[Expansion] New Zealand’s government caught off guard by the departure of Papua New Guinea from the PIF.

[m] if this is overstepping what I am allowed to declare please let me know, not sure if Expansion is the right tag, but the aim to integrate economies etc makes me think this is the initial step of a Pacific Forum expansion.

Also don't want to step on Japan's toes so it makes sense for Papua New Guinea to leave the PIF but keep it's existing trade agreements with the pacific island states. (again if this is overstepping lmk!)

The new charter described below is just the pooling of all existing treaties under one organisation. So for example the Trans-Tasman agreement, ANZCERTA, the pacific islands economic initiative etc. I'm hoping this means it would be passed by members (as all these treaties exist already in another form). [/m]

New Zealand's government calls an emergency meeting to bring the pacific islands together, and ends up with a departure.

New Zealand was today caught off guard by the withdrawal of Papua New Guinea from the PIF. After calling an emergency session of the PIF to discuss the future of the organisation and the geopolitics of the region member states agreed to lay a foundation for economic and social integration.

It is no secret that PNG has been receiving vast investments from Japan and the Philippines, and does not wish to jeopardise it's position within the Co-Prosperity sphere. Many members of the diplomatic service are furious that more was not done to prevent foreign influence creeping into the Forum, especially with the importance of maintaining stability in the area when China inevitably collapses. Diplomats are now cautiously observing Palau to see it's response.

Although somewhat overshadowed a Pacific Islands Charter has been drafted and ratified.The myriad complex treaties between member states have now been reduced to a single charter to be overseen by the Forum. This new charter contains all existing treaties with an additional clause to give the Forum a new aim: to encourage social and economic integration to increase mutual prosperity and security.


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