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News roundup for the previous week.

In International news

  1. Myanmar's government praised China for suspending a Chinese bank account used by ethnic rebels fighting Myanmar troops. "We will not allow any group or individual to use China's territory to undermine China-Myanmar relations and the border regions' stability," – Foreign Ministry spokesman

  2. Russia to make first shipment of wheat to China – Rosselkhoznadzor

  3. China calls for cooperation on South China Sea

  4. China reaches out to West Asia: China is in the middle of a complex diplomatic dance with West Asia, by engaging rivals such as Syria, Saudi Arabia, Israel and Iran, all at the same time

  5. World powers to remain absent from UN meet on nuclear weapons ban. "The UN will kick off a five-day summit in New York on Monday (27 March)….countries such as US, Britain, France, Russia and Israel voted against it, while China, India and Pakistan abstained from the meet."

  6. China Grants Egypt $US 71 Million for Satellite Project, Vocational Training Centre

  7. Australia does not have to choose between the United States and China, the Australian prime minister said as he announced a new beef export deal with the Chines

  8. Uganda seeks $US500m loan from China for roads

  9. China summons French diplomat after Chinese person shot dead

  10. China gives Kenya Sh2.25 million food grant, rice shipment part of deal

  11. Global Food Forum: China imports move ‘inspiring’

  12. China’s Belt and Road project is already helping this company: When the Soviet Union was dissolved, everyone said that Kazakhstan would struggle because it does not have access to the ocean, but it turned out that we didn't need to have an ocean because China was going to be the ocean of Kazakhstan

  13. Chinese investors move in, take large slice of Latin American pie: Chinese companies are forming the mainstay of foreign direct investment in Latin American and African markets as globalization suffers setbacks elsewhere, an international law firm has said

  14. France stresses security of Chinese community "priority": foreign ministry "The security of all Chinese nationals in France is a priority of the (local) authorities," Romain Nadal, the ministry's spokesperson said

  15. Police killing exposes anger, fear of Chinese in France: Chinese are victims of racist attitudes in France Pierre Picquart said. They are targets for crime. Chinese people do not like to express themselves publicly…when we see them like this, it means they are very, very angry

  16. The US president’s boyhood home in Queens sold for $2.14 million, more than double the average value of homes in the area. The identity of the purchaser was obscured But there was a clue: The sale was facilitated by a lawyer who specializes in real estate investments by overseas Chinese buyers.

  17. Russia, China Lay Groundwork For BRICS Transactions in Gold

  18. Former Taiwan president Ma found not guilty in leaks case

  19. As Trump reverses Obama’s climate plans, China’s leadership moment arrives: China is pressing ahead with a goal of boosting non-fossil fuels to 20 percent of the country’s total energy consumption by 2030

  20. 'In Russia-China-US Strategic Triangle, US Isn't Looking Very Confident': A Congressional report released this week warned that Russian-Chinese military-to-military cooperation is moving toward a disturbingly high level

  21. Comment: why US allies Israel, Saudi Arabia are cosying up to China

  22. China Poised to Take Lead on Climate After Trump’s Move to Undo Policies: clear differences between Chinese approach and Trump's Ms. Hilton said. Trump’s believes action on climate change is a waste, China sees it to secure a safe and prosperous future for citizens as well as a strategic opportunity

  23. China, Mexico Scheme to Put America Second: Beijing moves to take advantage of empty U.S. trade office, plots auto manufacturing for Latin America

  24. Can Russia and China join efforts to counter THAAD?

  25. Trump to meet China's Xi in Florida next week

  26. The US Is Ceding The Energy Industry Of The Future To China

  27. Philippines, China to hold direct talks on South China Sea

  28. How a five-month Chinese operation led to a $100m drug bust in Australia

  29. Chinese delegation meets President Mugabe

  30. China Focus: Chinese president to visit Finland, meet Trump in U.S.

  31. Serbia Seeks China's Assistance Amid EU Pressure on Belgrade

  32. Russia and China oppose the "dangerous idea" of deploying parts the US missile defense system in South Korea as negatively affecting their security, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said in an interview published Tuesday

