How to convince your friends that single-payer is a cost-effective, logical solution

Single-payer is a hard sell to some. However, there is a huge groundswell now. Let's take advantage of it!

Drop a link to "Fix It: Healthcare at the Tipping Point", a 2016 documentary on Vimeo.

Why? Inside the movie are Republicans, CEOs, former insurance company lobbyists, economists, and physicians who explain why single-payer is actually a really good idea.

Drop a link to "Single Payer FAQ" by Physicians for a National Health Plan for more policy details.

Why? Real doctors answer questions on "rationing", "socialized medicine", "bureaucracy", medical research funding, physician incomes, taxes, comparison to HSAs, etc.

Gently suggest logical connections:

  • Should we have police officers ("national coverage for all Americans") or should every citizen have to buy their own personal security guards and/or have them provided by their employer? (to head off Rand Paul's "slavery" argument, ask any police officer if they feel like a slave).
  • All citizens pay for the healthcare of veterans, i.e. funding government-provided healthcare. Should veterans "get a job" for healthcare?
  • Why don't we hear other countries switching to the "superior" American system of healthcare?
  • General Motors in Canada says single-payer "significantly" helps their bottom-line: why would one of America's largest companies advocate for "socialism"?
  • Next time you go to your doctor's office, ask them how much overhead they require to "work with" insurance companies. Are the myriad of insurance plans something doctors appreciate?
  • Next time you see your office manager or HR rep, ask them whether the company's health insurance is a large expense or a minor expense, compared to the other costs in the business.
  • How is Medicare so efficient, with only 2% overhead? How is that possible?
  • Healthcare is already a right in the USA: no emergency room can deny you healthcare. But ask the next physician you meet: what is more economical, regular checkups with prescriptions beginning 5 years ago or an overnight stay in the ICU tonight?
  • Is there a reason we guarantee education to all children, but we don't guarantee medicine to all children?
  • Do middlemen in business transactions often lower or raise the final cost of goods & services? If insurance companies are exclusively beneficial, why don't we add more middlemen to the healthcare system to gain more benefits?
  • If we can bail out large corporations, can we not bail out children with terminal genetic diseases?
  • Which do you understand better: your healthcare bills or your electric bills?
  • Why do capitalist-advocating economists support single-payer? Isn't that completely antithetical?

Other good links:


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