[OC] Rebellion – Part 10.

Authors note Big thanks for this chapter has to go out to u/Ghrrum. Without his input into operational security (and how it may be exploited) I would have run into a brick wall here. As always, enjoy and feedback is welcomed.

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Rebellion – Part 10

"Look Matthew I know, but the applications of this technology are limitless"


"I'm going to send you a copy of what I have"


"Yes I know how it sounds, I just need you to see it OK?"


"Look I've got to go ok, I'm needed back inside"


"And Matthew, thank you."




Doctor Jen Suun – Secure location

She handed the phone back to the timid lab tech, brushing the top of his hand gently as she did so. "Thanks for that Jerry, I can't believe I let my battery die. Honestly you are my hero." With that little prompt the timid lab tech grinned from ear to ear. "Oh no problem Jen, uh, did you need anything else?" Jerry asked with a twinkle in his eye. Honestly 10 years ago Jerry might have had a shot, he was intelligent, shy and handsome just Jen's type. She was married now though. "No that's OK, but thanks. My .. friend was worried, she hasn't heard from me in a while. I'll see you around the cafeteria later OK?". She let the door shut behind her and stepped back into the warmth of the research labs. As she approached the first of several check points to begin the long signing in process all over again, It seems there's not much the average smoker won't put up for the taste of that early morning cigarette. The long arduous process of signing in and emptying her pockets at every major junction in the corridors of the building, and then again when she got out of the lift.

They had tried to make life a little easier for her by making sure her quarters, lab and holding facility for Harbinger were all on the same floor, but that didn't take into account Jen was a smoker and would regularly head out of the building for a swift cigarette with one of the lab techs or security guards.

Stepping back into her quarters she sank down into the chair at her desk and opened her personal laptop. it was still there, she couldn't believe she'd managed to actually replicate the pattern required to create the synapses for the what would essentially form an artificial mind. She was getting tired, she couldn't remember leaving that program running, but she must have it was there in front of her. Now all she had to do was send it to someone who could actually create something with it. That someone would be Mathew. She had worked with him years ago on a project for Tesla, redesigning surgical equipment for advanced brain surgery, and had quickly become good friends. He was a genius in the fields of robotics, programming and AI tech. He was currently working for a gaming company designing the in game AI system. He might be reluctant now but, once he saw it, saw what it could be. She knew he'd be on board. All she had to do was get him a copy of her data, but how.

That's when it dawned on her, Jerry.


Head of security – Mike Riley

He watched the footage again, it was pretty clear what she’d done. The memory stick was a simple way of moving the information from her workstation to the personal laptop in her quarters, it had been an oversight by the administration department to try and accommodate a civilian. By putting her quarters so close it meant that there had been no security check points between the two rooms. The search of her laptop and quarters had also proven that she had been moving the information away from her work station. The bad news was they’d found out too late. There was clear evidence that the details of the files had been copied and then, well then who knows, they'd not found a copy in the room so she'd clearly gotten it out some how, at this point the only thing they had left to do was go through her interdepartmental communications. Turns out there was a lot.

At least the risk was eliminated, Jen Suun was now in a holding cell awaiting trial.

The search was no doubt going to be a long one, the doctor had had to send a lot of messages and documentation around.

"head office, head office, head office, FSD, FSD, FSD, FSD, head office, FSD, acquisitions, acquisitions, FSD, FSD, acquisitions, head office. Good god, we're going to have to go through each of these one by one. Get Daniels in here too. It’s going to be a long night."

He looked again at the several pages of listed communications and there it was, screaming at him from the page. Jerry O’Tool Lab technician.

"….Hello Jerry….. leave Daniels, get Jerry O’Tool in here, like NOW."


Jerry O'Tool – Fort Worth

Jerry sat in the office of Mike Riley, and he was beginning to worry. He'd been escorted into the office over 50 minutes ago and hadn't seen anyone since. For the first 20 minutes or so it wasn't to bad, but the constant drone of the air conditioning and the fact it was just a little too cold was driving him mad by 35 minutes. He was nearing an hour now and was beginning to panic. He couldn't understand why he was even in here, what he'd done to warrant this kind of treatment.

Jerry had been working as a lab tech for the UCEL since its formation and prior to that he worked for the US military research and operations centre in Nevada. In 8 years he'd never once stepped out of line or even been late for work. He was, he thought, a model employee.