  33. Growing concern the root cause of toxic smog in South Korea lies at home and not in China

  34. Norway PM to visit China, meet President Xi after Nobel Peace Prize row

  35. Saudi Arabia permits China to set up 1st drone factory in Middle East: China and Saudi Arabia signed USD 65 billion worth of deals in energy, culture, education and technology during the king's visit in the middle of this month

  36. Artist exchange between New Zealand, China aims to deepen cultural ties: Six New Zealand artists and eight Chinese artists displayed their works together at the Image and Imagination exhibition, which ran for one week as part of the Auckland Arts Festival

  37. President Mugabe meets Chinese delegation

  38. Autopsy shows Paris police shot Liu Shaoyao through the heart

  39. Nepal to enhance cooperation with China: Nepal and China have pledged to further develop their ties as Kathmandu expressed its willingness to join China's Belt and Road initiative

  40. China hands over $1m in humanitarian assistance

  41. Philippines' Duterte invites EU critics, wants to 'slap them': It is the latest of the leader's near-daily diatribe against the United States, EU and the United Nations while heaping praise on China and Russia. (lol)

  42. China and Madagascar on Monday agreed to synergize development strategies under the framework of the Belt and Road Initiative and ten major plans for China-Africa cooperation

  43. China, Micronesia to cooperate on Belt and Road: President Peter M. Christian said Micronesia highly appreciated the Belt and Road Initiative and was ready to actively participate in pragmatic cooperation on it

In Domestic news

  1. Lam Cheng Yuet-ngor wins HK chief executive election, vowing to safeguard "one country, two systems"

  2. Students in Glasgow to live in homes made in China – Xinhua

  3. China says number of ‘terror attacks’ is down, but threat remains high: “People should realize that more attacks have been foiled at the planning stage. We haven’t seen a significant drop in the number of attempted attacks.” – Li Wei, China Institutes of Contemporary International Relations

  4. US woman offers path to citizenship at Shanghai marriage market

  5. In China, Like In The U.S., The Fight Over Ride Hailing Is Local

  6. Chinese 'facilitators' seek boom in organ donors

  7. China pushes domestic chip development: There will be more new 12-inch chip plants coming online in China than anywhere else, according to Semiconductor Equipment and Materials International

  8. China keeps finding millions of people who never officially existed — Quartz

  9. China’s largest ever gold mine found in Shandong with potential value of over $22 billion

  10. Students must swim before they graduate, says China university

  11. China, 2022 Winter Olympics present perfect opportunity to speed up global appeal of Hockey

  12. China affirms climate pledge after Trump rolls back rules

  13. China claims discovery of its largest gold mine with $22 billion potential

  14. 6.8% Growth, Military Reform, Service Jobs: Eye on Chinese Media

  15. Beijing outlines its urban overall plan for 2016 to 2030

  16. Chinese-made large passenger jet passes assessment for maiden flight: The C919, with over 150 seats and a standard range of 4,075 kilometers, is expected to compete with the updated Airbus 320 and Boeing's new-generation 737, which currently dominate the market

  17. Threshold lowered for foreign graduates seeking jobs in China

  18. Former pro-democracy student activists outed as part of Carrie Lam's team (Opportunists Decry Other Opportunists, LOL!)

  19. Beijing to open first driverless subway line: The 16.6-km Yanfang Line, which is being debugged, will improve convenience of transportation for residents living in the city's southwestern suburb of Fangshan

  20. Jing-Jin-Ji: China Planning Megalopolis the Size of New England. In the longer term, 24 intercity railways are planned for completion by 2050 — eight alone by 2020. The goal is a "one-hour commuting circle" across the area, according to the government

  21. Good news for elephants: China's legal ivory trade is 'dying' as prices fall

  22. No veils, no 'abnormal' beards: China's first anti-extremism law targets Muslims in Xinjiang

  23. China to host NHL exhibition games in run-up to 2022 Winter Olympics: The NHL is the latest major sports league hoping to tap China and its 1.3 billion-person market, following European soccer teams and the National Basketball Association (NBA), which is highly popular in the country

In SciTech news

  1. Russia, China Could Cooperate on Developing Reusable Rockets: China has not yet decided on the basic design of its returning rocket, but scheme used in SpaceX is not being taken into consideration. China sees the US design as flawed in its excessive consumption of fuel and payload

