AMA Airport Security

Hey everyone! I work as a Security Guard at an airport in Europe and would be very happy to answer any questions you come up with. I recently turned 19 and decided to take some time off to save up enough money to be able to finance my way through my studies … and to buy a car … and fly for the first time … and to buy a new phone … well, I like to spoil myself

I did an apprenticeship as a bricklayer, completed my compulsory military service, and now work my way through as an airport security guard. Unlike in, f.e, the US the security firm here is private and the relationship we have to the airport is that of a provider to a customer – which might be interesting to any possible readers who are employed at the TSA (associates with the government) in the US.

Either way, I would love to answer a few questions and get to know some members of this community 🙂


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