Anyone else encounter terrible security staff?

On Saturday my friends and I arrived during the massive downpour later in the day. After getting through the ID check and security pat down we were then directed to the ticket scanners. A group of us, over a dozen people in mixed groups, boys and girls, were then marched over to the exit and asked to leave.

We asked why (nicely) but were refused any answers. One of the uniformed police was very aggressively telling my friend to "proceed through the exit" repeatedly. Any attempts at communication were greeted with very aggressive re-statements of the command to leave. It was slightly scary to be honest.

At one point after we had all stopped together to question this one of the security team told us he understood what we were asking but refused to respond apart from to say that if we had been sent here it could only possibly have been because our tickets had been rejected by the scanners. Which was interesting as none of our tickets had been scanned yet. Keeping in mind we were literally 5 metres from the ticket scanners but they steadfastly refused to let us check them there for some reason. I am mystified by this as there was not a lot of people behind us lining up, it was literally just us.

Eventually, we were jostled out of the event and told to walk right around the site to the front entrance and line up again if we wanted to attempt re-entry. Rain was absolutely torrential at this point. Not a single apology or even minimal acknowledgement of our issue. If they had at least said "yeah we fucked up, sorry about that" it would have gone a long way to helping with the bad vibes, but no. Apparently acknowledging an error is beyond Ultra.

At that point half of us left, and the rest lined up again in the rain, miserable and drenched, and made sure to get our tickets scanned that time. We tried to ask why we had initially been sent around but wete refused answers by everyone. In fact all the security just looked annoyed that we dared to ask the question.

I contrast this with the last festival I went to which was Boomtown in the Uk. Amazingly good service from security that time as even though we had gone to the wrong gate they took pity on us and let us in, saving us a huge hike around the site. Completely prepared to stop and listen and help people where they could.

So thanks Ultra, my friends and I will not be back. I could excuse this if it were just one random guard on a power trip, but in this case it was about a dozen security all singing from the same sheet.

Sincerely hope that no one else had this happen to them.


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