Security guard works at Amazon, and Amazon works to sell his BBQ sauce

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Security guard Spencer Lindsay works three 12-hour shifts a week at's South Lake Union campus, watching over the software developers and retail experts who toil to expand the frontiers of e-commerce.

Lindsay sells the sauces in person to colleagues at Security Industry Specialists, the contractor that provides guards to Amazon, where he has worked since 2013.

Lindsay shipped four 12-bottle cases of his products to an Amazon warehouse and had them listed on the site, in the hope of striking a chord with Amazonians on their online turf, as well as reaching beyond the confines of the campus.

His Amazon account is set up so that every new order triggers an email.

Amazon, often criticized for wrecking Main Street retail jobs, highlights that 100,000 merchants on its Marketplace – which is what it calls the platform it offers third-party sellers – each racked up more than $100,000 in sales in 2016.

Another innovation that makes it easier for budding entrepreneurs such as Lindsay to focus on making sauce: a service dubbed Fulfillment by Amazon, in which the tech giant handles logistics and shipment.

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