ATTN: U.S. Prior service wanting to re-enter the US Army

DAG1 and DAG3/5/7 signed the memo authorizing a 6 week Prior Service BCT (PSBCT) effective immediately. This gives Recruiting Command the go ahead to actively fill these slots.

PSBCT will be 6 weeks in duration and conducted at Ft Leonard Wood. PSBCT is required for prior service having more than a 3 year break in service, or having completed basic training in the USN, USAF, or Coast Guard regardless of the length of service.

Prior service with less than a 3 year break that completed Army BCT, USMC BCT, USAF special operations or security police training, or USN special operations training are not required to attend BCT or PSBCT.

To meet the 12 week basic training requirement of 10 U.S.C. 671 before an overseas assignment, Commander TRADOC will ensure all prior service recruits attend a MOSQ course 6 weeks or more. Prior service may be awarded up to 6 weeks constructive credit for BCT based on training received or time served from previous service. This 12-week requirement will be met for prior service applicants enlisting in the reserve component who complete PSBCT and are required to attend additional training because their specialty does not convert to an Army MOS.

Because this is a brand new policy, I do not have any further details until this gets fleshed out.


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