Security round here is important – but go around back….

Doing PC repairs, company had service contracts with a big PC mfg and that included a couple of the state court buildings.

I walk to the main entrance with my laptop bag, tool kit and a couple of parts boxes on a hand cart to take care of several tickets at once, and they refuse to let me in that way – my stuff won't fit in the X-ray, there's too much, they can't x-ray parts, blah blah blah.

Follow their directions around back to the service entrance, and find an empty guard post with an HVAC tech on the phone.

I wait, expecting the guard to come back. And wait.

And wait…

Dispatch calls me since the first appt has been waiting longest and wants to know where the hell i am…. I explain the deal, next thing I know the customer is right there to bring me in.

Sign in? No don't worry about it. Guard? Nope.

Swap a power supply, paperwork signed, I'm pointed where they think maybe the next office is – they're too busy to care. I ended up wandering around the secured area of the courthouse for about 5 hours, cursing the lack of signs/room numbers, amazed at how little security was in place despite the show of force at the front door.


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