Two Attempted Thefts – Carnival Elation in Half Moon Cay

So we're at half moon cay. If you've not been, it's one long beach with the chairs pretty close to the water. The food is inland and a good walk away. I've been several times.

This time, we had a group of chairs all day, from like 10 AM to 3:30 PM. The same people sat behind us all day, a group of rough-and-tough rednecks with their confederate flag tattoos, super strong accents, and seemingly infinite children. I'm with my grandmother, my boyfriend, and my 9 year old cousin. At one point, we all want to go in the water, but my grandmother is hesitant to leave our stuff on shore. I think it's fine, because our stuff is within easy eyesight, and will only be 30 feet away max.

My boyfriend and I go get a drink, and my cousin and grandmother go into the water. The people behind us got up, started going through our bags, grabbed our towels (unhooking them from the chair hooks that we bring to hold the towels in place), and started running off with our stuff, apparently back to the tender that takes you to the ship.

My grandmother hauled out of the water and chased them down and got our stuff back. They claimed they thought it was their kid's stuff (remember they have several children aged 5 to 15 with them). We had been sitting there with our stuff all day. They grabbed it as soon as we left it unattended.

We tell the life guard, he doesn't care. He says we got our stuff back so it's fine. I go back to the ship, and I'm in line for guest services. There's a man in front of me who is there to complain about the same thing! A teenager had tried stealing someone's bag and was caught the same way. In that case, two guys chased him down, took his sail and sign card, and frog marched him to security.

Anywho, the moral of the story is obviously don't leave your stuff unattended, even if you can see it, because people are dirty rotten thieves and will try to take it regardless.

P.S.: The lifeguard didn't care and neither did on board security, because we got our stuff back. I had to call carnival and launch a complaint.

TLDR: Thieves go for your stuff on beach. Both were caught, only one was punished.


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