BBC School–First Day of School MF, MMF, Interracial, F33, F15, F12

This is a work of fiction. Any likeness to anyone living or dead is purely accidental. No real locations were used in this story. No One was harmed in the making of it. I don’t condone rape, or anything that brings anyone harm at any time. This is purely Fantasy and probably shouldn’t be read by anyone….ever.

 BBC School--First Day of School By Erotic Fiction 

Alyssa was a plain girl. She was 15., she was thin and had C-cup breasts. Brown hair. She was nerdy, wearing glasses. A freshman in Highschool. Her hair always tied in a ponytail. Her mother Annette had never really given her a lot of affection. Annette had Alyssa at the age of 18, so she herself was only 33. She resented how much Alyssa took from her. Her last good year of Highschool, and all her crazy college years. Annette had to grow up quickly having a baby so young. Alyssa had a younger sister Katelyn. Katelyn was only 12 now, but was already quite cute. Katelyn was given everything she wanted. She ran the house. Alyssa hated having to babysit her all the time. As Katelyn would always cause Havoc, and Alyssa would get blamed for it.

Annette had taken up teaching as it allowed her to keep an eye on her girls when they were younger; However times have gotten hard, and she was laid off from her position at her last school. She applied and got a job at a high school in the city. It was a very rough school. The student body was 85% black and the rest was mixed with white and asian population. She was going to be the new school nurse/health teacher. Part of her contract with the school was that she would also coach the cheerleading team. As she drove thru town she noticed it was very run down. There were many people loitering around. There were many liquor stores and strip clubs; All of these only a few blocks from the school grounds. The elementary school was directly across the street from the high school. The high school was very nice, considering the terrible neighborhood it was in. It seemed to standout, the school wasn’t getting any more funding than any other schools in the state, yet it was clearly the nicest building in town. Annette wondered how the school afforded such a nice building and was also hiring more staff.

Alyssa sat in the backseat as katelyn rode in the front. It was the first day of school, not only for them, but all the students. The girls had school uniforms on. They were provided by the school. Black Jumpers, with white undershirts. Black ruffled skirts. And white leggings and or knee high white socks. Black shoes with a bit of a heel. Katelyn felt perfectly normal wearing this, but Alyssa was uncomfortable. The leggings she was provided were thigh high. The skirt was only just above the knee. And when she crossed her legs, the top of the leggings were almost visible. The top was also very tight. Forcing her breasts…which were bigger than her moms at this point upward. For a shy bookworm she felt very exposed. Annettes outfit also concerned her. It was a white nurse outfit. Also with a skirt. But it was very form fitted. She also had White thigh high stocking on but her thin body helped hide them better. But she couldn’t complain she needed the job. The girl's father left before Katelyn was born, and she was the sole income for her girls.

They got out of the car and Annette escorted Katelyn to the elementary. This upset Katelyn, she liked to think of herself as much older than she actually was. Alyssa walked slowly into the high school. It seemed like any other. Kids were yelling in the halls. Teachers seemed not to notice and kept on walking. The one thing that she did notice was that almost all the other girls were wearing thin mesh chokers on their necks. They were popular in the 90s. Just a thin piece of stretchable fabric that went around the neck. All the chokers were black, but some girls had small little flowers attached just to the right of the adams apple. The flowers were either red, blue, white, pink, orange, or green. She didn’t know what they meant or why they seemed to only be popular in this school. But she also wanted one. She didn’t want to be a social outcast.

Just at this moment she bumped into another girl. Knocking books out of both of their hands. The other girl was plain but also very well stacked. She was blonde. She seemed shy too. Alyssa hurried to help her pick up the books.

“Sorry about that” said Alyssa.

“It’s O.K.” said the other girl.

“My name is Jennifer, I’m new here”

“Me too said Alyssa. Call me Lys.”

“Nice to meet you Lys, do you know where Room 105 is?”

“No, But I am going there too. Wanna Walk together?”


