[F4A][k][s] Hunting Down The Bad Guys

In 1978, the Carolina Syndicate established it's foothold in the world of trafficking. At first, it was just narcotics. Soon they moved on to arms trafficking and eventually girls. This syndicate ranged across the world, housing numerous "Chiefs" on each continent which were in charge of the individual cells.

The government finally decided to investigate when a US Marine was kidnapped and sent into the world of human trafficking. Due to this, Task Force Honor was established. Operators from every branch of the service were selected, each having a unique specialty, effectively forming the most elite group of warriors on the planet.

I was selected for the Task Force last summer, almost a year had passed before the operation got under way. We were told to report to the Pentagon on 5.19.18 at 0400. We didn't know any other operators for security reasons and we were told we'd meet each other at kick off.

I walked into the Pentagon, wearing my Tropical Blue Uniform with my combination cover. As I stepped inside, I removed my cover, showing my ID as two security guards led me to the briefing room. I took my seat, placing my cover on my knee as I waited for the others to arrive and for the briefing to begin.

This is my first real scene. If you're interested, shoot me a message and I'll contact you.


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