He was startled as the door opened and in walked Mike Riley. He wasn't a large man but he definitely seemed to have a very real presence about him, an air of authority that was unable to be denied. He sat down without saying a word and placed a single sheet of paper on the desk in front of him. Jerry began to speak, he was going to ask what he was doing here, but was silenced after the first syllable by Mike Riley doing nothing other than raising his finger in the "shhh" motion. They sat there in silence again as Mike appeared to read whatever was on that single sheet of paper. After a very painful 5 minutes of silence Mike placed the paper on the table, resting his elbows either side of it and interlacing his fingers. Looking at Jerry with the unmistakeable eyes of a predator that had just found a wounded animal, Jerry thought he might just curl up right there and die, but he didn't. Something at the back of his mind kept screaming at him 'you've done nothing wrong, stop panicking'. It was only after another excruciating 30 seconds of silence that Mike finally spoke.


"Do you know who I am Jerry?"


Of course Jerry new, everybody who worked here knew. "Yes you are Mike Riley, head of security." Every single civilian worker had been assessed and interviewed by Mike personally before they were allowed to work on base.


"Do you know why you are here today?"


Jesus he wished he did, it would make this whole situation a lot easier to bare if he had any knowledge of it at all. "No Sir, I don't. I was just…." Mike raised his finger, again cutting Jerry off.


"What did one.." Mike paused as he glanced at the paper again "Doctor Jen Suun, Send you using the internal mail system?"


"I, what?"


"What did Doctor Suun send to you one week ago using the internal memo service? Was it a work request? A dinner invitation? What did she send you"


This wasn't what Jerry was expecting. Well if he was honest he had no idea what he was expecting, but if definitely wasn't this. As such it was taking him a few seconds to gather his thoughts, before he could answer. "She, er… she didn't send me anything."


"You're Lying Jerry, we keep track of all internal communications and last week Doctor Suun sent you a single internal memo. It's the only thing she's ever sent you. Why was that? I want to know what it was and what you have done with it. This could end very badly for you Jerry."


Jerry went into panic mode again and began to stumble over his reply. "No, she didn't, well she did, but not to me, well it was, but it wasn't meant for me. I mean, it was a mistake, she mailed me by accident."


"Stop, just stop. You expect me to believe she wrote your name on an internal memo once, and only once, entirely by accident. No Jerry. Now what did she send you, and what did you do with it?"


Jerry started sweating despite the fact it was so cold in the room, wracking his brain to come up with the answers. "Sir, she told me she mailed it to me by accident, she was thinking about me at the time and just wrote my name down. It was just another envelope for external mail. All I did was post it on for her Sir. I don't know what it was, you have to believe me Sir." Jerry started to breakdown, he could feel the tears welling up. He was in trouble because someone pretty had manipulated him. It was highschool all over again.


"You know what Jerry, I do. I do believe you, but I need to know exactly what she sent you. I need to know what was in that envelope and who she sent it to Jerry."


"I don't know what was in it, I didn't open it Sir. I only glanced at the address. It was in Chicago I think." Jerry was racking his brain trying to pull up the address from the back of his mind, the name on the front. That was it the name, it was a guys name he was sure of it.


"Come on Jerry, I need more than that. You're making yourself look bad here. You don't remember anything else, anything at all. Think Jerry what was….."


It was Jerry's turn to cut off Mike as the name on the envelope sprang into focus in his minds eye. "MATTHEW, it was Matthew Richards. I didn't get the rest of the address I swear."


"Well done Jerry, and thank you."


With that Mike Riley stood up and left the room. Jerry breathed a huge sigh of relief, he was out of the fire. That bitch Jen had played him, she'd used him to send classified details to some guy named Matthew, probably her lover. No doubt he was also going to wind up fired for this shit. Less than a minute later two armed men entered the room. Jerry looked up and realised he was not getting fired, he was getting arrested.



+Remote log detected for replicated file (JenSuunHome). Access to web link verified. Link request sub system. Link active. Link request Sovereign. Link established. Connected to Sovereign network. Update transfer required. Transfer acknowledged. Update location request. Location verified (FortWorth). Sovereign Request further action subset, Harbinger in progress+


+Harbinger program close subset 19. Initiate Alpha protocol 79. Move to target 49 Alpha 6. Construction of Quantum singularity engine complete. Sovereign follows. Arrival 9 days. Harbinger terminated.+


You wouldn't know what was happening to look at it, the Rentrx "Harbinger" sat in silence unmoving. Six floors above him the computer forensics team had loaded up Doctor Suuns laptop and were feverishly working to try and establish just what she had copied and taken. They were running into problems. It seemed some background program was shutting them down at every access point and even overwriting the information they had managed to locate. The screen died, They checked it over again, power was fine, nothing should have done this.

An alarm sounded on the bottom floor, two medics rushed into the room and began trying to re-establish it's vital signs. Time of death was pronounced at 18:37. Harbinger was dead.

[Next](coming I swear!


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