OCS question

Evening everyone,

So I have a question about the process to get selected to go to OCS. So I've been enlisted for something like 7 years now and have been active, reserve, and am currently guard, and I'm currently looking at returning to active duty as an officer once my current contract is up. So my question is what all from my prior service comes up when I'm being evaluated as a candidate? My big concern is medical and PT because several years ago I got messed up really, really bad (broken back) in a motorcycle wreck and it's taken me years to recover and I'm still not fully recovered. The result of the accident was me volunteering to separate from active duty and join the reserves and I gained a lot of weight and stopped being the PT god that I was when I first joined at 18. I'm just now getting to the point where I can do my PT tests without some kind of medical profile. I pass, but I also don't do that great. Now I am still recovering, I've gotten my weight under control, and I am getting back into decent shape. Albeit much slower than I would like. But I am improving.

So my question is would my medical history and lackluster PT scores come into play when applying to OCS? I've got over a year before I get out so there is obviously still time to improve and show that I have made a fully recovery. I'm trying to plan the next two years of my life and I'm currently weighing my options and want to know what I have to do to be prepared if I decide to go the coast guard route.

EDIT: I also do cyber security work both as a civilian and in the guard and have the security clearance that comes with that. I know the other service branches are willing to overlook pretty much anything that isn't a felony to get cyber folks on board, and I'm looking to stay in the cyber/intel community. I don't know the CG does that or if it will have any affect at all. But i thought I'd throw that out there.


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