[Character Submission] Liros Maron

Name: Liros Maron

Species: Drell

Gender: Male

Age/Birthdate: 23, Born 2161.

Birthplace: Born on Kahje as part of the Drell exiles. Has also lived on the Citadel, on Earth, and most recently on Palaven.

Appearance: Tall, lean, athletic, but still possessing the remarkable Drell strength due to the dense muscle tissue. Liros’s skin colour is a pale green, his head frills an amber-red. There is a large scar across his face, just above his left eye – one that extends from his frills upwards. It appears to be from some sort of claw, or blade, as the wound is messy. There is also scarring on his right arm, from a botched attempt at boosting his own biotics. Liros is often found in a leather jumpsuit of some kind; in combat he prefers to use his natural agility and biotics to protect himself. During downtime, however, the Drell will often guise himself in all sorts of human clothing he acquired during his time on Earth.

Talents: Natural acrobatics, close-combat training, biotics powerful enough for some basic abilities. Uses a cloaking device to get the jump on his targets during a firefight. Competent but by no means an expert with firearms, prefers the use of pistols and shotguns.

Backstory: Born on Kahje into a servant family, the six-year-old Liros was given over to the Hanar to be raised as an assassin, in a similar fashion to Thane Krios. Liros trained with them until the age of fourteen, at which point he stowed away on a freighter bound for the Citadel. Liros was angry with his Hanar masters, angry with his parents for handing him away. He was angry for all the painful training, of the forced exposure to Element Zero. He felt alone in the world.

The young Drell spent almost a year on the Citadel as a drifter, homeless but taking advantage of food shelters and Keeper tunnels to provide for himself. While his education suffered, Liros already possessed the knowledge to go undetected. The stealth tech he’d been shown by the Hanar? Used to steal from the Citadel markets. The hand-to-hand combat he’d been shown? Used to fight off any vagrants or fellow homeless for resources, places to sleep, et cetera.

After nearly a year on the Citadel, on his fifteenth birthday, Liros decided to treat himself to a little fun – he would venture over to the Armax Arsenal Arena and have a go at it himself. It would be his version of a birthday present. There was but one problem – the teenage Drell could not afford the entry fee, as he was told by the Turian manning the desk. Liros was an emotional wreck, for he’d stolen some alcohol from a stand in the markets and had a fair bit to drink beforehand. Liros grew angry through his tears, and decided he would force himself into the arena. The Drell got as far as the changing rooms, beating aside any security guards with the use of his biotics and acrobatics before a CSEC squad found him crying in the showers.

One of the CSEC officers was a human, born in England, and had recently handed in his notice (planning to go back to Earth). The proud Lancastrian took pity on the homeless Drell once they discovered more of his origins, and charges were dropped by the AAA. While other officers pushed to send Liros back to Kahje, the officer (named John Rourke) offered for Liros to come with him. Liros accepted, and joined Rourke on the shuttle to Earth.

Liros spent the next three years working for and living with Rourke, who commonly worked as private security for various companies in London. Whilst there, Rourke taught Liros proficiency in a variety of firearms, as well as honing his martial skills. Rourke wasn’t biotic, and frowned upon it, but developed a soft spot for the Drell, seeing him as more of a son than a worker. Rourke was nearly fifty-seven by the time he moved back to Earth, and a drinking habit began to get the better of him. At the age of sixty, he fell from their apartment balcony, the twenty-two-floor fall swiftly ending his life.

Liros, heartbroken by this, spent the next year travelling across Earth. Rourke had no immediate family; perhaps he had sought to find that in Liros’s company. Rourke’s wealth and flat were inherited by the eighteen year old Drell, and instead of investing it Liros used it to explore Rourke’s home planet. At nineteen and four months, Liros bought himself a ticket back to the Citadel, this time with credits to provide for himself.

The Drell’s thirst for adventure had been sparked by his travels across Earth, and now he found himself seeking it out once more. He purchased himself a variety of guns, a cloaking device, some appropriate leathers and began to offer his services to any passing mercenary companies. Liros has spent the past three and a half years freelancing himself to mercenary companies or individuals seeking his skill-set, from his apartment in the Citadel.


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