My attacker might go free with a slap on the wrist and probation [TW]

Background I was assaulted on-premises while at work by the Security Guard, while on the clock.

It was for a major retailer, famous for their high-tech security, among other things. I was one of few female employees. He made it clear from the start he wanted to hook up with me. I was not interested, but wanted to keep my job and didn't want to rock the boat. Plus hus wife worked there and was nice. He was creepy, but I felt safe. I blocked him from all social media, and started avoiding him.

One night as my shift ended, I headed across the store to where the breakrooms are. (Women have to keep purses in lockers in the breakroom to prevent theft). As I approached the back office and made my way there, SG and I exchanged glances. Instead of continuing in his opposite direction, he did a 180 and started to follow me all while asking about the glance. I kept repeating things like, "Nothing." In hindsight, I realize the conversation was a distraction.

In the breakroom, I bent down to my locker to get my purse, and as I straightened up, he put me in a half-nelson and began fondling my breasts and nipples with his free hand and starting asking, "Does that look mean you like me?"

I froze. I was terrified. He is a 6 foot, very muscular man. I wasn't sure if he would hit me if I fought back. When he was done, he had the audacity to "walk me out" of the building.

The breakroom I found out has no cameras. In addition, the camera near the entrance–is broken. You know who stares at computer screens all day and knows intimately which cameras are working? SG.

It's my opinion that he did it to retaliate for me rejecting his attention. It felt violent and aggressive. Since then, (I had cPTSD before he fucked with me, but was able to work) I have been unable to work, and barely able to function.

Now: I got a letter today from the office of victim's services.

"Dear Dayzee:

This letter is to inform you that defendant has applied to the Accelerated Pretrial Rehabilitation program (AR). A hearing will be held [time] to decide if the defendant will be admitted to this program.

AR is a program for defendants charged with certain crimes who have never used this program before. If the program is granted, the defendant will be given probation for up to two years. If the defendant completes the program successfully, the charges will be dismissed.

You have a right to tell the court….blah blah."

So, now I feel like I've been assaulted all over. Dismissing the charges of a violent sexual assault?! How is that even fucking possible? I plan to appear in person and make a statement. But for now, I feel like I have gone back to square one as far as recovery goes. This justice system is fucked.


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