“Of Highest Society” – An Idea For A Bonus Level

!! This is the post I made on the "Create Your Own Bonus Level" thread, over at hitmanforum.com, and just wanted to share it with Reddit. I am quite proud of it, but I know there are definitely some things to improve, so if you see anything bad or weak, please point it out. Failure is what drives success, after all. !!

Level Name: Of Highest Society Location: Paris Morning Target(s): "The Curator"


  • Eliminate Albrecht Volger

  • Destory the Jewel of the Serpentine

Briefing: "Good morning, 47. Your destination is the Palais de Walewska, a national treasure that hosts balls and gatherings for only the highest of societies. Your target, Albrecht Volger, curator of the Munich Ancient History Museum, is a prominent member of the Enlightened Few, who have funded Volger's newest exhibition, a prestigious order of intellectuals and scholars from around the world. The organisation is frequently put under suspicion due to the horror stories that come out of their chambers; stories of psychological torture and brainwashing are plentiful, and are not helped by the subtle social elitism and lower class hatred exhibited by Volger. It seems the rumours are true, for a recent escapee, the famed banker Julian Gardeter, posted a sizeable dossier on the group to the internet containing enough evidence of criminal activity and human rights violations to bring them to their knees. Coincidentally, he was found dead the next day in his New York apartment, and the EF were immediately suspected. The dossier has recently disappeared without a trace, and, naturally, they immediately denied the claims, being let off on the grounds of a lack of evidence. But, they do say that justice is blind. Our client, Locksley, has managed to gather enough evidence of the incident and has traced the kill order back to one of the leading authorities: Albrecht Volger. They have hired us to take out the schemer, in any way you deem fit, and retrieve the exhibit's prized piece: The Jewel of the Serpentine. Stolen from Arabia and smuggled around the world during an archaeological dig, it has been priced at around £1.2 million, and the client has requested we destroy the stone, as the one being displayed is, in fact, a fake. It is to be sold at an auction in Zurich, and Locksley doesn't want the deceitful transaction to profit the EF in any way. Security will be tight, especially as you close on the Jewel, but you always were one for a challenge. I will leave you to prepare, 47."

Map Description: The palace looks just as it did in "The Showstopper", but the various posters are replaced with images of exhibits, and the Helmut Kruger poster is replaced with a picture of Albrecht standing empirically behind the JotS. The lights have changed to a light green and gold shade, and the fountain is much more active than in Paris, occasionally shooting water in arcs and waves. The level is highly hedged, and the pavilion is replaced by a hedge maze with a large well that has a grate and water pump (we'll come to that later). Classical music plays quietly over the speakers, with occasional interludes that mention the different available exhibits. There are 4 exhibits, excluding the Jewel of the Serpentine : The Ancient Asia exhibit, the Precious Stones exhibit, the Wars And Weapons exhibit, and the Pirates And Plunder exhibit. The JotS is in the area where the stage would usually have been. It is surrounded by large, glass walls (bulletproof), and is accessible from a small security booth behind the box. The ceiling above it is open, as before it was just a cover, and the light is shining on the emerald.

Unavailable Areas:

  • Attic + Third floor

  • Fireworks timing plans and Kruger call area

  • The area outside the dressing rooms

  • The area occupied by all of the trucks

Unique Disguises:

  • Vincent Chertoff, Chief Exhibitions Officer

  • Dr. Lorie Meron, the precious stones evaluator and expert

  • Professor Mallory, a member of the EF and VIP supervisor

  • Samuel Mellor, an archaeologist with a bone to pick

  • John Carmel, Sound Organisations Officer

  • Terence Yordle, the engineer contracted to fix the pipes

  • Lenny Porchan, Chief Security Consultant

Minor Disguises:

  • Security Guard

  • Exhibition Technician

  • Maze Guide

  • Waiter

  • Sound Technician

Opportunities – Albrecht Volger:

  • A Skeptical Soul –

    • "47, the man in the tweed is one Samuel Mellor, a professor of archaeology at the American Archaeological Society and a staunch critic of Volger's exhibition acquisition methods, calling him a "fraudulent thug". He has come to the showing to take a look around and have a talk with the curator, a meeting we are almost sure won't end well for Mellor, considering that Volger is expecting his appearance. Let's give him a little hand, shall we?
    • If you get Mellor's outfit, you are able to meet with Volger in private in the Sheik's room, and you have the opportunity to drop a whale skeleton down on him, or eliminate him in some other way.
  • Simply A-Maze-Ing –

