AIIMS emergency shuts for 1st time as nurses take leave

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AIIMS emergency shuts for 1st time as nurses take leave.

NEW DELHI: For the first time in the premier institution's history, emergency and OT services were completely shut down at AIIMS on Friday as nurses went on mass casual leave to press for increased allowances in the seventh pay commission.

More than 200 surgeries take place at the institute daily.

Friday's shutdown left many in tears".

Not a single patient was admitted to the casualty sections of AIIMS and its trauma centre..

AIIMS's main casualty gets around 450 pa tients daily, many of them emergency cases requiring immediate medical attention.

At the trauma centre, which is the country's apex centre for emergency services and receives around 150 trauma patients daily , security guards had been deployed to tell patients to go elsewhere".

Senior doctors said while the nurses' demand may be legitimate, their mode of protest was inhuman".

The doctor also slammed the administration for failing to make alternative arrangements".

AIIMS administration claimed that they had tried to persuade the nurses not go on mass leave".

The nurses, he said, joined work from 5pm on Friday and have given an assurance that they would not resort to such action again following the institute's decision to forward their demands to the health ministry".

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