The Girls walked together. As they did, many of the black guys lining the halls were glaring at them. Making both girls feel nervous. Just as they were feeling more and more nervous. They came upon a door. It was a very strong metal door, with a ID card reader. Some students were going into the door. Each Badging into the room. Judging by the outside of building, the door entered into a large part of the school, that had no windows and only emergency exit doors. There were security cameras watching the door and a guard. It was marked as Accelerated Student Studies. When they opened the door, sound could be heard coming from inside. Lys couldn’t make it out. It may have been screams or it may have been music; but one thing was for sure, that section of the school was completely sound proof and completely secure. Being a very good student, she expected that if she showed her stuff, she would be in there with all the smart kids soon enough.

The rest of the day went very normally for the most part. Normal classes. Normal high school happenings. From time to time a student would be called out of class and told to report to Accelerated Student Studies. When they were called, they were always very excited, and would jump from there seat and rush there. Lys and Jennifer decided during lunch to inquire about what it was, they asked another girl. She said if they obeyed the rules and proved their worth, they would find out soon enough.

After school Alyssa picked up Katelyn from the Elementary. They waited by the car, Annette was going to be a little late, she was going to meet with the football coach and principal to go over her duties as part of the booster club that ran the cheerleaders. When she arrived at the car, she was notably flustered. Her hair a mess and her nurse uniform noticeably miss buttoned. She got in the car and didn’t say a word.

“What's the matter mom?” Katelyn asked.

“Nothing! Be quiet!” snapped Annette.

It was normal for Annette to snap at Lys, but she never did at Katelyn. Alyssa knew that something had really gotten under her skin.

Annette continued to drive. As she did she was replaying her day in her head.

It was like any normal first day of school. She reported to the principal's office to find out where her room was. She was shown into the principal's office. She had talked over the phone with him and was looking forward to meeting him. She was greeted by a large black man. She didn’t know that he would be such a large man. Very Muscular. Easily standing 3 inches taller than her. They talked a bit, and had a pleasant conversation. But they were interrupted by the head football coach and P.E. Teacher entering without knocking.

“Principal Marcus…oh excuse me, I didn’t know you had company” said Coach williams

“No problem, Coach williams, this is our new nurse and cheer coach. Annette Corbin” said Principal Marcus

“ nice to meet you” said coach williams. Moving next to Annettes chair and shaking her hand as she turned to view him.

He was bigger and much more fit than Principal Marcus. Taller too.

“ Thank you for the warm welcome, both of you” said annette.

“ well you both better get to class, the bell is about to start, but as we discussed on the phone, i want you to meet with me and coach williams tonight after your last class, for a brief discussion of all your duties here”

Annette nodded and walked out.

She spent most of the morning getting acquainted with the nurse's office. No One came in for the first few hours, until coach williams arrived in the doorway with a student.

“Nurse Corbin, I have your first patient.” said coach williams

“ what seems to be the problem?” Nurse Corbin said

“ This is Jamal, he is my star quarterback, and there is nothing wrong. He just needs a physical, to make sure he is good for football. He can’t afford to go to a doctor or clinic, so he will need you to perform the physical” said coach williams.

“No problem!” Nurse Corbin exclaimed

Coach williams left closing the door behind him.

She had Jamal remove his shirt and pants down to his boxer briefs. She examined him, making sure he had full range of motion. She noted how good he looked like this. She hadn’t been with a man for over 5 years. And simply touching this fine looking boy had gotten her all wet. But she was determined to remain professional. She was just about done when she noticed a large buldge, running down his briefs almost out the side of the leg hole. She touched it, feeling to see if it is firm.

“How long have you had this large cyst on your leg?” Said nurse Corbin.

With that Jamal pulled his briefs down, revealing that what she thought was a cyst was really his 8 in cock. She fell backwards, sitting on her stool. Simply mesmerized by it. She was so flushed she forgot to cross her legs. Her mouth agape. Jamal took a lead and grabbed her by the back of the head, shoving his cock in her mouth. It tasted good. But she tried to protest, knocking a clipboard onto the floor. This alerted Coach willams. He opened the door to see jamal pumping her head on his cock. And Nurse Corbin, not really refusing. Rolling her eyes back as she sucked him off. It had been over 5 years since she had a man in any form and her lust took over”

“Miss corbin! What are you doing!” coach williams said, trying to sound surprised, but secretly pleased.

