The Segway and the Security Guard

Hi everyone from the land of soaps, options, and candles. For the past two months I've been working in a temporary location while waiting for my new store to open. It's now open and holy cow it looks beautiful. Brand new fixtures, shelves, props, and spotless floors.

I've only been here for about ten days but we're all super crazed about keeping everything clean and tidy.

Three days ago I opened. They were predicting snow for the next day so Security was walking around giving out letters that had what numbers to call if the mall closed. Well almost all of them were walking. The guy who delivers ours is on his little Segway. Instead of parking outside he drives it inside of our store to deliver the paper. I don't know how but the tires left black marks on our brand new floors….

I'm not even paying attention to this paper he just handed me, my jaw has dropped and I'm staring at the black marks. A mark doesn't really describe it, I mean a good 4-5 feet of skid marks.

I ask him why did he drive it in the store.

He replies "Whatever, I drive it where I want."

We have no customers at this time. My SM and DM are going to blow gaskets if they see this before I tell them. I leave a message for the SM but catch the DM before she heads into a meeting. She hears from me and about faces from her meeting (she was only 20 min from my store's location) and heads over to see what happened.

DM's mouth is open before she fully walks in. You can see the black marks from the entrance of the store. I have cleaning supplies ready but haven't started yet because she wanted to look at it. She doesn't even say anything to me. She whips out her cell phone and starts making calls.

First she looks up and calls a floor cleaning service. Then she calls the security office of my mall and asks that the mall manager and head security guard come to our store ASAP.

They come down after ten minutes and see it. My DM is livid. (Frankly it was nice not having her livid at me.) She demands that Guard be written up for driving in the store and that the mall take charge of costs of cleaning the floor.

She walks back to the mall office with both guys to have it out. I was going to start cleaning it but was told to wait for the floor guys. They got there two hours late and it didn't take long to clean it. I probably could've done it myself.

My DM came back to grab her coat and bag and told me she'd talk to me later… An hour after she left the first security guard returns. He apologizes to me for marking up the floors. Since they're clean now I tell him it's fine but maybe walking is better for his health than the Segway.


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