Strange things happen on the midnight shift…

This story is about what happened to me something like 6 months ago. I work night shift as a security guard for a drilling rig in Ohio. A lot of the time, we are put in the middle of nowhere, which means no cell service and very little of anything to do. Most of our time is spent in a trailer trying to stay warm. At the time, I had a computer, and being the forward thinking guy I am, it was loaded with movies, and porn. The rig was shut down for the week as they were transitioning between stages. I was literally in a trailer on the side of a road doing nothing. So I did what any 28 year old guy would do. At about 1 am, the porn began to play. I must have been so into watching it that I didn't notice a vehicle pull near the trailer with the lights off. All of the sudden, there was a banging at the door. I couldn't exactly jump up and answer it with my cock hanging out of my jeans. I hurridly tucked myself back in and opened the door. Standing there was my supervisor. She was the sister of the owner of the company. She stood about 5'4", and curves like a race track, and long blonde hair. The scowl on her face told me she saw what was on the screen. She came inside and proceeded to yell at me for about three minutes. Being former military, I knew how to take an ass chewing, and figured it was better to just let her run her course, and grovel for my job when she was done. As she kept yelling, I noticed she would glance at my computer. Finally, after about 5 minutes of beratement, she asked just what the hell I was watching. I refused to show her. When she threatened to send me home right then, I had to open the lid to my laptop. There in full glory was a woman who could have been her spitting image getting railed on a desk. She swallowed deep and began to intently stare. Her breathing changed and I could make out a faint outline of her nipples poking through her shirt. With as much attitude as she could muster, she said she had to see what was keeping me from my job. She pressed play, and an Oh my escaped her lips. Watching the effect the dirty movie had on her got me hard all over again. I was standing leaning up against the wall and a few feet from her. The shack was not one of the larger ones we had. For some reason, she turned her head and right at eye level was the massive bulge in my jeans. She let out a small moan and almost subconsciously, she reached out and touched it. She drew her hand back, apologized, and turned three shades of red. I knew I had her. I grabbed her hand and put it back on my cock. She slowly rubbed it and was licking her lips. Small beads of sweat began to form on her face. I started to unbutton my belt when she smacked my hands away. She made quick work of the fly in my jeans and pulled out my 7.5". She engulfed my cock and sucked it like it was the last on Earth. Her left hand was holding my base and her right was touching her tit. I reached down and began to fondle her. Her free hand then moved inside her jeans. I let her bob on my dick for a few minutes before I pulled her up and spun her around. I bent her over the desk and pulled her yellow locks to the side. I was kissing her neck and roughly pawing at her chest. I quickly pulled off her t-shirt and she removed her bra. Once her tits were free, I spun her back around. I was pleasantly surprised to see one of her nipples was pierced. I sucked it in my mouth as my hands undid her jeans. She lifted her ass and I removed her pants and panties in one pull. I sat in my desk chair and spread her thighs as far as I could. I dove right into her shaved pussy and proceeded to flick her clit. She was moaning and cussing like a sailor. I thought she was going to break my ear drum when I put two fingers into her tight pink pussy. Moments later, I had her begging me to fuck her. I rose from my chair and pulled her ass to the edge of the desk. I rubbed my uncircumsized cock up and down her slit. She grabbed it and tried to push it inside of her. That was enough of a cue and I drove home inside of her in one hard push. Her eyes rolled back in her head and she began speaking in tongues. As the trailer was filled with the smell of sex and the sound of my balls slapping her ass, I bent down and began sucking her nipples as I fucked her. She wrapped her legs around me and was moaning like she was being killed. Given the fact I had been watching porn for about an hour before she showed up, it didn't take long before I was ready to bust. I told her that and she wanted it in her mouth, so I didn't make a mess. I forced her legs open and pulled out. I grabbed her by the hair and yanked her to her knees. She greedily sucked me into her throat and it was only a few seconds before I let loose a stream of cum down her throat that might have set personal records. She stayed on her knees for a few seconds savoring what just happened. We dressed in silence, and she told me she would be here every night I worked at 1 am and that this would not be the last time. Her parting shot as she left the trailer was for me to bring a second belt tomorrow. But that's another story for another time.


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