The Vengeful Spirits: Ch. 19 (New and Shiny)






















Steven left the prize counter and the merry-go-round. He noticed three animatronics standing on a stage in front of him. Like the human animatronic he had seen earlier, these were glossy and looked more like toys. Freddy, Bonnie, and Chica didn't look anything like their previous versions.

Steven wanted to get a closer look at himself.

He turned left and walked back into the long hallway, where he took a right into the men's restroom. A long mirror lined one of the walls, and he walked closer to it.

He saw himself as a tall, mostly-black thing. He wore a white mask with purple tear streaks coming down from its eyes, red blush, and red lipstick on the mask's grinning mouth.

He felt at home.

Steven decided to revisit the room the four broken robots sat in, to show them his new body. He stepped out of the restroom, and made his way down the hall. He noticed that the room the trapped spirits were in was a "Parts & Service" room. After looking around for a moment, he fit his fingers around the door handle and pulled it open.

The rabbit's head swiveled around, and its glowing eyes stared at the masked puppet.

"Guys," Jack called, "I think we've got company!"

"No, no," Steven said, "it's just me."

"Hey, you got a body," Alex popped into view, and waved with a broken yellow arm, "good for you, I guess!"

"Heh, thanks. So, everyone, I checked the place out."

"…And?" the fox's metallic feet clicked against the tiles as Mandy spoke.

"And it's Freddy Fazbear's Pizza!"

"You sure?" Jack asked. "I don't think I've ever seen this room."

"It's a new Freddy's location, as far as I can tell. There are these weird new shiny animatronics. They're sorta like toys."

"Is that one of them?"

"Probably. It was hiding in a gift box, near this place's prize counter."

"Hey, Steven," Roy said, "could you… tell us about this place? I wanna know what it's like, but it… kind of hurts to move."

Steven spent a lot of time describing the place and what he thought the rest would be like.


Steven had been explaining for hours, and he was finally silenced by a door closing. The clicking of footsteps slowly grew louder, as did the sound of musical humming.

"It's probably the security guard," Steven said, "stay still, I have to go wherever this thing is supposed to be."

With that, Steven quickly left the room, and made a speedy beeline to the gift box in Prize Corner.

The guard sat down in his office, down a hall from the Parts & Service room. Following instructions, he clicked a button on the phone in front of him, and a message began to play. A mask and a monitor sat on the desk next to the phone. A metal fan blew cold air on his face.

Inside the gift box, Steven felt calmed and somewhat tired as "My Grandfather's Clock" played. It was almost therapeutic.

In the Parts & Service room, Alex, Jack, and Roy had issues with getting their animatronics to move, but Mandy was perfectly fine with movement, perhaps on account of Foxy the Pirate being the leanest and shortest of the four.

The guard tapped away on his tablet, looking at the different camera feeds. He noticed that the new version of Bonnie seemed to be missing. Tapping through the numbered cameras, he found it in one of the party rooms. It didn't appear to be causing much harm, so the guard tapped a button to cause the camera's LED bulb to flicker.

Mandy, having enough of just sitting in the room, burst through the Parts & Service door. The sound of it alarmed the guard, and he grabbed the flashlight from his belt. He held it up to the open space in front of him and flicked it on. The beam illuminated the red, tattered fox.

Behind the nearly-blinding light, Mandy saw William. She began to run, readying herself to lunge. The man made the flashlight flicker like he did with the camera's light, and Mandy was forced to stop in her place. Against Mandy's wishes, the fox walked back into the Parts & Service room.

"Where did you just go?!" Alex almost screamed.

"W-well, I," the fox's movements indicated Mandy's uneasiness, "I, uh, got bored."

"We're bored, too, Mandy! Doesn't mean we just… do that!"

"Well, I saw William!"

"No, you didn't," Roy said.

"How do you know?"

"We've all made that mistake. Jack and I just took it to the next level. You should be happy that you didn't."

"Ugh… I wish Audrey was here to help us with this."

Elsewhere, Steven grew agitated, as the song had abruptly ended.


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