed hunk of metal in front of them. Both were in disbelief.

And finally, roaming in isolation once more, Maguayan felt lighter than it was before, as if it regained something it had once lost. But before it began to spend time trying to figure out what it had lost, it stopped…it realized that now, it could never remember what it was it lost, no matter how it tried. It could not remember what its purpose was, but it did help others despite that. It realized that it could no longer be what it once was in the past, but it could still be something else now and in the future. And it finally realized that…

…there were many things that it could not be and many things that it could not do anymore, and it finally accepted them all. Because what it learned and what was important was focusing on what it was could be and what it could do. And such an idea made it realize how free and happy it truly was.


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