“Jamal, put your clothes on and get out” he shouted angrly. Winking at the boy.

“ omg, it’s not what it looks like. He just did that!” exclaimed Nurse Corbin

“Well we will discuss this more at your meeting with principal Marcus tonight. I would suggest if you want to keep your job, you don’t mention this to anyone until then” scolded Coach Marcus.

Coach williams left and Nurse corbin sat there, in disbelief that a punk kid may cost her, her job, maybe even her career.

Later that afternoon, she met with Principal Marcus in his office Coach williams was already there.

“Please come in and sit down Nurse Corbin” said principle Marcus.

“ coach williams told me about you and Jamal. As you know that this behaviour is not acceptable” said principal marcus

“It was him go did it! Not me!” protested Nurse Corbin

“ that isn’t what I saw, and that's not what the security tape shows” said coach williams.

“ tape! What tape!” said Nurse williams

At that moment they turned the principals monitor to show her. It was a short clip. But it clearly showed her rubbing and touching his cock while his briefs were on, and then her sucking him after he took them down. Annette was almost in tears.

“Normally, we would be reporting you to the police. You would lose your girls and go to jail for indecent conduct with a student” said principal Marcus.

“Please…please don’t, I will do anything” said Nurse Corbin.

“Good that is exactly what we want to hear.” Said principal Marcus “you see, you were chosen specifically for the job we had an opening for. We wanted a woman with a certain level of desire and lust”

“What do you mean? What are you going to make me do?” said Nurse Corbin

“Well you have a choice. You can go to jail and your girls go to a foster home. Or you can accept a simple fact and role here at our school” said coach williams

“You see, our school is different than most other schools, we train white sluts like yourself to become complete sex slaves to black cock. This is why Jamal so easily took initiative to make you suck him off. It is what he was trained to do. Most of the white girls at this school have already started their training. A training we will put you thru, then you will help train other lil sluts like yourself. “ said the principal.

“You can’t do this, this is a school. It needs to be a safe place” said Nurse Corbin.

At this moment coach williams walked behind her and grabbed her by the hair. Putting her on her knees. In one quick motion he pulled out his cock. It was bigger than jamals. And much thicker. She looked up at him, scared but also amazed by him.

“You have a choice right now. Either you become our newest whore teacher, or you go to jail. “ said principal Marcus.

Knowing she didn’t have a choice, she slowly reached up and guided Coach williams cock up to her lips. She began to suck him off. He got hard quickly. As she continued to suck him off, she reached down and pulled up her skirt. Revealing her wet panties. Principal Marcus got up looked down at her.

“ say what you are from this day forward” said the principal.

“ i am your new whore” said Nurse Corbin

“And what do you need right now?’ said coach williams

“I don’t know what to say” said Nurse corbin

Then principal marcus slapped her across the face. “You need to be trained and fucked you whore.”

“Please train me to be your whore” the words came out so easily and eager that it surprised even Annette.

Principal Marcus smiled and pulled her to her feet. Removing her nurse outfit and bending her over. He ripped off her panties and shoved his cock into her pussy. She moaned as the wet pussy completely encouraged on the biggest cock she had ever seen pushed into her. This forced her mouth open. Which Coach williams took advantage of. Sliding his cock past her lips. They didn’t fuck her long before she came hard. Moaning as she sucked coach williams. They both pulled out and came all over her face. Her tounge lapping up as much as she could.

They told her to get dressed and that tomorrow her training would begin. They handed her a key card that read “advanced student services” and a black choker. They said she would need the key card to start her day tomorrow. They said the black choker, symbolized that she was now a black owned whore for the school. She was to wear it at all times. So she can be identified as a the whore she is.

She put on her clothes and hurried out to the car putting on the choker. She couldn’t believe that all this happened on the first day. She couldn’t imagine what may happened for the rest of the year. She walked to her car. Seeing her lovely girls there. Then she remembered that almost all the white school girls were wearing the same choker that she was. She then realized that she had no choice, she couldn’t leave, and that someday her daughters would probably get the same treatment she just received.

Coming up next….Inside the Advanced Student Services


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