Former Celebrities That Now Have Normal Jobs | Table in post, saved you 44 clicks

Name Known For Now
Amanda Bynes Nickelodeon shows Former substance abuse, then career in fashion
Jon Gosselin Jon & Kate Plus 8 Fired from being a waiter in Pennsylvania
Peter Ostrum Kid from Willy Wonka Veterinarian in New York
Kirk Cameron Growing Pains Author of Christian books
Tom Selleck Magnum P.I. Has a 20-acre avocado farm
Nikki Blonsky Hairspray (2007 movie) Hairstylist in New York
Liam Gallagher Oasis Runs a fashion label in London
Tony Danza Taxi, Who's the Boss English teacher in Philadelphia
Chris Owen American Pie Waiter at a sushi restaurant
Jessica Sierra American Idol Works at a Hooters apparently
Vanilla Ice Rapper Real estate
M.C. Hammer Rapper Officiates weddings, develops iPad apps, and lectures about new media
Jeff Cohen Chunk in The Goonies Lawyer in Los Angeles
Charlie Korsmo Kid from Hook Attended MIT, now a law professor
Tiffany 80's pop singer Posed in Playboy, now owns a vintage store
Taran Noah Smith Home Improvement Parents stole his money to buy a mansion, now he's married to an older vegan lady and runs a vegan dairy farm and catering service
Freddie Prinze She's All That Worked on WWE, now writes cookbooks
Josh Saviano Paul from Wonder Years Corporate lawyer
Dylan Sprouse Former Disney child actor Works at a restaurant and attends college
Kevin Jonas Jonas Brothers Has a restaurant-finder app
Danny Lloyd The Shining Biology teacher in Kentucky
Michael Maronna Pete & Pete Electrician on film sets
Al Franken Comedian U.S. Senator from Minnesota
Steven Seagal Action star Deputy sheriff in New Mexico
Brittany Ashton Holmes Darla from Little Rascals Works at Starbucks, studying Political Science
Mercedes Lander All-girl metal band "Kittie" Doesn't say what she's doing now
Taran Noah Smith Already did this one Already did this one
Erin Moran Happy Days Writer living in Indiana
Lark Voorhies Lisa from Saved By The Bell Author
Omri Katz Max from Hocus Pocus Hairdresser in Los Angeles
Phoebe Cates Fast Times at Ridgemont High Works for charity
George Foreman Boxer Sells grills
Frankie Muniz Malcolm in the Middle Driver for Jensen Motorsport, drummer (also the picture is of Christopher Masterson)
Jonathan Bennett Mean Girls Instructor at Flywheel in Los Angeles
Gary Coleman Diff'rent Strokes Was a security guard, dead since 2010
Jack Gleeson Game of Thrones Studying philosophy and theology in Dublin
Jonathan Taylor Thomas Home Improvement Graduated from Harvard
Jonathan Taylor Thomas again? they didn't even change the description
Angus T. Jones Two and a Half Men Religious and works for Tonie
Karyn Parsons Fresh Prince of Bel Air Runs Sweet Blackberry, a company that funds films about unsung Black heroes
Erik Per Sullivan Malcolm in the Middle (but they don't say that) Graduated from Univ. of Southern California, looks exactly the same
Geena Davis Thelma and Louise and other movies Started the Geena Davis Institute to promote gender in media
Doris Day 60's and 70's actress Nurses injured animals back to health
Danica McKellar The Wonder Years Studies and teaches math
Peter Billingsley A Christmas Story Works in film production

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