  2. Chinese AI wins computer Go tournament: Chinese artificial intelligence FineArt beat its Japanese rival DeepZenGo to win the 10th Computer Go UEC Cup. FineArt, developed by Chinese internet giant Tencent, participated in the tournament for the first time and won all 11 games it played

  3. DJI – #MyMavic: Tech Geek (feat. Kai Man Wong)

  4. Emotibot is an AI-powered chatbot that understands human emotions: Shanghai-based startup Emotibot made an AI-powered bot that can complete practical tasks as well as have a conversation with you

  5. China spends more than 22 bln yuan on science projects in 2016

  6. China's underwater glider sets new world record: domestically developed underwater glider set a new world record by reaching a depth of 6,329 meters, breaking the previous record of 6,003 meters held by a US vessel. Haiyi allows Chinese scientists to explore 97 percent of the maritime space

  7. Google makes its Translate mobile apps available for users in China

  8. Japan loses share of research articles to China

  9. China likely to outpace US in AI: Baidu. China is highly likely to outpace the United States in the application of artificial intelligence, as local companies scramble to experiment with new ideas and benefit from the country's huge user base

In Economic news

  1. Fortune Magazine's China reading list

  2. China's confidence on the rise

  3. Why China’s retail investors fail to make money from small caps [Chinese]

  4. China group to buy Forbes (unless the deal gets overturned by the US government). Any clarification on whether this is just the forbes magazine, or all of forbes?

  5. Tencent emerges as Elon Musk's China whisperer with Tesla stake

  6. Tesla's new China backer is a tech giant with hundreds of millions of users

  7. Pentagon worried about Chinese investment in US startups: report. Chinese firms are sending money to U.S. startups, include rocket engine manufacturers, companies that design sensors for autonomous naval ships and printers that make flexible screens that could be used in fighter jets

  8. The Trump-China Trade War: American People’s Burden — "We cannot afford to go into a trade war because of poor economics."

  9. As Canucks and Kings play to China, NHL ready for Chinese owners: NHL tries to expand its footprint beyond North America and Chinese authorities look to the NHL for its expertise in helping them develop a hockey culture and trying to popularize the sport ahead of the 2022 Beijing Winter Games

  10. In China, ‘Disney’ Deals Turn Out to Be Fantasy

  11. China’s factories stop shedding jobs for first time since 2012

  12. China's 'unicorns' nearly double to 131: official. Term refers to young, unlisted companies with a market value of over 1 billion U.S. dollars, based on private funding sources. Zhang said a pro-innovation business environment, conductive policies, and good services are key to the growth of unicorns

  13. Jack Ma's Latest U.S. Expansion Plan Threatened by Trump Agenda

  14. Commentary: Healthy China-U.S. trade ties to benefit both countries and world

In Military news

  1. Breaking down China’s electronic warfare tactics: According to U.S. Department of Defense annual report, China’s EW weapons include jamming equipment against multiple communication and radar systems and GPS satellite systems. EW systems are also being deployed with other sea- and air-based platforms

  2. Panel: Russia and China Practicing More Hybrid, Information Warfare. An example would be China’s sending unarmed fishing boats. If there was a response by another Coast Guard, China would send its Coast Guard, the size of US cruisers. It also would have its navy positioned just over the horizon

  3. Chinese base in Djibouti near Camp Lemmonnier Africa US concern – Business Insider

  4. Thai Navy To Receive Three Chinese Submarines: They would be nearly 78m long and 9m wide, equipped with the latest technology AIP (Air Independent Propulsion) system that would allow them to dive consecutively up to 21 days without surfacing. Normal nuclear-based submarines can dive around 7 to 10

Other Notables

  1. New Power Ranger Ludi Lin Wants More Three-Dimensional Asian Characters in Film

  2. Hundreds of Warner Bros. movie titles will soon be available to stream online in China after the Hollywood studio cut a deal with iQiyi, the streaming video platform owned by Chinese Internet search giant Baidu

  3. Sino-Saudi alignment in Yemen and escalating conflict – Opinion

  4. Road of Cloud by Shang Chengxiang (x-post /r/UnusualArt)

  5. Thoughts on the Foreign Policy China Got the internet Right article

  6. Into the Badlands: The Hong Kong Secret To the Show’s Amazing Action

  7. Could Great Wall of Iron become New Silk Roadblock? A fascinating article about ISIS/Al Qaeda/Muslim separatists in western China and the Caucuses. Lots of details and info.

