Don’t steal from the same place twice

The revenge wasn't planned out but it was basically someone who finally got what's coming to them, so hopefully this is the right place.


I used to work for this company about 3 years ago that was subcontracted out to a huge huge manufacturing company; what we did was basically cook an enormous variety of meals for the employees there. we were a small company though so I only ever worked with one other person during the shift catering to the workers.

To give you an idea of the area (for story purposes) one side was basically a buffet line that I would dish their food on, the other side was a grill area for requests, in the middle was the register, and across from that was a huge array of drinks. adjoined to the 'cafeteria' area is the eating area as well as an outside area.

After working there a good while, I began to recognize all of the faces and people. (I worked 2nd shift so a lot less people would come in) One day while working I see this guy, let's call him "John". I notice he grabs his food i prepared and walks over to get a drink and then walks away. He didn't pay for his food. I waited a bit, as sometimes, more trusting employees will come back after eating to pay or they forget and pay us the next day (we were lenient with nice people). But he didn't.

The next day he comes back and I politely tell him he forgot to pay yesterday. He kinda fake laughs and say he wasn't paying attention and pays for yesterday and today's food. However, after paying for his food, I see him sit down then come back and grab an energy drink and leave. he didn't pay for it. Now i'm kinda like, what. I wait again, but i have other people to serve so i brush it off because I didn't know his name at the time to report it.

Two weeks pass (The main company employees work in rotating shifts) and I see him again. I don't mention the stolen drink and He orders from the grill. The other person i worked with was this middle aged lady with leukemia. (we'll just call he "Lady") She makes him his food and I watch as he takes the food and leaves. I'm flabbergasted at this point, I mention to my coworker what just happened and she says she had seen him steal food/drinks on other shifts as well.

We proceed to tell our boss this the next day and he tell us to deny him any food or services until he pays up. So, queue later that evening. Me and her are working and he goes to up the grill to order. She politely tells him that our boss has denied him services since he's been stealing and need to pay first. -at this point i should add that calling the police couldn't be justified since we had no security cameras in this area sadly- Now, this infuriates "John." He proceeded to start yelling at her saying she doesn't know what she's talking about to cook his food. She responds by saying she isn't allowed and to just pay. John states he isn't paying for anything since he didn't take anything to which coworker responds that she watched him steal just yesterday. He gives her the bird and storms off out of the cafeteria.

For a while we think that's the last of him, thankfully. I hated watching someone steal and be helpless to stop (I was only a 21 year old girl at the time and very passive). However, it wasn't.

About 3 weeks later I see him lurking in the back and he had been getting someone else to buy food for him (watched has he passed money to someone else and they came up for food and passed it back to him). And then another 2 weeks after that, he came in and ordered food again. Me and Lady look at each and just decide to ya know fuck it, didn't feel like bringing that shit up again as long as he didn't steal again. He didn't, for 2 whole days.

Okay so, by this time, things are just getting ridiculous. Other of my coworkers from other shifts have reported this guy stealing as well but our boss is too much of a bitch to really do anything.

Here comes the head. About a month after or so (can't remember specifically, and John has been stealing atleast once a week either food or drinks or both) I'm working with a different coworker at the moment and I see John walk in. My heart is literally racing because I decide that if he steals something, I'm going to do something about it. I watched as he goes, grabs a drink, and takes it to the eating area (He though since a multitude of people were getting food, i wouldn't notice) He comes back up, and gets his food to pay. I ring him up for not only his food but a drink as well. He gets this disgusted look on his face and asks why the price is so high. I tell John that it's because I'm ringing him up for the food and the drink he took earlier. At this point my heart is literally beating out of my chest (i've never confronted someone before) The following "conversation" then unfolded:

I didn't take no damn drink!

Sir I saw you take it and place it back there

Well you're mistaken so take it off of the price

NO. I saw you take it and Everyone has seen you steal from us the past couple months and you're always stealing from us.

(at this point my voice is wavering)

-at this point John is yelling almost at the top of his lungs. Literally everyone in the cafeteria has stopped and are staring at us-


(me looking to my male coworker) YOU saw him stealing when i did, say something!

(him) uhhm uh well i mean man can't you just pay for the drink if you took it

(john starts pointing at me and shit) IM NOT FUCKING—

(He then just goes on to spiel a whole mess of curse words at me.)

At this point I'm literally crying in front of what has to be about 50 people at the time and i sob to my coworker to just handle this for me as i go to the back. I can hear the john cussing at him too and apparently he stormed off WITH his unpaid food!

I come back out as I still have a job to do. and one of the employees who is always friendly to me is standing there and says "I saw the whole thing and I've also seen him steal and that is no way to talk to someone doing their job. I know his boss and will point him out when he comes in." So the guy's boss comes in about 20 minutes later and both me, my coworker, and the employee tell him everything that has happened. He is stunned and consoles me and tells me that he's going to fix everything.

Not even an hour later I get word that John was immediately fired following a meeting about his behavior and had to be escorted out by security guards because he was violently cursing and making threats including one about me. I was suggested to have someone walk me to my car for the next week as apparently he had been driving around the parking lots looking for me (there's security to get onsite and you need a pass). People were saying how he had 3 kids so he was especially pissed off. It was wonderful after that as I never had to worry about him again. I'm pretty sure he thought he could get away with it because it was mostly women in our subcontracted company (a whole like 10 of us) and figured we'd be too occupied with other hungry employees to notice him stealing right under us.

I should add that the huge company that fired him- it's almost impossible to get a job there without knowing someone because it pays unbelievably well with mega benefits and all that, so losing that job is a big deal. yadda yadda

(TLDR: Guy constantly steals from us, cusses me out fervently, gets fired immediately because of that.)

If something doesn't make much sense, i'll try to explain 😮 never really posted something like this before and i'm all over the place ;__;


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