[EVENT] Executive Order – Keeping the King’s Peace

President Juca has issued a new executive order calling for the establishment of two new peace keeping units. The Argentine National Gendarmerie is still around 75,000 strong but they have not been used for anything beyond local and border security for some years now.

This new unit, of two regiments of 2,000 soldiers each, will be established not only for assisting in internal peacekeeping but for deployment as elite troops to international theaters of humanitarian concern.

We will be drawing volunteers from throughout the armed services, from civilians, and from the Guard. Soldiers transferring to these new units will have their old positions replaced by new volunteers.

Battle dress will consist of the new infantry camo pattern developed in Brazil. They will be issued with Kevlar vests, Glock 17s, and M4A1s. Navy blue berets. They will wear a small silver lions head patch on the right shoulder.

These troops will assist with internal security but are largely intended to supply a small, but well trained force of professional soldiers capable of assisting allies and fledgling countries.

Both regiments will reside in Brasilia, with their depot and barracks being constructed on land purchased by the King roughly 2 km from the President's formal residence. In addition, control of these regiments falls to the President.


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