  8. Pictures: Amazing Jiuhua Mountain in China's Anhui

  9. Can Harvard’s most popular professor (and Confucius) radically change your life?

  10. Western Critics of China Need to Avoid a Colonial Mindset

  11. Silk roads and chilled beef: how China is trying to fill a Trump vacuum in Australia

  12. China's clean energy lesson for Australia

  13. The Psychological Impact of Whitewashing Asian Characters

  14. What A World Led By China Might Look Like

  15. What to make of the world's focal point of hatred moving from the PRC to the Chinese people themselves?

  16. New York Times Abandons Russia, Now Claims Trump Works For China

  17. The Original Aladdin was Chinese

  18. No Protection For Chinese In France

  19. FFC-Acrush: China's hottest new boy band is actually made up of five androgynous girls

  20. Businessman-Turned-Monk Adopts China's Unwanted Babies

  21. Taoist Monks Find New Role as Environmentalists

  22. Many Chinese are tired of festivals, which are bombarded with shopping spree, dining parties and red envelopes nowadays, according to a survey by China Youth Daily last week

  23. Foreign girls and their Chinese Mr. Right: Julie and Liu Shiliang. They fell in love with each other in Hefei, Anhui Province nine years ago when Julie was a Harvard student and Liu a post office security guard

  24. Quora: How accurate is this article about China's youth?

  25. Hollywood welcomes more film co-productions with China

  26. China steps up environmental protection (even CNN is participating, showing Xi planting trees and Trump rolling back environmental protections. This is so weird.)

  27. Buffalo Bodypainting Competition in Jiangcheng county, Yunnan province, China (x-post r/interestingasfuck)

  28. China’s top priorities? Here’s what Communist Party leaders say — and our poll results. Do policymakers address the public’s priorities? Are policymakers and the public largely in sync? While most respondents preferred an aggressive strategy in the South China Sea…the regime dialed down the volume

  29. Funny Shanghainese cover of Black & Yellow

  30. 《三生三世十里桃花》 "Once Upon a Time" Movie Trailer

  31. Chinese Coal Miner Marries Russian Girl Who Says She ‘Doesn’t Need a Car or House’

  32. Reebok – Be More Human – Brand film

  33. 10,000 Chinese worship legendary ancestor in Zhengzhou

  34. China's anti-graft campaign may be headed for a screen near you

  35. China Preps For Its Big Spring Clean, As The Tomb-Sweeping Festival Approaches

  36. The New York Times vs. the ‘Great Firewall’ of China

  37. A world in an eggshell! Chinese artist creates eggshell sculptures

  38. Yellow Emperor Worship Ceremony Held in Central China Province: participating were 8,000 overseas Chinese, foreign nationals of Chinese origin and representatives from across the Taiwan Straits. The Yellow Emperor is regarded as the initiator of the Chinese civilization and the legendary ancestor

  39. Rhythm of Chongqing: light rail, urban planning, food and tourism in China's megacity

  40. 法媒指责中方三股势力意欲何为?

  41. China's Huayi Brothers Looking to Expand Ties With STX Entertainment: Huayi signed a landmark three-year deal with STX in 2015 to co-produce and co-finance most of STX Entertainment’s slate for three years

  42. Wu Dongyan: A Blue Flower Blossoming on Aircraft Carrier 'Liaoning': A female naval officer from northeast China's Jilin Province has dedicated her youth to her nation's aircraft-carrier development over the past seven years

  43. He's a rocket man: Xu Liping leads a team of propellant-processing technicians at the Xi'an Aerospace Chemical Propulsion Factory in Northwest China's Shaanxi province. Called upon first when propellant for a newly developed rocket needs to be processed

  44. Legacy of Chinese poetry revives: Having been ignored for the past few decades since China's modernization drive, the treasure trove of the Chinese ancient poetry is regaining mass appeal, thanks to the Chinese Poetry Conference, a reality show

  45. Chongqing, Passing from your world 2016

  46. India's violent racism towards its African exchange students gives China the advantage in Africa.

  47. ‘Kong: Skull Island’ Nears $400 Million Global Thanks to China Box Office

  48. South China minorities celebrate Sanyuesan Festival

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