    • "I have intel, 47. The maze schedule reads that Volger is to be meeting with a formerly unknown of member of the Enlightened Few, Professor Orwell Mallory. One of the founders, to be granted an audience with him is a privilege of the highest order, and we believe he will be discussing further membership and benefactor services, after the Gardeter incident landed them in the biggest trouble they've seen in a while. He is set to meet in private in the centre of the maze, mostly due to the intimidation factor, if anything. Maybe we should be more than a fly-on-the-wall this conversation."
    • If you are able to get a Maze Guide outfit, you can lead Volger through the maze for however long you want, to any part of the maze, or you can get Mallory's disguise and set up the meeting with Volger. This will allow you to push him down the well, lock the gate and, while he shouts and swears, you can turn the water pump on and drown him.
  • His Final Performance –

    • "According to this pamphlet, it appears that Volger himself will be giving a presentation on the Serpentine, and is waiting for the all-clear by his Chief Exhibitons Officer, Vincent Chertoff, to enter. Apparently, to keep the stone in pristine condition, the room is pumped with a special gas that is highly toxic to humans. If Volger is to present, the pump will have to be turned off, but a small leak in the piping is making it difficult to stick to the schedule. A local engineer has been called in to fix the pipe, but he has not reported to the proper station for registering. Maybe we should pay the rouge repairman a visit, 47, and make Volger's most important presentation his last."
    • For this one, you can either: A) Get the CEO's outfit and send Volger in prematurely, and the leaking gases will lead him to start feeling dizzy, stumble around, and fall into the small pit surrounding the jewel (used to help filter the gases away) or B) Find the technician, take his disguise, "repair" the pipe so that when Volger is in there, you can turn the gas all the way up, bursting the pipe and obscuring Volger in a cloud of smoke. When it dissipates, he is seen lying on the floor, surrounded by a pool of blood.
  • A Medieval Malfunction –

    • "The "War And Weapons" exhibit supposedly contains an authentic medieval battering ram, being stored in a room to the side of the exhibit. The ram is attached to a wheeling system and is supposedly fully function; proposed for a part of the show, but deemed too unsafe for use, it is now under protection in case of vandalism. The Chief Security Consultant is due to check on it, from time to time, and will be given full access to the area containing it. With Volger giving several speeches throughout the different wings, this would be the perfect opportunity to send him off with a bang."
    • If you get the Chief Security Consultant's outfit, you can pull a lever to position it directly behind the mini-stage upon which he will give a talk, and, when he does give the talk, you can cut the rope holding the ram up with a saber (required item) and it will show a cinematic kill from the side, half of the screen on the ram, half of Volger, of him being thrown across the room and dying due to the ram smashing the wall.
  • Priceless, Spineless –

    • "It appears the famous geologist and gem expert, Dr. Lorie Meron, has made one of his fabled appearances at the exhibition. In a statement he made, he claimed to be able to prove completely the falseness of the Jewel on show. According to the planner, he intends to make a dramatic entrance during his final talk, and Volger would no doubt like to have words with him afterwards. I'd suggest you try out a bit of method acting, 47."
    • Getting the gem expert disguise will lead to 47 taking his place and proclaiming how fake the gem is. Volger will look on in anger and signal the sound technicians to cut off the sound, telling you to follow him. He will lead you to an area behind a screen in the Ancient Asia exhibit. There will be an ancient Japanese nodachi (big katana) and, during the conversation, the prompt to "Kill With Nodachi" will appear. It will them cut to the other side of the screen and show the shadow of 47 lifting the sword behind his head and stabbing the sword down viciously into the chest of Volger's shadow, blood spattering against the screen. He will be left kneeling with the sword propping him up.
  • Opportunities – Jewel of the Serpentine:

  • Structural Damage –

    • "Interesting, 47. The schematics show the use of a decompression facility inside the cube, due to the fragility of the Jewel. It seems Volger is going all out to convince everyone that this is the real piece. The company that created this type of funnel went into liquidation 5 months ago, and it was found that entering the right code would overload the air compression filter, potentially crushing anything inside…"
    • If you can get the CEO's outfit, you can manually enter the code leading to high decompression, and the crushing of the stone. Or, you can get the engineer's outfit and stab a hole in the pump, meaning that it will take about 2 minute for the decompression to fully take place. It will cause the glass of the cube to shatter, also, making the glass splinter and shatter inwards.
  • A Crushing Moment –

    • "The sound system, as told by the two technicians, has a certain support bar loose. And that support bar is supporting the entire sound system that, coincidentally, is above the Jewel. The sound technicians are supposed to be doing a sound assessment on the command of the John Carmel, the Sound Organisations Officer. If the assessment and the beam were to be tampered with, it could be potentially disastrous for both the stone and anyone inside of the chamber…"
    • If you can get a the SOO's outfit, you can initiate the sound test, and it will only drop a bar down onto the Jewel, not killing anyone inside the cube. But, if you have already loosened the bar, the test will cause the whole rig to crush the whole of the glass cube, with anyone inside.

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